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cover-panic-beats How To Use Retin A Cream, While it sounds like a full-band project, the new self-titled album from Michigans' the Panic Beats was written and recorded all by one man's lonesome. Like a pop-punk Dave Grohl, Dale McFly did all this stuff on his own, and recently released the 12-song LP on Night Fighter Records, a new label out of Michigan. It's a 45 rpm blast of catchy numbers with creepy undertones, featuring lyrics like "Open your blinds a little wider/And turn your light a little brighter/I'll be waiting here/Watching you, dear."

We spoke with Dale via e-mail about the new album and his plans for the future, 40mg How To Use Retin A Cream.

The lyrical content of the album (to say nothing of the cover) is a little creepy. "Bound and Gagged," the first song on the record, seems to be the musical interpretation of the album cover. Same thing goes with "Perfect Together." Where'd these songs come from?

In the last 5 years, I wanted to do something different .., How To Use Retin A Cream. a little darker and mean, rather than the typical pop-punk stuff. 50mg How To Use Retin A Cream, I'm a big horror movie fan, so the band is supposed to be based on that ... slasher films where there's a killer creeping around going after girls, and other weird things ... zombies, whatever. How To Use Retin A Cream, It's all supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, there's a sense of humor about it.

And yes, I wrote all the songs and played all the instruments, How To Use Retin A Cream canada, plus recorded it myself at my house and mixed it. Then J Powell at Steinhaus (Cliffy from the Huntingtons) mastered it.

How long did it take?

It took me awhile to get it released, it was recorded a few years ago ... mostly as demos to get things started. They were recorded over a couple months in 2008 .., How To Use Retin A Cream. just whenever I had an idea, 10mg How To Use Retin A Cream, I'd record it.

You referred to these as your one-man side project. Do you have a regular band?

I play drums (and write songs) in The McFlys. I've been doing that for about 10 years.

How To Use Retin A Cream, There's a second album coming, right. Any details regarding that you can share?

There's a new album already done ... recorded, mixed, and mastered, 100mg How To Use Retin A Cream. I even have the cover photo (done by the same photographer). There's some songs from it posted on the Panic Beats Facebook page. I'm hoping to get that released sometime in 2012. There's a new McFlys album coming out in the spring, so maybe the new Panic Beats will be in the fall.


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