CVLTS / Umberto split 7-inch

cvlts-umberto-splitCVLTS / Umberto
(Collective Crowd)

Two of the Kansas City area’s most adventurous musical acts team up for a fantastic split 7-inch. If ever there were a record to which you’d take drugs, this would be it. This split is the sound of your mind expanding.

CVLTS‘ side – and the first track, “Vibrational Vision,” in particular – manages to drone and hum at just the right frequency. Listening to it, I found myself holding my breath, trying to keep quiet as long as possible, straining my ears to hear the details that hide in the background. Their second cut, “Angel Chromosome,” is a warmer and bubblier track. The bubbling noises are revealed at the end to be another noise, ran backward, but the effect is to have a counterpoint to the slightly dark tones of “Vibrational Vision.”

The flip side to this record is Umberto‘s “Jonbenet.” Playing with speed and drone here, Umberto’s number occasionally sounds as if your record player is dying, with the track slowing down just enough to induce a feeling of dread. “Jonbenet” then moves into a higher register, lightening the mood slightly, but all the while, the track continues to sound like a warped cassette or stretched turntable belt. Despite the hiss and flutter and warped drone, it’s a beautiful number underneath all the audio trickery.

Both acts have a sense of dark beauty about them, and that’s what really makes this split appealing. While the songs are unique and something different than the usual atonal indie rock that passes for experimental in this town, it’s the fact that if you listen closely and pay attention, you’re rewarded with music that is delightfully gorgeous.

This is a limited pressing of 300 on white vinyl. Get your copy from either CVLTS’ webstore or direct from Collective Crowd. They’ll be gone fast.

C V L T S – “ANGEL CHROMOSOME” from Zahid Jiwa on Vimeo.