Rock Star Journalist has now been around for a year. In celebration, I’m holding a contest.

The prize is a copy of the Two Tone live album, Dance Craze. It just has the cover, and no tray card… so, essentially, it’s the disc and cover in a slimline case. I.e., the lamest prize ever given out by a website. However, I’ll throw in a slew of random stickers with the disc when I send it to the winner.

To enter to win, answer the following question:
Which band was on the vinyl release of Dance Craze, but replaced on the cd version?

Send your entries with “Contest” as the subject header, along with your name and address A winner will be drawn randomly from all correct entries received before noon Central time on Friday… ’cause that’s when I have to go to the post office to mail off all my eBay shit.

Expect a real post sometime tomorrow afternoon. It’s been a hectic week, and things don’t look to calm down any time before May, so it might be a bit sporadic until then. I’ll try for three posts a week, but make no promises. In the meantime, enjoy some classic Two Tone ska from the Specials.

the Specials – “Nite Klub