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Cipro Against Gc, Sooo... I've been away for a while. People have randomly shown up in town, work's been busy, and I have just not had any damn time to update this thing. I'm trying to help organize a move and a wedding. Sorry. My bad, have a Mentos, Cipro Against Gc.

Wednesday, I had the thrill of attending the Warped Tour date in Kansas City, Cipro Against Gc usa. Even better, I got to go for free, as I got hooked up to do some work at the Hopeless Records tent. Stop by and say "hi" to Chad if you happen to attend. Hell of a nice guy, and he has comps for a buck. Cipro Against Gc, Didn't really get to see too many bands that I wanted to, as they weren't going on until later, like 5:30 or so. The tour is going much later than it has in past years. 250mg Cipro Against Gc, Warped used to be over by 6 or so, and now it appears to go until a little after 8. Plan accordingly, if you're going. You will be hot, sweaty, and near exhaustion by the time some of the acts you want to see hit the stage.

On the bright side, I did get to see the Offspring, Cipro Against Gc. Having been listening to them for nearly ten years, it was pretty fucking sweet to finally catch them live, Cipro Against Gc canada, even if it was just for half an hour. And it was a hit-packed half hour. They know what the kids want to hear, and they wanted to hear "Come Out and Play", "Self Esteem", "The Kids Aren't Alright", "Bad Habit", Cipro Against Gc uk, and so on and so forth. The fact that they're touring in support of their new Greatest Hits cd doesn't hurt much, either. Cipro Against Gc, The Offspring are tight. Seriously, when they started playing, I was suprised to find that they sound EXACTLY like their recorded stuff. A few songs were a little slower, probably due to the heat, but there weren't any technical flubs or missed chords, 150mg Cipro Against Gc. Just song-banter-song-banter the whole thirty minutes, then "thank you, Kansas City." Not worth the thirty or forty bucks Warped Tour will cost you, but a definite highlight.

from Smash
"Gotta Get Away"
"Come Out and Play"
"Self Esteem"

from the Offspring
"Jennifer Lost the War"
"A Thousand Days"

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