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cover-coke-bust-degradationsCoke Bust
Degradation E.P.
(Grave Mistake)

Every time I listen to Coke Bust's Degradation E.P. Diflucan Potassium, , I get a little younger, and a little more in touch with my inner hardcore kid. I have this theory that if I listen to it enough, I'll be transported back to my days of seeing H2O play all-ages matinees.

And, 500mg Diflucan Potassium, honestly, it's an EP you have to listen to over and over again. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it flurry of short, furious attacks. "Another Fucking Problem" opens the record with a machine-gun litany of shit you don't want to deal with: "Work, Diflucan Potassium japan, death, bills, time, 50mg Diflucan Potassium, life, stress," and after that, you're off to the races.

The whole of the Degradation E.P. almost fits on one side of a 7-inch, but it's fattened up with the album closer, "Deathbed," which drops the tempo from speed-bag punches to a steady, methodical ass-kicking, Diflucan Potassium. Actually, 30mg Diflucan Potassium, until "Deathbed," there are moments of melody and youth-crew catchiness that briefly surface in Coke Bust's songs that suggest the fact the band might be poppy underneath everything. "Long Gone" starts out like it might be a sing-along, Diflucan Potassium canada, but is quickly swept away.

Coke Bust is a band about whom I've heard good things, and all the hype surrounding the straight-edge crew is completely justified. Grave Mistake has found yet another band who manage to turn hardcore into something more than just the usual chugga chugga riffs.

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