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book-cover-children-of-the-revolutionIn the beginning of Dave Thompson Flagyl And Zoloft, 's history of the '70s glam explosion, Children of the Revolution, the author states that he would prefer you follow read the book cover-to-cover, following history "as it actually unfurled, with bands reacting to one another's releases, with flops and follow-ups falling into place in the context of of the other acts they were all competing against."

That works all fine and dandy for the first half of the book, as everything is ramping up, and hit after hit appear, with Bolan and Bowie ascending. However, considering the sheer number of obscure one-hit wonders and folks jumping on the bandwagon for a song here or there, you'd do better the read Children of the Revolution in another manner suggested: "It can be used as a straightforward A-Z: go to the index at the front of the book, find the band you wish to look up, and then follow the month-by-month references from there."

While this manner of reading doesn't allow for the fuller picture, it does allow the reader to remain far more interested. While Thompson is a witty and entertaining writer, 500mg Flagyl And Zoloft, the chronological six-year history of the genre contains many details and detours within. It's a big picture to take in. However, divvied up as it is by week, you've got the advantage of being able to take in the information in bite-sized chunks. Reading it straight through otherwise would be a trifle stifling, Flagyl And Zoloft.

Thompson manages to delve deeply into the nooks and crannies that show the amazing breadth of of glam, Flagyl And Zoloft coupon, as well as artists like the Osmonds who put the genre into perspective. While this is primarily a British book, that it because glam was a British genre. Alice Cooper was the only American artist ever to embrace the theatrical aspect of glam, aside from Kiss or the New York Dolls, and those two came late in the game.

The only thing this book lacks is a conclusion. Flagyl And Zoloft, Thompson sets you on the path with an excellent introduction that sums up everything, and gives a broad preview of what you're about to experience. The information, Flagyl And Zoloft us, interviews, reviews, and stories are all first rate, as are the exhaustive lists of singles and appearances (be they radio, television, or live). Flagyl And Zoloft india, The conclusion as to what all this meant, or if it even meant anything is left to the reader.

I suppose the efficacy of Children of the Revolution can best be summed up by the list of bands, singles, and bootlegs I've made and intend to check out. That might be the best side effect of reading Thompson's history all the way through: while reading about your faves and the familiar might reveal something you didn't know about Bowie, only by reading this all the way through will you know of Sleaze, Grudge, 40mg Flagyl And Zoloft, or the Heavy Metal Kids. It's a bit of a slog, but worth the effort.

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