Check out “Snacky Tunes Vol. 2” for an acoustic track from Laura & the Cans

cover-snacky-tunes-vol-2I’ve never heard of the Snacky Tunes radio show, but their new comp, Snacky Tunes Vol. 2, is a lovely selection of live performances from their program. Said program is described thusly:

“Twin brothers Darin & Greg Bresnitz have a talent for bringing together the best of the food and music worlds. Hosts of the food-themed show Snacky Tunes on Heritage Radio, the brothers have seen some of NYC’s most exciting up-and-coming musicians and DJs perform live in their studio.”

What i care about most is the acoustic version of the Laura Stevenson & the Cans‘ track, “Barnacles.” The Sit Resist cut is stripped of drums, trumpet, and everything but Stevenson’s voice and acoustic guitar. It’s especially plaintive and, if nothing else, you should check it out.