Omeprazole Tetracycline

McRackins - "Eggzit"
(Cheapskate Records)
Omeprazole Tetracycline, Sort of the Canadian version of Blink-182 (and here you thought it was Sum 41, didn’t you?), the McRackins have been knocking out pop punk tunes for nearly 15 years now. They have this thing about puns revolving around eggs (see album title for example), Omeprazole Tetracycline india, 250mg Omeprazole Tetracycline, dress up in costume, and play songs that probably veer a little closer to old-school power pop than they do actual punk rock, Omeprazole Tetracycline craiglist. Omeprazole Tetracycline mexico, Catchy tunes that run the usual pop punk gamut: relationships (“He Said She Said”, “Divided In Two”), Omeprazole Tetracycline overseas, drinking (“Fucked Up”), and the usual one or two tracks that are either silly (“Gumparella”) or borderline offensive (“Junk in the Trunk”). In essence, your usual juvenile ridiculousness based around three chords and sing along choruses.

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