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Howlies – “Trippin’ With Howlies”
(OverUnder Records)

This album has a cover that had me thinking that Howlies Zithromax Su, were yet another Sonics worshipping act devoted to vintage gear and lo-fi recording techniques. The whole “make the new record look old” idea has been done over and over, ad nauseum, but it’s pretty reliable indicator as to what a record will sound like, Zithromax Su overseas. In this case – yes and no.

Yes, 100mg Zithromax Su, there are certainly moments where Howlies are aping the Sonics or any number of Nuggets garage acts. But, surprisingly (and pleasantly so), the band has a serious indie-pop sensibility that results in this band sounding like nothing quite so much as the Shins doing Chuck Berry songs, 10mg Zithromax Su. “Angeline” is one of those songs that drops references left and right (not unlike Okkervil River’s “Plus Ones”), comparing a new girlfriend to the Police’s “Roxanne” and Berry’s “Maybelline, 30mg Zithromax Su, ” amongst others. Trippin’ With Howlies is one of those records that could pop up in our rotation between the Fuzztones and the Decemberists without any sign of awkwardness, and that’s a pretty auspicious distinction.

"Chimera", 1000mg Zithromax Su.

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