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Digital Leather – "Sorcerer"
(Goner Records)

The likelihood of a band mixing Devo and Joy Division seemed completely unlikely to me until I was introduced to Digital Leather Generic Erythromycin, . Then, 100mg Generic Erythromycin, upon hearing some of their earlier singles, I was completely sold on the concept. "She Had A Cameltoe" was really something of a throwback sort of single that had about ten people calling up the radio station when I played it one night, Generic Erythromycin coupon. Everyone had to know what the hell I was playing. Generic Erythromycin canada, Sorcerer is an album that showcases the two sides to Digital Leather – the first six tracks are one man and a synthesizer in an apartment somewhere in Arizona, and have more in common with that first song I heard. The last six were recorded live at Goner's annual Gonerfest shindig last year, and are crazy nutso stuff, Generic Erythromycin. The slower stuff tends to be a bit better, Generic Erythromycin paypal, whereas the faster tunes fall somewhere between Ministry and Atari Teenage Riot. Generic Erythromycin japan, It's fun, but repeated listens tend to enforce the idea that this stuff isn't exactly the revolution that Goner would have you believe it is. It's spazzy and fun, but it's been done.

from Sorcerer
"You Will Fall"

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