‘Cause this is nothing like we’d ever dreamt

The Shins were interviewed on National Public Radio‘s “Morning Edition” today. The interview went really well, and had some great words from a music critic (whose name escapes me at the moment) regarding the indie rock police and the topic of “selling out.”

Elizabeth Blair, the correspondent who filed the story, mentioned of the Shin’s songs being licensed for use in a McDonald’s commercial as one of the things threatening the band’s credibility as an underground act. However, that underground status is also mitigated by the band’s music being featured in Garden State. Yes, they even started the story out with the “they’ll change your life” bit from the movie.

However, if they were going down that lane, I think Blair should have mentioned the fact that the band was also in the “Gilmore Girls” spring break episode, playing “Kissing the Lipless” in some club. It was a pretty hipster club for the spring break crowd, too- after the Shins finished playing, the music over the PA was the New Pornographers‘ “The Laws Have Changed.”

Take a listen to the segment below, along with a few Shins mp3s from the Sub Pop website.

the Shins on NPR’s “Morning Edition”
the Shins – “Kissing the Lipless”
the Shins – “So Says I”

What the hell… since I name-checked it, here’s the New Pornographers tune, as well: “The Laws Have Changed”