THE ADVENTURES OF BAYOU BILLY (1988) – Starburst Magazine

THE ADVENTURES OF BAYOU BILLY (1988) - Starburst Magazine

THE ADVENTURES OF BAYOU BILLY (1988) - Starburst Magazine

Leave it to Brooklyn’s Ship to Shore Phonograph Co. to find the a way to release a 7-inch of the most insanely catchy and intensely-paced chiptune music they could find. The Adventures of Bayou Billy might not be the most well-known of the titles released on the Famicom and NES during the late ‘80s, but & Continued


Review of the Lagrange Point soundtrack at Starburst Magazine

cover - lagrange
Upon dropping the needle on Ship to Shore's release of the Largrange Point soundtrack, one wonders just how the music to an 8-bit game for the Nintendo Famicom can sound so amazingly full. Honestly, the music on Lagrange Point rivals the likes of such 16-bit scores like Outrun, and it's all due to a chip inside the cartridge -- Konami's VRC7 sound generator integrated circuit.
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Review of Mondo’s Castlevania at Starburst Magazine

Knowing that Mondo’s Castlevania 10-inch vinyl release is just the first of five releases only makes it that much sweeter to put on the turntable. While hearing the theme music coming from a quality, non-bootleg release is amazing in and of itself, the work the label did on this release is just wonderful.
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Review of ‘Out Run’ soundtrack at Starburst Magazine

cover - out run
Since the Out Run soundtrack showed up last week, we’ve been getting so much more accomplished. The music, released to vinyl in celebration of the driving game’s 30th anniversary, is absolutely infectious and suitable for motivating you to get anything done -- be it driving, racing, cruising, or otherwise, this is vigorously energetic music. If you’re familiar with Out Run, you’ll know that it’s held up as the platonic ideal of driving games, and a large portion of the game’s success is the music by Hiroshi "Hiro" Kawaguchi, Masayoshi Ishi, Manabu Namiki, and Jane-Evelyn Nisperos.
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Review of Inon Zur’s “Fallout 4” score at Starburst Magazine

fallout 4 vinyl
For those not willing to drop the fantastic amount of money required for the complete Fallout 4 score on sextuple LP, there's a single picture disc vinyl LP available direct from the GameStop online store. It contains eight tracks of Inon Zur's score and hits all the highlights from the 65 cuts composed for the game.
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