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Released |Duration : 1 hours 54 minutes


DIRECTED BY : Travis Knight.

PRODUCED BY : Michael Bay, Stephen Davis.

GENRE : Drama, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction.

VIDEO : 720p.

LANGUAGE : English.


COUNTRY : United States of America.

PRODUCTION BY : Hasbro, Paramount.


Movie 'Bumblebee' was released in December 15, 2018 in genre Drama. Travis Knight was directed this movie and starring by John Cena. This movie tell story about On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie, on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary yellow VW bug.

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The Texas Gentlemen’s Daniel Creamer on the band’s debut album, ahead of Saturday’s Record Bar show

The Texas Gentlemen's Daniel Creamer on the band's debut album, ahead of Saturday's Record Bar show

The Texas Gentlemen's Daniel Creamer on the band's debut album, ahead of Saturday's Record Bar show

The Texas Gentlemen.Joseph LlanesThe Texas Gentlemen's debut album, TX Jelly, is straight out of the 1970s, incorporating elements of country, funk, singer...


Steps of Faith’s Billy Brimblecom Jr. on raising funds through Thundergong & Give Steps

Steps of Faith's Billy Brimblecom Jr. on raising funds through Thundergong & Give Steps

Steps of Faith's Billy Brimblecom Jr. on raising funds through Thundergong & Give Steps

The statistics cited on the Steps of Faith Foundation's website are sobering: 500 people a day lose a limb in the United States, 185,000 persons a year e...


Captured by Robots, Katy Guillen & the Girls, and Victor Wooten Trio are among November’s worthiest shows

Captured by Robots, Katy Guillen & the Girls, and Victor Wooten Trio are among November's worthiest shows

Captured by Robots, Katy Guillen & the Girls, and Victor Wooten Trio are among November's worthiest shows

Victor Wooten TrioYes, the weather is less agreeable these days, but the concert calendar isn't cooling off anytime soon. November gives you plenty of reas...


Apocalypse Meow X: Midwest Music Foundation on the organization’s goals

Apocalypse Meow X: Midwest Music Foundation on the organization's goals

Apocalypse Meow X: Midwest Music Foundation on the organization's goals

Back in 2008, the first Apocalypse Meow raised funds for musician Abigail Henderson's treatment, after she was diagnosed with Stage 3 inflammatory breast...


Jad Abumrad Q&A at the Pitch

[caption id="attachment_18769" align="aligncenter" width="540"]photo by Marco Antonio photo by Marco Antonio[/caption]
"At this point in his career, Radiolab host Jad Abumrad could rest on his laurels. In 2011, Abumrad received a MacArthur Fellowship and Radiolab — the public-radio program he co-hosts with Robert Krulwich — won Peabody Awards in 2010 and 2014. However, Abumrad’s inquisitive mind, which is one of the defining features of his work, has led to a new project — Radiolab’s first spinoff podcast, More Perfect. The new show applies the Radiolab model to exploring the importance of the Supreme Court."
Read my entire Q&A with Abumrad at the Pitch, published 6/14/16

Halloween Horror Marathon: Psycho

poster - psycho Each week, Halloween Horror Marathon does some themed posts. We kick off the weekend by seeing a movie in the theater. We call it Cinematic Saturdays. We were supposed to see Eli Roth’s new cannibal flick, The Green Inferno, with our brother, but he’s in Wichita watching a couple exchange tungsten rings for a wedding. Rather than sit by ourselves and feel grossed out, we’re going to talk an upcoming cinematic screening. I've had the experience of watching Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho in a variety of situations. I'm pretty sure the first time I saw it as a kid, I already knew the basic premise, but the film is so well done, it really didn't matter -- and, honestly, the real kicker is that even if you know the shower scene is coming, nothing really prepares you for its rapid and confusing savagery. Then, after said big to-do, there's still an awful lot of creepy, disconcerting film to come, made all the more odd by the fact that you'd become quite invested in Marion Crane as a viewer. Now what? Everyone knows the first part of the film, but while that's a bit of a crime caper, the vast majority is a typically taut and engaging Hitchcockian thriller. Calling Psycho a horror film is pushing the boundaries of the genre somewhat, but I feel that, as giallo and other psychological thrillers like Eyes of a Stranger have horrific elements to them, it's a valid inclusion. As a matter of fact, I saw the movie in not one, but two classes in college. The latter was a class called "Pop Culture of the 1960s," which makes perfect sense, but the first class was entitled "Literature of the Gothic." Psycho as Gothic seems almost more absurd than outright horror, until you consider Gothic's tropes. psycho house There's the uncanny, which is there in spades. There's what's referred to as "a pleasing sort of terror," meaning that you're frightened, but pleasantly so. And obviously, the double, as well as the idea of the architectural setting of the story reflecting the characters of the story. Given that the rather more modern Bates Motel sits below what is essentially a Second Empire home, there's a mirroring of modernity and the past. Add into that the fact that the interstate left the hotel on what is now a rarely-used side roaad, and there's another layer. Psycho is a film that offers up new things every time one sees it, and even though the basic plot points mean that seeing the big setpieces will no longer surprise even the youngest and most naive viewer, it's a gorgeous piece of economical filmmaking. Hitchcock's use of his television crew means that he gets the most out of a lean budget, squeezing every scene for the maximum allotment of discomfort. This is all a roundabout way of saying Lawrence's Liberty Hall will screen Psycho on the big screen tomorrow, Sunday, October 4, at 7:00pm. Tickets are $8.00, and more information is available here. It's also available as a quite-affordable, very loaded, extremely gorgeous Blu-ray, which you can purchase right here. [embed][/embed]

The 2015 Halloween Horror Marathon

T658363_03 The Halloween Horror Marathon returns to Rock Star Journalist, starting this Thursday. Once again, we're doing a weekly team-up with Liam O'Donnell of Cinepunx for his Journal of Fear. You can find the complete list after the jump. We're doing some thematic things this year: Resurrection Sundays, with zombie movies; New Movie Mondays, covering films that were released in the last year; Fulci Fridays, where we do a Lucio Fulci film with Liam; and Cinematic Saturdays, where we cover a film we saw in an actual movie theater the night before. GET HYPED. 1 Tourist Trap 2 Don't Torture A Duckling # 3 The Green Inferno ^ 4 The Dead Next Door + 5 It Follows * 6 Spookies 7 Witchboard 8 Slither 9 Zombie Flesh Eaters # 10 The Final Girls ^ 11 Living Dead Girl + 12 Housebound * 13 Dead & Buried 14 Frogs 15 Madman 16 Cat in the Brain # 17 Crimson Peak ^ 18 The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue + 19 Cooties * 20 Lurking Fear 21 Dead Pit 22 Dolls 23 The Black Cat # 24 The Last Witch Hunter ^ 25 Anthropophagus + 26 We Are Still Here * 27 Curtains 28 Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers 29 Eyes of a Stranger 30 A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin # 31 Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse ^ + Resurrection Sundays (zombie movies) * New Movie Mondays (recent releases) # Fulci Fridays (with Liam O'Donnell) ^ Cinema Saturdays (movies in an actual theater)

Josh Berwanger on his new split with Dwight Twilley

[caption id="attachment_4776" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Berwanger Berwanger[/caption] At this point, the output of the Josh Berwanger Band is starting to rival that of the bands for which Berwanger was formerly best-know, the Anniversary and Only Children. The band's just finished recording their second LP, and just release their third single -- a split with power-pop idol Dwight Twilley -- on Good Land Records. We asked Berwanger a few questions via e-mail about the split and his upcoming plans. The Josh Berwanger Band seems to follow an older release model: several singles, then an LP. What's the rationale behind that? I want to consistently have something coming out on a format to keep people interested until the next LP comes out. Back in the day, bands were able to put out a record a year and still be relevant. Nowadays, from recording the record to the time a label needs to set it up properly it takes nearly a year. cover - berwanger twilley split sinleWhose idea was it to do a split with Dwight Twilley? This was something I was talking to Jonny Phillip of Good Land Records about one day. We often talk on the phone about what albums we've been listening to, and then I mentioned how much I love Twilley's Jungle LP. Then from there the idea of doing a split with him spawned. Where does "Some Other Guy" come from -- was it recorded for this split, or a leftover from something else? We were in rehearsals for an upcoming tour, and in-between songs in our setlist Ricky started playing "Crazy Horses" by The Osmonds. After 15 minutes of jamming on it, we had the song down. The first day on tour, I thought when we get back we should record "Crazy Horses" at Element Studios. I booked the studio. As we were on the road we started listening to all the layers that song had and thought to do it right, we would need more then a day. So, we ended up recording "Some Other Guy" instead. When's the next album coming out? It's done. No word on when its coming out yet. The plan now is to play all new songs at SXSW and then we have a tour with Field Mouse and Lithuania (a Dr. Dog side band) in May and June. In that time, there should be a better idea on the release date. How did you come to work with Jay Shaw for all your releases? I've been a huge fan of Jay's work for some years now. When I was halfway done recording Strange Stains, I sent him an email with some songs as well as some images of early Eastern European movie poster art that I love. I figured he wouldn't respond or not have the time to work with me. But he wrote back and said he dug the tunes and also loved those posters, as well. We just kept talking and from there have developed a great friendship. It's very true: if you don't ask, the answer is always no. [embed][/embed] The Josh Berwanger Band plays an electric, full band set and Dwight Twilley plays acoustic as part of the release party for their split 7-inch this Saturday, March 7, at Love Garen Sounds in Lawrence. You can also purchase the Twilley / Berwanger split from Good Land Records on some gorgeous splatter vinyl, limited to 100 copies.

JD Wilkes on the Dirt Daubers and writing

[caption id="attachment_18282" align="aligncenter" width="560"]The Dirt Daubers (l-r): Rod Hamdallah, JD Wilkes, Jessica Wilkes, Preston Corn Photo: Joshua Black Wilkins The Dirt Daubers (l-r): Rod Hamdallah, JD Wilkes, Jessica Wilkes, Preston Corn
Photo: Joshua Black Wilkins[/caption] If there were a position for the artist most likely to cause a ruckus, it would be JD Wilkes. As frontman for the Dirt Daubers, to say nothing of th' Legendary Shack Shakers, the man's known for being a growling rockabilly frontman, and absolutely captivates when he's on stage. If you live in the Kansas City area, you'll get several chances to catch Wilkes in the coming weeks: JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers perform at Springfield's Outland Ballroom on Sunday, February 15, and then Wilkes performs solo several times during the 2015 Folk Alliance International conference, which runs Wednesday, February 18 through Sunday, February 22. Wilkes was kind enough to answer a few questions for us via e-mail in advance of these shows. How do you balance the expectations of those who saw you with the Shack Shakers with what you want to present with the Dirt Daubers? I try to be honest to the music in both bands. Hopefully our true fans will appreciate the depth of our commitment to both projects and understand that "the music must win" in the end (as cliched as that sounds). "It's about the music, man." (Said in a stoner voice) Do you feel as if people expect you to be some sort of shirtless rockabilly madman? Yes, but there are those who like the harmonica and banjo work too, as well as the lyrics and the songs I've worked out with my band mates. We're more faceted than what some knuckleheads can comprehend. But the tail shall not wag the dog & I'll keep doing what is true to my "vision". God, I'm full of clichés today! The Dirt Daubers' direction seems to be the roots of rockabilly itself. What acts inspired you to take this direction? I'm inspired by everyone from Dock Boggs to Tom Waits to Magic Sam. Blues is the basis for everything I attempt. The Dirt Daubers allows me to focus more on a more well-rounded approach to music for music's sake. There I go again! You're performing at the Folk Alliance International Conference. What things can folks expect from that performance? Me, a banjo and a chair. Playing as many shows as you do has to take its toll. When do you find the time to write? There's nothing but downtime when you're on tour. Driving, waiting around before the gig ... days off in a hotel room while on tour and weeks at home when you're off the road. Thank goodness for iPhones and voice recorders! You can drive and think and dictate ideas all at the same time. I just completed a novel, of sorts, too. 42,000 words linking all my song lyrics into one story. I'll publish it as soon as I can. These are the things you can do if you allow yourself the freedom to live a life of creativity. [embed][/embed] You can find more information about JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers at their website, as well as their Facebook page.