All the colors of the rainbow

Recently acquired colorful vinyl:

* Marble green – Hipshakes / Cococoma tour split 7″
* Purple – the Stranger‘s Prison Called Life 7″
* Oxblood red – Naked Raygun‘s Throb Throb LP reissue
* Good ol’ black – the Hex DispensersLose My Cool 7″
* Good ol’ black – the PolecatsMake A Circuit With Me LP

In actual, real news, it appears that Sandstone is Sandstone again. Good. Now I don’t have to explain what the hell I’m talking about to KU freshmen anymore… at least in this respect.

Also, if I were a fifteen year-old (or 25 year-old who smoked too much pot), I would be totally fucking stoked that Warped Tour and a Snoop Dogg / 311 show are both at Sandstone a week apart. I am neither – although if I could figure out a way to justify the $32 ticket price, I’d go see My Chemical Romance on the 15th. There’s something about MCR that makes me feel the need to justify my fandom regarding the band to pretty much everyone I meet – that would be the fact that most fans of MCR are 15 year-old girls who wear WAY too much eyeliner and shop at Hot Topic for A Nightmare Before Christmas accouterments.

Still, the band kicks ass in a theatrical way that bands really haven’t done since the ’70s. They’re up there with Alice Cooper and Queen, along with a little bit of the Tubes, as far as bands that put on shows, as opposed to concerts. Then again, their shows always come when I’m either broke or otherwise committed, so I pretty much have to go on reviews, which just get me all salivary.

This post was all over the fucking place, huh?

My Chemical Romance – “Welcome to the Black Parade

Back with a new batch (of photos)

Sorry for the long break in posts here, but I’ve been dealing with an uncooperative IDE enclosure. However, that’s been dealt with, and I even managed to get some photos off a very old drive that I’d thought long dead. I also have a slightly slower Internet connection, thus causing it to take somewhere in the realm of two-three hours to upload the photos that once took half an hour. Still, $20 Internet beats the hell out of $55 a month, especially when it costs $85 a year just to host this site (as well as the parent, nigh-on-never updated, Nuthouse Productions).

Anyhow… SCADS of pictures, some going back nearly four years, and others as recent as this past Saturday. Trust me – I was still learning how to work my camera at that point, and it shows. Still, there’s some pictures over at Rock Star Photography from the following bands:
Shotgun Idols, the Primetime Heroes, Love Me Destroyer, the Federation of Horsepower (several times), the Pink Spiders, Honeywagen, the Gloryholes, Unknown Stuntman, Black Tarantulas, Thunder Eagle, National Fire Theory, HorrorPops, No Age, and the Throttlers.

Speaking of the Pink Spiders and HorrorPops show… I was really looking forward to that show, mainly because of Steve E. Nix & the Cute Lepers, featuring members of the Briefs. The Cute Lepers canceled the show Saturday night, however. This is the band who were the main point of me going to the Bottleneck that night, and they ended up getting arrested in Denver (so I was told). Dammit. I now have to pay insanely high shipping from Interpunk to get their new record on 1-2-3-4 Go!.

So, this meant the show was just the Pink Spiders and HorrorPops. The Pink Spiders were all right, and managed to acquit themselves a nice cover of the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks.” I’ve never seen such a sea of blank, uncomprehending faces at a cover song as I did then, however. The young women standing next to me looked at me like I was the world’s saddest man for knowing the words. “Modern Swinger” sounded pretty nice, too.

HorrorPops – a band that I’ve tried to see no fewer than three times before, only to be thwarted by late arrivals or early departures. They went on, and I was terribly underwhelmed. The show was just “eh.” The dancers were ridiculously hot, but Patricia had a fairly canned line of patter (I swear to god, if I’d had to hear “Is that a ‘hell yeah’?” everytime the crowd cheered, I was going to kill someone) and Nekroman didn’t seem to be all that happy to be there. The songs don’t really have a lot of “oomph” live, either. So, after about five songs, I hightailed it down to the Replay.

The Replay started out busy, and got worse as the evening progressed. The opening act was called the Black Tarantulas, and played a great dirty garage rock with some surf influences. They had tons of energy, and aside from half their songs sounding a lot like the other half, they’ve got some seriously potential.

The next act up was Thunder Eagle, who pretty much sounded like the Bronx. Loud, heavy rock ‘n’ roll, with lots of screaming. Good, but not what I was expecting or wanting to see that night. By the time their set got underway, the bar was packed both inside and out, and I was starting to get a little claustrophobic and tired. So, despite how much I wanted to see Brimstone Howl, who were headlining, I felt more like a good night’s sleep, and getting away from the crush of the packed bar.

Since then, it’s pretty much been me getting ready to go to SXSW in a couple weeks. Ostensibly, it’s for the radio station for which I act as music director, but you are more than welcome to ply me with food and coffee for a plug here.

the Throttlers – “Action
HorrorPops – “Thelma & Louise
the Pink Spiders – “Modern Swinger

This Friday night

Tune in and listen up THIS FRIDAY NIGHT as a few of your favorite KC Roller Warrior derby ladies hit the airwaves to make a guest apperance on SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK from 10-11PM on 90.7 FM KJHK.

The KC Roller Warriors are the 2007 Flat-Track Roller Derby Champions, and start their season on February 16 at the Winnwood Skate Center against the Denver Roller Dolls with the Bloody Valentine bout. We’ll also have two pairs of tickets to give away for the season opener!

Out of the listening area? Only own an iPod? No problem! You can tune in LIVE and streaming right from the comforts of your own home!! Just go the the KJHK website and listen in from your computer!! It’s just a click away! So don’t forget – this Friday, February 8th, Sunglasses After Dark from 10-11PM.

In honor of the KCRW derby girls, here’s a selection of awesome female-fronted rock ‘n’ roll…

Joan Jett – “Bad Reputation
the Dollyrots – “Because I’m Awesome
the Distillers – “Drain the Blood
Sahara Hotnights – “Alright Alright (Here’s My Fist Where’s the Fight?)
Tsunami Bomb – “Take the Reins
HorrorPops – “Where They Wander

Sunglasses After Dark presents… at the Jackpot review

My radio show, Sunglasses After Dark (Fridays, 10pm-midnight Central on KJHK 90.7FM) presented three local bands at the Jackpot here in Lawrence last night. I only started booking shows back in September of last year, but I’ve learned that every show has one issue or another, or something goes horribly awry – be it a band that cancels, or someone showing up late, etc.

Well, every show except this one. All the bands showed up on time, nobody pissed off another band, there were no equipment failures, and basically, the show just ran like fucking clockwork. It was nice.

Young Livers from Kansas City opened the show with an energetic st of cowpunk and rockabilly. Frontman Jody knew how to rock the mic and keep the energy level going. An especially nice touch was his stepping off to the side and combing down his pompadour during an instrumental break – definitely cool. Drummer Allister was twirling her sticks like Peter Criss while Ryan and Tripp rocked out on bass and guitar, respectively. A well-done cover of the Misfits‘ “Hollywood Babylon” just ended up being the cherry on a great kickoff to the evening. (Young Livers pictures here)

Also from Kansas City, the Rich Boys took the stage second. Rocking the stage like a band possessed, the group knocked out dirty rock song after dirty rock song with howling energy. Fantastic, and yet another reason why the KC rock scene could use some national attention. These guys are up for “Best New Band” in the Pitch Awards this year. You should go vote for them. (the Rich Boys pictures here)

Last up was Lawrence’s own the Havok On Polaris. It’s a testament to the talent of these pop-punkers that they held their own after two high energy groups of out-of-towners. After two sets of gritty rock, the melodic stylings of this three-piece was a really nice change of pace. There were tons of kids up front for their set, since they were shooting for a forthcoming dvd. The band didn’t miss a note, beat, or lyric the entire set, and it was like going back to Gee Coffee or an all-ages Bottleneck matinée ten years ago… man, I miss pop-punk. Big ups for the “Maneater” and “Linoleum” covers, as well – Hall & Oates and NOFX in the same set is certainly diverse (and fun). (the Havok On Polaris pictures here)

Thanks to all three bands for playing. It was fun, easy, and everybody there seemed to have a whole lot of fun. I didn’t see one bored or upset face the entire evening, the bands all went home with some money in their pockets, and I managed to make it through the evening without drinking. I think it was a success.

the Misfits – “Hollywood Babylon
Hall & Oates – “Maneater
NOFX – “Linoleum

the Stranger – self-titled review

The Stranger – “The Stranger”
(Haunted Town)

Ladies and gentlemen, the successor to the late, lamented, Amazing Royal Crowns has been found and it is the Stranger!

Straight out of Chicago, this band has it all: stand-up bass, rockin’ guitars, and vocals that fall somewhere between crooning and blues shouting. It’s rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll, and a little punk rock. The energy level of the Stranger is go-go-go, and the whole cd could easily be the soundtrack to a rumble, hot rod race, or sock hop.

The songs hint at the bad side of town, being out just a little too late and maybe a little drunk on hooch snuck into the club under your jacket. This is Saturday night music. With songs like “Prison Called Life” and “Psycho”, you’re gonna dance as much as you rock.

Well, We Lost One

Joe Keithley – Band of Rebels review

Joe Keithley – “Band of Rebels”
(Sudden Death)

Mr. “Shithead”, as he might be better known as the lead singer of D.O.A., has actually made himself a fine-ass roots-rock kinda rockabilly album here. Sorta like what Joe Strummer did, but with a better name (the Latino Rockabilly War? What the fuck were you thinking, Joe?). Basically, at times it veers towards a rockabilly / ska sound, quite a lot like early Living End. Other times, Band of Rebels starts to cop a pub rock style, much like the 101’ers (once again, back to Joe Strummer), only a little bluesier. When you blend it all together, it starts to sound a lot like Duane Peters fronting Operation Ivy.

It’s very much Billy Bragg and Woodie Guthrie inspired in the lyrical vein, but done with the perspective of a man who knows from whom he’s copping his influences. “Goodnight Irene” isn’t the best Leadbelly cover ever done, but I’ve heard far worse, even if it’s a little Blueshammer. It’s not as bad as the cover of “Born to Be Wild”, however, which – like any cover of that song – is to be avoided. “Fuck the Corporation” is about the worst song on the album, as it aspires to some level of Blowfly-style funk rock.

Still, Joe Keithley has put out something that’s pretty damn good. It’s pretty laid back compared to D.O.A.’s output, but still rocks. It’s a roots rock affair, and the addition of instruments like saxophone and organ give it a vibe that wouldn’t be out of place in a roadhouse somewhere on the way to Calgary.

Bust Me Loose

Because we’re broke

Here’s the deal: my wife, Tanya is one of the new recruits for the Astrokitty Comics kickball team this year and she has tried so very hard this season and has been sidelined, now, because of an injury she sustained at their last game (which was the first one they’ve won so far this season, thanks to all of our team which includes her for sure).

She was trying to slide into a base and, headfirst, hit the baseman’s knee with her face. She was knocked senseless and is still in a great deal of pain. After several hours in the ER, she found out she has a triple fracture to some of her facial bones. She will likely have to have one of them rebroken so it can be set properly. It’s all very painful, but the burden of paying for medical bills while uninsured (which is new for us… we were insured prior to this, but it’s just really bad timing) is more painful still.

We are planning a show or two to help pay for her care so she can be back on her feet and not under a mountain of crippling debt. Aside from the shows though, you can help by donating any amount, earmarked for Tanya’s Kickball Injury, via my PayPal account. Use the following button to deposit donations via…

Thanks for all of your help! Please keep the good thoughts, prayers, and vibes flowing so Tanya can get back in action ASAP and, of course, not have to deal with an impossible pile of hospital bills to boot. For more information, please drop me a line at skajester at yahoo dot com or contact Joel at astrokittycomicsmore at yahoo dot com.

Here’s the bonus for those who donate big (by big, I mean $20+): for every donation of twenty bucks or more, I will post some rare / amazingly hard to find / only exists here at my house album for download. As an evidence of my good faith, here is the amazingly hard to find Amazing Royal Crowns “Fireball Stomp” single from 1996. It features a version of “Fireball Stomp” amazingly different from the self-titled album version, as well as “Jalapeno”, only available on this seven-inch, and an early version of the Royal track “Hat Size.”

the Amazing Royal Crowns – “Fireball Stomp” single

Podcast returns!

Sorry for the long delay, kids. It’s been, what, nearly six months? Jeez. Sorry. I’ve been back in school and concentrating on my radio show, along with home ownership and family and etc.

Anyhow, the RSJ podcast is back, and I’ll be updating regularly again. The themed posts are pretty much gone, and what you’re going to get is pretty much half of what I play on my show every week. So, if you like the punk / garage / rockabilly, then you’ll be happy happy. Otherwise… well, it was nice to have you along for the ride.

Oh, and additionally… all tracks are clean edits, so you can play this at work without fear of reprisal or writeup.

Track listing

Sunglasses After Dark Show Intro
Rise Against – Generation Lost
Anti-Heros – That’s Right
Main Street Saints – World Cup Year
The GC5 – The Long Goodbye
Throw Rag – Beast In Me
The Gadjits – Optimism
Shotgun Idols – Deceived
Clorox Girls – Flowers Of Evil
The Stimulators – Loud and Fast Rules
T.S.O.L. – Code Blue
Gears – Don’t Be Afraid To Pogo
Hard Feelings – Who’s That Knockin’
The Rock-It Dogs – Teenager in Love
Rezurex – Dia De Los Muertos
American Werewolves – The Undead
the A-Bones – Rollin To The Jukebox Rock
Old 97’s – Four Leaf Clover
the Splatcats – Wildman
Billy Zoom – Crazy, Crazy Lovin’
Gun Club – Sex Beat
The Cramps – Surfin’ Dead
Ronnie Speeks – What Is Your Technique?

Download at the podcast page.
Bonus MP3 – the GC5 – “When All Else Fails

Podcast up – sunglasses after dark

So, I apologize for the one-month podcast hiatus. I’ve been crazy busy with school and work and familial obligations. This is to say nothing of the hectic nature of running a two-hour radio program every week and working music staff for the radio station. Basically, I’m so overwhelmed with music, it was a chore to even begin thinking of doing this. The few times I sat down to get started, it pretty much either ended in an accidental deletion or WinAmp crash.

However, being as I had some playlists from my show lying around, I figured I could give you all a taste of what I do every Saturday morning on Sunglasses After Dark. Rock out to the music that made generations of parents nervous; the music that only allowed Elvis filmed from the waist up. Spinning rockabilly, psychobilly, screamin’ garage, and anything else scandalous enough for your Friday night.

Track listing:
Sunglasses After Dark intro
Dwight Pullen – Sunglasses After Dark
the Cramps – I Ain’t Nothing But a Gorehound
Misfits – Hybrid Moments
Johnny Cash – Ballad of a Teenage Queen
the Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers – Funny Little Feeling
HorrorPops – Where They Wander
the Nerve Agents – Jekyl and Hyde
Cleopatra Jones trailer
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Frenzy
Rancid – Something In The World Today
Motörhead – Jailbait
Nekromantix – Dead Girls Don’t Cry
Curtis Gordon – Draggin’
Sicko – Closer To Fine
Dillinger Four – Doublewhiskeycokenoice
Blitz – Someone’s Gonna Die
Dr. Tarr’s Torture Dungeon trailer
Mad Sin – London Dungeon
Fear – The Mouth Don’t Stop (The Trouble With Women Is)
the Gun Club – Preaching The Blues
Vernon Taylor – Mystery Train
Reagan Youth – Reagan Youth
Johnny Rivers – Midnight Special
the Oppressed – We’re the Hooligans
Sham 69 – If The Kids Are United

Download at the podcast page.

Bonus mp3: the Stray Cats – “Stray Cat Strut