CINE-WEEN: Put Some Terror on Your Turntable With Pig Baby’s Deadbolt reissues

CINE-WEEN: Put Some Terror on Your Turntable With Pig Baby's Deadbolt reissues

CINE-WEEN: Put Some Terror on Your Turntable With Pig Baby's Deadbolt reissues

The scary and eerie voodoobilly sounds of Deadbolt have been emanating from southern California for well over two decades now, but until this past March, very little of the band’s output has been available on vinyl. Aside from a few split singles and 7-inch releases, the music from “scariest band in


JD Wilkes on the Dirt Daubers and writing

[caption id="attachment_18282" align="aligncenter" width="560"]The Dirt Daubers (l-r): Rod Hamdallah, JD Wilkes, Jessica Wilkes, Preston Corn Photo: Joshua Black Wilkins The Dirt Daubers (l-r): Rod Hamdallah, JD Wilkes, Jessica Wilkes, Preston Corn
Photo: Joshua Black Wilkins[/caption] If there were a position for the artist most likely to cause a ruckus, it would be JD Wilkes. As frontman for the Dirt Daubers, to say nothing of th' Legendary Shack Shakers, the man's known for being a growling rockabilly frontman, and absolutely captivates when he's on stage. If you live in the Kansas City area, you'll get several chances to catch Wilkes in the coming weeks: JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers perform at Springfield's Outland Ballroom on Sunday, February 15, and then Wilkes performs solo several times during the 2015 Folk Alliance International conference, which runs Wednesday, February 18 through Sunday, February 22. Wilkes was kind enough to answer a few questions for us via e-mail in advance of these shows. How do you balance the expectations of those who saw you with the Shack Shakers with what you want to present with the Dirt Daubers? I try to be honest to the music in both bands. Hopefully our true fans will appreciate the depth of our commitment to both projects and understand that "the music must win" in the end (as cliched as that sounds). "It's about the music, man." (Said in a stoner voice) Do you feel as if people expect you to be some sort of shirtless rockabilly madman? Yes, but there are those who like the harmonica and banjo work too, as well as the lyrics and the songs I've worked out with my band mates. We're more faceted than what some knuckleheads can comprehend. But the tail shall not wag the dog & I'll keep doing what is true to my "vision". God, I'm full of clichés today! The Dirt Daubers' direction seems to be the roots of rockabilly itself. What acts inspired you to take this direction? I'm inspired by everyone from Dock Boggs to Tom Waits to Magic Sam. Blues is the basis for everything I attempt. The Dirt Daubers allows me to focus more on a more well-rounded approach to music for music's sake. There I go again! You're performing at the Folk Alliance International Conference. What things can folks expect from that performance? Me, a banjo and a chair. Playing as many shows as you do has to take its toll. When do you find the time to write? There's nothing but downtime when you're on tour. Driving, waiting around before the gig ... days off in a hotel room while on tour and weeks at home when you're off the road. Thank goodness for iPhones and voice recorders! You can drive and think and dictate ideas all at the same time. I just completed a novel, of sorts, too. 42,000 words linking all my song lyrics into one story. I'll publish it as soon as I can. These are the things you can do if you allow yourself the freedom to live a life of creativity. [embed][/embed] You can find more information about JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers at their website, as well as their Facebook page.

Ensminger’s “Mavericks of Sound” succeeds in spite of its author

The new collection of David Ensminger's interviews, entitled Mavericks of Sound: Conversations with the Artists Who Shaped Indie and Roots Music (out now from Rowman & Littlefield), is a mixed blessing. The insight one gets from the artists with whom he speaks is deep and interesting. It's rare that artists such as Jason Ringenberg of Jason & the Scorchers, the Reverend Horton Heat, or the Nerves and Plimsouls' Peter Case get the sort of deeply-introspective and serious discussion presented here. To see Ensminger go beyond the superficial interviews most of these artists receive -- if they're ever spoken with at all -- is heartening. Mavericks of Sound is best when it allows these rarely-heard musicians to go beyond discussing their latest album, and dig deep into the influences which shaped them, and the particulars of their journey to now. book cover - mavericks of sound That said: Ensminger can go on. When he does something like laying out a lengthy Woody Guthrie quote in his interview with Robert Earl Keen, you're not quite certain as to whether that's meant to elicit a certain response from his subject, or if it's simply meant to show the depth of Ensminger's own personal knowledge. Rarely does it seem that the author achieves much connection with the artist he's interviewing. Reading the short pieces toward the end of Mavericks of Sound reveals a certain terseness of response from some of his subjects. The final impression I had regarding David Ensminger's Mavericks of Sound is that the author is quote knowledgable, does impeccable research, and has excellent taste in music. That said, his interview style is such that he succeeds in achieving excellent results not so much because of his knowledge and research, but because he's such impeccable taste in subjects. These are people who could tell a good story to a dog on a porch.

Podcast #102, “In Advance Of”

comingupThere are times where I wish I'd just use all of the outtakes to the show, just so you can see how utterly amused I am by myself. It gets a little silly down here in the basement sometimes -- there are things I say and do that leave me utterly in stitches. Additionally, I feel Like I should let you know what i listen to as I type up these previews as the podcast encodes. Currently: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Damn the Torpedoes. I've not had a copy on vinyl in the decade I've been in possession of a decent turntable, and it's astonishing how much better it sounds than any of the innumerable singles when they're on the radio. All ranting aside, we've some great music from Slovenly Recordings, amongst others, to say nothing of an interview with Rick Miller of Southern Culture on the Skids about the upcoming three-way split double LP they have with Los Straightjackets and the Fleshtones. It comes out October 1 on Yep Roc, and is entitled Mondo Zombie Boogaloo. You can find tour dates and order the record at Yep Roc's site. Podcast #102, "In Advance Of" The Replacements, "Takin' A Ride" (Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash) Heavy Times, "Might Not" (Fix It Alone) Old 97s, "Jagged" (Fight Songs) The Front Bottoms, "Au Revoir (Adios)" (Talon of the Hawk) --- The Penetrators, "Baby Dontcha Tell Me" (The Kings of Basement Rock) Diarrhea Planet, "Ugliest Son" (I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams) Bent Shapes, "Brat Poison" (Feels Weird) Terry Malts, "Well Adjusted" (Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere) --- Interview with Rick Miller of Southern Culture on the Skids --- Los Straitjackets featuring The Fleshtones & Southern Culture on the Skids, "Que Monstruos Son" (Mondo Zombie Boogaloo) The Atom Age, "When You See Me Hurt" (The Atom Age EP) Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!, "Rescate Griego" (Todo Roto) The Stooges, "Fun House" (Fun House) --- Big Boys, "TV" (Wreck Collection) Murphys Law, "What Will the Neighbors Think?" ("What Will the Neighbors Think?" single) The Humpers, "For Lovers Only" ("Fast, Fucked, and Furious" single) Psyched to Die, "Permanent Solution" (Sterile Walls)

Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess

cover-lonesome-savagesThe debut single from Wisconsin's the Lonesome Savages Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess, , All Outta Love, might be the only thing the rockabilly genre's produced worth listening to since the first Amazing Royal Crowns LP. It's an astoundingly original take on the genre, yet draws on enough familiar influences (Charlie Feathers by way of the Cramps) to keep it grounded in some sort of reasonable genre ballpark.

Now, is it three covers and one original, Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess craiglist. Yes. But it's not like it's the first debut release to do so. The Cramps' Gravest Hits was mostly covers, as was half of the Specials' self-titled, Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess. This is what bands do, 100mg Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess, if they're able - when you don't have enough songs you've written, you take the ones you know and put your own sonic imprint on 'em. Let those fuckers know who you are, one way or another, am I right, Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess japan.

The guitar work on All Outta Love screams through the fuzz so clearly, it might as well be the only thing on this record. There're layers of vocal echo and reverb, 150mg Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess, and the Lonesome Savages play in a way that suggests you've had a whiskey or five. I love it when bands sound like I'm Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess, drunk. This might be the best party record thus far this year - provided your friends aren't a bunch of boring-ass sticks in the mud.

To put it straight: Kind Turkey has put out a wobbly rockabilly blues garage record that you desperately need to own. Limited to 350 hand numbered copies, with the first 100 on color vinyl available only from Kind Turkey directly, Will Amoxicillin Heal Tooth Absess overseas.


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What Does Generic Cialis Look Like

cover-die-zorrosWhile Voodoo Rhythm What Does Generic Cialis Look Like, might drop the occasional bomb, it seems that anything released featuring label head Beat-Man is a gem. In some cases, that gem is a diamond in the rough - emphaiss on the rough. Such is Die Zorros' Future, a strange journey through originals and covers in what the label accurately terms a "Farfisa Organ Fiasko."

Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" is stripped down to its instrumental components, with the only lyrics being "No, What Does Generic Cialis Look Like paypal, no, no." It's a deconstruction that continues on through the rest of the album - the only words in their strange surf version of "Paint It Black" is the rhythmic chanting of "black." The whole thing plays like a warped version of lounge music, from a world where LSD is passed out like after-dinner mints and absinthe gets tossed back like PBR. The covers are familiar enough once your ears catch onto what's being done to them, but the twists come fast and furious.

The album was recorded in no time flat, with roughly ten minutes being given to each track before they laid it down in the studio, 200mg What Does Generic Cialis Look Like. If a song's 2 minutes long, Die Zorros spent 12 minutes total on it, What Does Generic Cialis Look Like. It's a little scattershot in terms of results, yeah - "Hey Rockabilly" doesn't exactly light the fires to boogie, and you're pretty happy when it's over, but the sleazy electronics of "Banküberfall" are mind-bendingly ear-pleasing in their muddy distortion.

The only downside to Future is that the second-longest track might be the most irritating. What Does Generic Cialis Look Like coupon, "Zorros In Afrika" is three and a half minutes of jungle drums and pseudo-tribal chanting that grates like nails on a chalkboard before you're half through. I've listened to this album every day since I got it last week, and I've only made it all the way through "Afrika" once.

The actual longest track, a take on "Sailing," is such a weird instrumental workout jam that you keep listening on, wondering where the hell the band's ideas will take them, What Does Generic Cialis Look Like australia. That's an accurate summation of the entire album, really: you're never quite sure as to what they'll work up next, and even if what they're doing is irritating as hell, it's interesting enough that you want to know what's happening next.

You can snag Die Zorros' Future direct from Voodoo Rhythm, What Does Generic Cialis Look Like mexico, but get a big order ready to offset those international shipping rates.

MP3: Die Zorros, "No No No".

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Fda Approve Acomplia

Author Max Décharné Fda Approve Acomplia, 's new book on the history of rockabilly, A Rocket In My Pocket, was an instant favorite here at Rock Star Journalist headquarters. The book's take on the rock 'n' roll genre precursor focuses just as much on the obscure gents releasing barely-heard singles on local labels as it does the big hits, making for an engrossing and informative read. So, it ges without saying we were thrilled beyond belief when offered an opportunity to interview the man. He was kind enough to take some time to answer our questions regarding his book and career via e-mail.

book-cover-rocket-in-my-pocketWere there are any bands you regret omitting from the book?

Good question. Rockabilly is such a huge subject, you could write 50 books and not mention everyone, Fda Approve Acomplia. What I wanted to do was write a book about where the music came from, how it sounded, and the impact it made in the 1950s. This is a book about the music, rather than any one act, although there’s no getting around the huge impact of the five Elvis Sun singles – he was the one everyone wanted to be, pure and simple. Fda Approve Acomplia overseas, I was mostly trying to write a book telling the story of how rockabilly exploded across the south between 1954 and 1956, when there were literally thousands of performers making records in that style, most of whom never became household names. It’s incredible how much great music was made in such a short space of time. Fda Approve Acomplia, After that, the big companies moved it, watered it down and tried to make it safe, although of course it didn’t quite work out like that.

In particular, I wonder as to why so many of the more recent psychobilly acts were left out?

You could write an entire book about psychobilly. This is 99% a book about rockabilly in the 1950s. I trace things through the next few decades towards the end, but you’d need thousands of pages to cover everyone who’s been inspired by rockabilly in recent years. I love the Cramps, and I played shows with them, but they only get a brief mention. I’ve played in several bands with guys from The Stingrays, but they’re not even in the book, Fda Approve Acomplia. It’s not a comment about them – it’s just not a book about psychobilly.

Do you have a preference for a certain sound of rockabilly. The more country, Fda Approve Acomplia uk, rocking, or hiccupy styles, for instance?

For me, it’s the rootsy, back-in-the-hills sound – hillbilly boppin’, all the way. I’m a drummer, but most of my favourite rockabilly tracks don’t have drums on them. Fda Approve Acomplia, As long as you’ve got a slappin’ bass, I don’t think you need them. Charlie Feathers will always be the godfather, as far as I’m concerned, although you also can’t beat the Rock’n’Roll trio howling their way through Train kept A Rollin’... And yeah, I’m a sucker for a decent hiccup... 10mg Fda Approve Acomplia, How did your playing in Gallon Drunk and the Flaming Stars influence how you approached the book?

Didn’t really affect it. It’s more the other way around – I’ve been into rockabilly since the early 1970s, which probably explains why I wound up in bands like Gallon Drunk and the Flaming Stars in the first place. Neither of those are rockabilly bands, but both of them have drawn a little bit on that rockabilly spirit, and everyone in each band certainly loved listening to rockabilly at home, Fda Approve Acomplia.

Has the book allowed you to meet any artists you'd not yet spoken with?

Writing it certainly gave me the chance to talk to people like Wanda Jackson and Sonny Burgess. I’d shaken Sonny’s hand back in about 1986 after a gig when he signed my original Sun 45 of We Wanna Boogie, but it was very good to be able to talk to him for a decent stretch of time about his days doing things like gigging with Elvis in 1955. A real gentleman.

max-decharne-readingWhat was the writing process like. The sheer number of artists you cover must have required grand amounts of research. Fda Approve Acomplia, Writing the book was an attempt to get the story of 1950s rockabilly into one book, which is an impossible task, but it was a lot of fun trying, and even though I’d been listening to this music for forty years now, I still discovered tracks and artists I’d never heard of. I still can’t believe quite how much phenomenally good music was produced by the rockabilly musicians of the southern states in such a few short years back in the late 1950s. I did a lot of research, certainly, but I was building on the fact that I’d been buying these kinds of records for most of my life. It’s a huge subject – the more you dig into it, the more you find.

You've previously written books on film noir and obscure slang, 40mg Fda Approve Acomplia, and now, rockabilly. Do you have plans for further excursions into '50s culture?

I’m sure I will, Fda Approve Acomplia. There’s something about that immediate post-war era when everything seemed so fresh - like it was all up for grabs, and all kinds of wild people came out of the woodwork and managed to get their message across, whether in records, books or films. It’s cliché to say so, but everything these days has a habit of seeming pre-packaged, safe, air-brushed and boring. I like stuff with style, but also with a few rough edges still on it. These days, Fda Approve Acomplia india, by the time they’ve finished photoshopping, auto-tuning, polishing, overdubbing and generally burying any spark of originality, what you’re left with doesn’t really interest me. All of which is another way of saying, if Jerry Lee or Gene Vincent came along these days, I doubt very much they’d be allowed to have a mass-market international career like they did in the 50s...

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Flagyl For Dogs

book-cover-rocket-in-my-pocketMax Decharne's new history of rockabilly for Serpent's Tail Flagyl For Dogs, , A Rocket In My Pocket: The Hipster's Guide to Rockabilly, takes a little bit to get going. It's understandable - there's a lot of history to set up, and a lot of characters to introduce, be they Sun Records owner Sam Phllips, cover boy Elvis Presley, or the queen of rockabilly, Wanda Jackson. Basically, Decharne takes several dozen rockabilly musicians, as well as various labels that run the gamut from international to recording in someone's garage, and gives them to the reader in a flurry of names.

After several chapters of set-up, both in terms of individuals, Flagyl For Dogs australia, groups, and history, A Rocket In My Pocket really takes off. Once the cast of characters is set up, they're then put in motion in a variety of settings. The chapters that form the latter half of the book cover the various media outlets available to rockabilly musicians once they'd put their music to wax (and in some cases, beforehand), Flagyl For Dogs. Decharne traces the venues for performance in terms of gradually increasing visibility. He starts with the gin mills and honky-tonks where the bands would hone their live shows, and then moves up to radio and television.

In terms of television, Decharne makes an excellent point in that, while Elvis' television performances (especially his "shot from the waist up" appearance on Ed Sullivan) might be the stuff of legend, 50mg Flagyl For Dogs, he was hardly the first rock 'n' roller to appear on television, having been preceded by the likes of Bill Haley & His Comets and Bo Diddley.

Decharne puts enormous emphasis on the early rockabilly artists, and he gives equal coverage to everyone. Flagyl For Dogs, Just because he mentions Charlie Feathers and Elvis Presley doesn't mean that lesser-knowns like Glen Glenn and the titular Jimmy Lloyd get ignored. The unfortunate aspect of his focus on the progenitors of the genre does mean that a lot of the revival stuff gets left by the wayside. In the chapter on rockabilly on the silver screen, "Hollywood Be Thy Name," all of the classic '50s and '60s films like The Girl Can't Help It see mention, as well as stinkers like Rockabilly Baby. However, because Decharne focuses so heavily on the early days, he misses out on the opportunity to pontificate on such latter releases as Wild Guitar, to say nothing of Troma-esque schlock horror like Rockabilly Vampire and Die You Zombie Bastards!, 250mg Flagyl For Dogs.

The book's final chapters - "Back From the Dead, Bigger Than Ever" and "Stray Cats, Polecats, and Born-Again Hepcats" do focus on the latter-era rockabilly revival in the '70s and '80s, and those chapters could easily be expanded to fill a special issue of Mojo. It's brilliant to see the love given these artists twenty years past their prime, Flagyl For Dogs. Granted, this is further coverage of the same artists who get a lot of coverage in the earlier chapters, like Elvis and Wanda Jackson. It would've been nice and rounded out the book a bit more to cover more than just the big names of the '80s rockabilly revival. The Cramps, Polecats, Flagyl For Dogs paypal, Stray Cats, and Tav Falco's Panther Burns are the only artists of that era to see any notable mention. Further coverage of the psychobilly scene (the Meteors, Guana Batz, et al) at the time would've provided a quality counterpoint the the earlier artists. Flagyl For Dogs, These are all minor quibble, in the grand scheme of things. I'm a rockabilly head, myself, so what I want in a book on the subject is certainly more specific than the casual reader coming to this subject. It's exhaustive, in either case. Were Decharne to fill in all the details I wanted, the already stout volume would become a veritable tome. It's a breeze to go through, Flagyl For Dogs india, while still managing to be very instructive, informative, and entertaining.

If you want to explore the music featured in the book in an easy way, Ace Records has put out a companion CD curated by the author.

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Side Effects Of Taking Prozac

Side Effects Of Taking Prozac, To make the obvious joke, we play videos... some pop-punk, rocket roll, 150mg Side Effects Of Taking Prozac, more pop-punk, Side Effects Of Taking Prozac craiglist, and some hardcore. All relatively recent, and good, Side Effects Of Taking Prozac australia. Although, Side Effects Of Taking Prozac coupon, really... my promo copy of the new H2O album, Nothing to Prove, Side Effects Of Taking Prozac japan, ended up being blank. SO I can't say as to whether or not the whole record is as good as the singles I've heard.

Teenage Bottlerocket - "In the Basement"

the Phenomenauts - "Infinite Frontier"

the Cute Lepers - "Terminal Boredom"

H2O - "What Happened?"

Three Teenage Bottlerocket MP3s off of Warning Device over here at Battle of the Midwestern Housewives.


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Instructions For Tetracycline

Instructions For Tetracycline, Reading about stuff, especially music stuff, makes me happy. I mentioned Seven Ten Twelve recently, but I'd like to more deeply explain why it's one of the best vinyl sites out there. Yeah, the stuff he covers is a litte hipster-y, but it's all quality stuff that my local record store carries, so I actually know what i'm getting into, Instructions For Tetracycline ebay. It's like a second opinion from a friend you trust. A lot of the stuff Paul (Lawton, the fella who runs Seven Ten Twelve) mentions is limited, so it's a nice heads up regarding things you might otherwise miss out on. And, as an added bonus, he's from Canada, so you get interesting spellings like "tonne."

Along the lines of obscure, limited vinyl is the simply-named Limited Edition Vinyl, Instructions For Tetracycline. As one would expect, Instructions For Tetracycline india, that's the subject, be it big name or small name stuff. You get pressing colors, variations, numbers, and (most importantly) where you can get this stuff ASAP. The best part about the site aside from the content is the insanely long list of labels that sell vinyl in the page's sidebar, 10mg Instructions For Tetracycline. You can start randomly clicking and soon find your credit card maxed out. I recommend starting over at Voodoo Rhythm Instructions For Tetracycline, out of Switzerland. It's run by the Reverend Beatman, frontman for the Monsters. Crazy crazy blues garage rockabilly label.

Lo-fi craziness, 500mg Instructions For Tetracycline, as is the stuff over at Douchemaster. They put out a Hex Dispensers 45 that I picked up after SXSW, and it's damn good. They've put out a couple Carbonas singles, as well. Their stuff is a little more limited than the Voodoo Rhythm material, but the site isn't a hodge-podge of bad HTML and spotty English, Instructions For Tetracycline overseas, either.

the Monsters - "I Wanna Do What I Wanna Do" (from Garage Punk Vol. 1)
the Hex Dispensers - "Taxidermy Porno" (from the Lose My Cool single)

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