Recommending Nikki Lane’s “Jackpot” at Modern Vinyl

nikki lane
For every discussion about how Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton are bringing energy and fervor back to country music, while making it “real” again, I can’t help but feel like Nikki Lane is getting shunted to the side. She’s been kicking out albums since her 2011 debut, Walk of Shame, a full three years prior to Simpson’s debut. The title track’s liberated, feminist embrace of the same topics Simpson would get praise for on Metamodern Sounds in Country Music‘s “Life of Sin” three years later should give Lane the same acclaim as her male peers, but for some reason, she’s been quietly relegated to the background when discussion of taking back Nashville comes around.
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An endorsement of Nazi punching at Cinepunx

an cap
Like many folks, I woke up Friday morning feeling afraid and uncomfortable, uncertain as to what was going to happen to the United States. I knew of the many marches planned for that night and the next day, but by the time noon rolled around and the president-elect replace Barack Obama, I was fairly well sick with worry. So, as is my wont, I went to the bar near my house to watch Jeopardy and zone out. Jeopardy was pre-empted by the parade, so I got to watch a limp work its way down Pennsylvania Avenue while I drank cheap beer and tried to tamp down everything. By the time I got home and sat around watching Venture Bros DVDs, I was a morose, sad-sack guy. Then — then I saw a video that gave me hope. Self-described “alt-right” demagogue — in reality a white nationalist, racist, bigoted piece of human garbage — Richard Spencer was in the middle of an interview, and just as he began to explain the Pepe the Frog pin on his lapel, he got fucking cold-cocked.
Read the full op-ed at Cinepunx. Published 1/23/17

Clearing the air

slimfast denies Regarding the whole Midcoast Cares Rock For Relief concert on Monday, here's what I've been able to confirm: Obviously, some banners were torn down. See the above Twitter exchange for 96.5 the Buzz personality Slimfast's reaction to an inquiry. This tweet doesn't help matters any, either. I spoke with one of the event organizers, Sondra Freeman, regarding co-sponsorships. Freeman stated that neither Alice 102.1 or 96.5 the Buzz were official sponsors of the event Monday: "They helped us by talking about the event on the air in return for which I let them park their vans in front of the venue and hang some signage inside the venue." According to attendees at the benefit, Slimfast tore down some of the Alice banners that were hanging next to the Buzz banners. Freeman goes on to further state that "Kansas City Local Artists, that is run by Paul Chandler who works at Alice, had a really nice banner hanging on the outside of the venue and it was stolen. Nobody saw who did that and I don't care to speculate." Paul Chandler of Kansas City Local Artists Radio, when asked about the situation, confirms that the Buzz hadn't given any money to the benefit, and that "they gave there [sic] time like we all did." However, he additionally stated that Alice 102.1 had "six banners ripped down" by Slimfast and that he'd seen it happen. banner - rock for reliefIt's a shame that something like this marred what was an otherwise successful event. According to another event organizer, Michelle Bacon, while the final numbers haven't yet come in, as they're still waiting on some money from the auction, she last heard the amount taken in "was somewhere around $7k." Bacon explained where the money would go, as well: "The money is being donated to Heart to Heart International, who will use it for disaster relief in Moore. H2H is a local organization, and it was the same organization MidCoast Cares donated to back in 2011 for the Joplin benefit at Crosstown Station." While there's not likely to be any sort of visible resolution in this case, we'll close with the following words from Freeman: "I just want to promote the amazing local music scene we have here in 816 and help people that can't help themselves. Radio is a great way to get the word out about things like this and shouldn't be a contest." Too true.

What’s at stake?

banner - rock for relief There was a benefit for Moore tornado victims at the Kansas City Power & Light District last night. And, it being a benefit, nothing stayed on-topic. At some point during the show, Slimfast, a DJ for 96.5 the Buzz, allegedly tore down a banner for the Kansas City Local Artists Radio Show, an online streaming radio program. People are collectively losing their minds on Facebook, as well as in a post over at Day to Day ASA. I appreciate the thoughts behind this but the "Apparently they do not support freedom of speech either!" line kills me. You can delete anything you want to off your Facebook page. It's your subpage of a private website ran by a multi-million dollar corporation which receives ad revenue from other multi-million (if not billion) dollar industries. True: it's absolute weak sauce to do so, rather than engage and explain, but not silencing free speech. Same goes for the venue. KC Live! isn't a public space -- it's a private zone for entertainment and the purpose of selling alcohol in bars. If the Buzz was a sponsor of the event, and the Kansas City Local Artist Radio wasn't, then the Buzz had every contractual right to prevent promotion of a competing entity (being as how they have their Homegrown Buzz show). Think of it like this: if a brewery sponsors a show, such as Budweiser, then whomever the representative of that brewery is at a show will remove any competitor's banners hung at the same place. If there were a Boulevard banner hung next to the Budweiser banner, you can bet that the rep's bosses will have him pulling it down, post-haste. It's just as likely that Kansas City Local Artist Radio took advantage of the situation and used a large event with many local artists to promote their website and online radio station. I'm not saying definitively it was one way or the other, but you can't just see someone tear down a banner and assume the worst.

“Owsley and Me” a breezy read, if populated with irritating personages

book cover - owsley and meThe new memoir by Rhoney Gissen Stanley about her years with Owsley "Bear" Stanley, entitled Owsley and Me: MY LSD Family, is currently out via Monkfish Publishing. The publishing house is best known for some really heavily spiritual reads, so it should come as no surprise that Owsley and Me is super-new age / hippie-dippy. The book (co-written / tweaked / helped with by Tom Davis) is a series of stories that are, plot-wise, intensely interesting, but told about a series of people toward whom you have no attraction nor sympathy. It's rare to say that I've ever actually hated anyone depicted in a book, fictional or not, but when one considers that this is a memoir, and talking about real people, I was continually astonished that the personages in Owsley and Me are so astonishingly unlikeable. "Do what you want" is a dandy mantra, but time and time again, Rhoney, Owsley, and their compatriots demonstrate why the '60s counterculture came crashing down. The era of free love, drugs, and so on in which they lived seems to have done little but allow a group of individuals to indulge their own egos, resulting in a book full of stories wherein people perform endless outre acts, yet generate no sympathy nor attachment to the characters performing them.
The people who populate Owsley and Me are all self-ivolved, caring little for anything but themselves, and are immensely unlikeable. I frankly wanted each and every character to end up with ... something that would cause them to react in a manner that demonstrated the ability to move beyond their current state of intoxication and obliviation. It's the cast of Seinfeld in the Woodtsock era, lacking the clever writing, choosing instead to substitute endless repetition of the knowledge brought on by LSD. Despite all of Stanley and Davis' indulgence of this disjointed story, Owsley and Me is a book that's difficult to put down. I banged through it over a day or so, mainly because I was hoping that the characters would end up bearing some sort of comeuppance for their naive stumbling and glassy-eyed dialogue. While the characters are drawn with astoundingly broad strokes, allowing for little intimate knowledge of anyone portrayed, that particular writing style allows for a breezy read.

Lumigan Side Affects

cover-ska-is-dead Lumigan Side Affects, Yesterday, after posting news regarding Underground Communique's returning Ska is Dead single series, they posted some more solid details, as well as some hints as to what you can expect.

Like the last series, there will be three 7-inches on black vinyl and three 7-inches on color vinyl (last year, it was white), and they'll ship in three monthly installments of two 7-inches each, starting in July. Pre-orders start at 2:00 p.m, 50mg Lumigan Side Affects. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, May 25 via the Ska Is Dead store.

And now, your hints as to who will be in this series, with my guesses after:

reunion bands
that STUBBORN guy
more international bands
solo stuff from several members of the Slackers
a band who made a SHIT-TON of money via Kickstarter.
two of the bands from the UnderComm/Asbestos Kickstarter series

Reunion bands: Could be Madness, English Beat, or the Specials, but that's pretty unlikely, Lumigan Side Affects. Lumigan Side Affects coupon, Maybe Suicide Machines, since Asbestos released that double LP last year.
Stubborn guy: King Django, who runs Stubborn Records and fronts the Stubborn All-Stars.
International bands: Could be any band currently on the scene. El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs, El Gran Miercoles, Lumigan Side Affects japan, Rubén López & The Diatones ... Lumigan Side Affects, who knows.
Slackers solo members: Agent Jay and Dave Hillyard, most likely.
Band that made a shit-ton on Kickstarter: Five Iron Frenzy. Duh -- $207, Lumigan Side Affects us, 980 pledged for a $30,000 goal. Goal met in less than an hour (to say nothing of $80,000 in one day).
Two UnderCom/Asbestos Kickstarter bands: Pietasters, Pilfers, Edna's Goldfish, Lumigan Side Affects india, and/or Spring Heeled Jack.

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Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin

valient-himself Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin, After all the hoopla regarding the SOPA/PIPA stuff last week, and the takedown of Megaupload, we'd heard a lot from the likes of media pundits and analysts, but nothing really from the folks supposedly affected by the whole piracy thing against which SOPA was supposed to defend.

That was until Friday, when Valient Himself, frontman for Venusian boogie-metal rockers Valient Thorr, took to his Twitter feed (@valientthorr) to lay out what might be the most rational deconstruction of the whole thing I've seen thus far. The Pirate Bay's screed is funnier, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin uk, but this is far cooler and personal. I've taken the liberty of assembling all the tweets into an easy-to-read couple of paragraphs below.

Everyone is guilty of illegal downloading. Me including, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin. Since Napster was invented. But its out of hand. There are still tons of sites up. I wanna ramble for a sec here- don't wanna clog feeds too much, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin paypal, so hopefully you won't unfollow, but I wanna address something:

there's a big difference between censorship & piracy. Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin, I've been against SOPA & PIPA from the beginning, but not because they may take away my ability to download free movies or music. That (hopefully) is NOT why MOST artists are against it. We are against it b/c the bills are written SO poorly as to allow corpos & the gov't to BLOCK or CENSOR our sites & therefore our thoughts & freedom much like in China, etc. Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin overseas, Downloading flicks & jams that are not free is illegal, & REALLY takes bread out of all artist's (big & SMALL) pockets (read: mouths). I'm still against SOPA & PIPA & I think the MPAA & RIAA are fucked up. But if Megaupload goes down, that's not censorship, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin. They were pirates. I'll not shed a tear for megaupload. The point of this ramble is this: SOPA & PIPA were written poorly. Most in gov't couldn't tell you why, 750mg Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin. Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin, If they were purely anti-piracy they may not have been that bad.

But they were full of flaws that would have endangered our freedom. BUT piracy endangers plenty as well. Many artists have spoken out about this. Gillionaires may not care, but hundredaires can't afford rent. Just wanted our Anonymous friends to know that while we're mostly on their side, All stories aren't black & white, Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin. Upper Respiratory Mice Erythromycin us, Thanx for reading... sorry for the ramble. Hope yall dig that. now back to your regular scheduled horseshit. #peace


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Nevada Tetracycline Stain

book-cover-geek-girlsLeslie Simon Nevada Tetracycline Stain, is a tourist. All her books are written in the breathless tone of a 13 year-old's diary, combined with the breezy weightlessness of a Cosmo article. Geek Girls Unite is no different. Even the reading lists provided - which are excellent resources for anyone looking for a good book - and her lists of influential women in each category - all very notable and quite worth knowing - are fraught with errors. It's Our Band Could Be Your Life, not This Band, 200mg Nevada Tetracycline Stain. Courtney Love is a star-fucker, not a geek heroine of any sort, Nevada Tetracycline Stain. Et cetera.

Simon's books all have the same "hey, check this out!" approach that's all veneer, with little beneath the shiny surface to recommend them. All I get from Geek Girls Unite is the sense that this is a series of profiles on what are the best ways to emulate a music/film/literary/etc. Nevada Tetracycline Stain canada, geek and land some hottie. Nevada Tetracycline Stain, It's sad. I fail to see how an extended magazine article of a flippant nature manages to demonstrate how fangirls, hookworms, indie chicks, and other misfits are taking over the world. It's an entertaining read, but there's little within the pages of Geek Girls Unite that has a deeper meaning than "OMG U GUYS!!!111"

There's next to nothing that actually helps girls figure out what to do in order to become one of those ladies who are taking over the world, Nevada Tetracycline Stain ebay. How-to's on making zines, short films, or comics would give Simon's book a purpose past cute and disposable. Essentially, if this book were about emulation, 750mg Nevada Tetracycline Stain, and not imitation, I'd be more inclined to pass it on to my cousin, as opposed to throwing it on the stack headed to Half Price Books.

And, hey - could we get some female geeks that aren't fucking pin-ups. As my wife so eloquently put it: "Hot is hot, geeky or not, 1000mg Nevada Tetracycline Stain. That's what it boils down to. If Olivia Munn and Felicia Day looked like Susan Boyle, this book wouldn't exist.".

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Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember

kickstarter-logo Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember, Kickstarter, the popular crowd-sourcing means of project fundraising, might not be all it's cracked up to be. By no means am I suggesting that the site or the folks behind are crooked - nay, nay, I say. They take a straight 5% off the top, and the rest goes to the folks raising the cash. No, to what I refer is this: there's a certain negative aspect to raising money that might end up negatively affecting one's relationship with one's fans.

The site's been used to raise money for everything from movies to TV shows to books to records, and it's in that last category that we'll be focusing, as well as the negative connotations that Kickstarter is beginning to acquire: namely, that this is a way for bands to get folks to pay for stuff that doesn't exist, and they're willing do nearly anything to get your money, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember mexico.

Comedian Kyle Kinane posted to the following regarding Kickstarter to Twitter:

"Kickstarter seems like 4th grade when we collected $6 so this kid Marc would eat an old McNugget we found in the trash by the tennis court."

dollyots-kickstarterThat rather perfectly sums up the ridiculous things that acts seem willing to do in order to get people to donate in the upper echelon, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember. The Dollyrots' Kickstarter for their next full-length is the usual $10 for digital download, $15 for album, $25 for autographed album in the lower amounts, but as you get up in the upper reaches, things get kind of weird. $100 involves a lock of lead singer and guitarist Kelly's hair, $400 gets you a private karaoke party with the band, and there are several instances of clothing or instruments being sold. It just seems that the music industry is fucked to the point that bands have to do some ridiculous shit just in order to raise a few grand to get some studio time and press a record.

It's one thing for a band to offer up a pre-order for their album, and charge a few bucks extra for things like test presses or an exclusive t-shirt. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember, Someone has to ask, though, at what point does the band stop being a creative entity and become a commercial shill. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember uk, Then again, how is recording a song for a fan that gave you money any different than composing a tune for a commercial. Does it become a moot point if the band is already admittedly commercial. There are no clear-cut answers to any of these questions.

Essentially, it depends on your personal convictions as to whether or not overly-ornate rewards are a positive or a negative when it comes to Kickstarter. For the fan being asked, you can look at a Kickstarter for a record simply as a pre-order, with the option to throw in a few more bucks and get something special, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember. Most folks, looking at a Kickstarter page for an LP, will throw down the $15 for the LP, and considering it as ordering the album, with a bit of a wait. Others can take it as a rare occasion to get something special from a band they enjoy: if you've got $1000 burning a hole in your bank account, you can get a song written for you and you alone, 250mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember.

And all of that is fine and fucking dandy, I suppose. I feel sorry for bands that have to figure out exactly what they're willing to do in order to fund their album. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember, I also feel sorry for the people who get disappointed. There's a dark side to Kickstarter that nobody seems to be acknowledging, and part of that's the fact that some of these projects don't get funded. Kickstarter seems like a great idea until people aren't interested. Granted, you've saved yourself a lot of pain and heartache by discovering that there's not enough people following your Twitter or liking you on Facebook to buy the record you were about to press without actually having to go to the time and expense of pressing said record. Still, it's got to be shitty to discover that you can't get 200 people to shell out $10 over the course of a month.

Also shitty, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember. There's nobody holding anyone to their Kickstarter promises. 30mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember, Aside from the fans who donated, nobody over at Kickstarter is holding anyone to any sort of schedule. Chris Crisci of Appleseed Cast set up a Kickstarter for his acoustic project, the Old Canes, and it was funded back in January. The first installment isn't due out until March of next year. According to a post Crisci made Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember, to the Vinyl Collective board, there've been various delays preventing this from happening. Fine and dandy, but had nobody bitched on a bulletin board, there'd've been no-one else to enforce accountability.

When even a high-profile project like the mc chris cartoon has under 1200 backers, you're talking a miniscule number of people involved. While social media allows for the possibility of shaming the folks who take advantage of the financial model offered by Kickstarter, there's nothing inherent in the Kickstarter model that requires folks to come up with a business plan, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Smile Remember paypal. If you're coming to your friends and fans, hat in hand, I'd hope you have something that says "barring any unforeseen consequences, you'll have this project in your hand by [insert date here]." I've not seen that.

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Buy Flagyl

collector-nerd Buy Flagyl, Attention record nerds. You're idiots.

Now that I have your attention, please allow me to clarify and explain: some of you are amazingly short-sighted idiots with the compulsory habits of Beanie Baby enthusiasts. Seriously. I'm not doing this to be "shocking," I just have a need to get this off my chest and let you folks who buy multiple copies of new releases in various colors are no better than the folks who fucked up comics for everyone in the early '90s.

Having been a nascent comic fan in the early '90s, I was perfectly poised to see the multiple-cover, chromium holo foil, die-cut, sealed-for-your-protection phenomenon that took comics from something that you read to something you collected, and much the same thing is going on with records even as I type this, Buy Flagyl.

Example number one: multiple colors. I understand the idea of releasing a record on three or four or five or however many colors, if you're going to do it over a period of time (first press on green, second on red, etc.). 20mg Buy Flagyl, To continue the comic book metaphor, it's akin to releasing the first press with a foil cover, then maybe a sketch variant for the second press, and maybe just a regular version for any pressing thereafter. You're rewarding early adopter status with something cool, in order to boost sales out of the gate. Buy Flagyl, This particular style of limited releases has a certain logic: it's a good way to get recognition, or offer something for people who buy early. The recent release of Night Birds' The Other Side of Darkness had a silk-screened cover for the first 125 orders. What I don't understand is the way labels have begun to release an album on multiple colors at once, and then selling them as "packs," wherein you can get all variants in one package.

Example number two: New Found Glory's newest album, Radiosurgery, is available as a pre-order, 40mg Buy Flagyl, wherein you can get all three vinyl colors plus a shirt and a slip mat. $60, right here. Now, I don't know about you, but considering I could get a single LP for $15, that says to me that you're willing to blow $45 for two more copies of the SAME RECORD, Buy Flagyl. They did the same thing with their "Listen to Your Friends" single. One song, on four different colors.

Granted, this isn't something that labels or bands would be doing without a demand. Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective might've created an artificial demand with three-month-prior pre-orders and limited quantities, but for the most part, this seems to be something that fans are demanding, Buy Flagyl ebay, and that's what I don't understand. Buy Flagyl, You say you're a music fan. Fine, I'll give you your mono vs. stereo pressings. I'll give you the European pressing with a bonus song. Remasters, so on and so forth ... all of these things indicate that you care about the music present on these pieces of plastic, Buy Flagyl. There've been pictures on the Vinyl Collective forums from people who have 35 copies of Against Me!'s Reinventing Axl Rose. When you buy extra copies of a record that sit on a shelf, sealed, just to have the whole set only puts you in the category of your grandmother and her Hummels.

There's going to come a point when the bubble bursts, and your friendly neighborhood record shop - the one that's already under fire from Internet retailers, 30mg Buy Flagyl, eBay, and iTunes - will be saddled with insane amounts of product it can't move, much in the same way that your local comic shop ended up with several dozen copies of the first issue of the Jim Lee X-Men foundering in their back-issue bin. Then, the mouth-breathing troglodytes who flip shit at cons, flea markets, and online will move onto the next hot thing, and that environment you helped foster will be the end of that which you love.

Music is for listening, much as comnics are for reading. If you're buying something to sit on your shelf, Buy Flagyl us, encased in plastic, might I instead suggest bugs in Lucite. They're educational, and the records freed up up might mean those of us who want to listen to them, can end up owning them.

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