When comedic musician and king parodist of our time ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic announced that he would be undertaking a tour wherein he dropped the costumes and video screens to concentrate on a stripped-down musical experience, it seemed like a radical idea. When Yankovic explained that the tour would focus primarily on older material – and … Continued

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Cadabra Records is the latest to honor the legacy of scary stories told aloud. Be it records like Alfred Hitchcock’s Ghost Stories for Young People, Edgar Allen Poe being read by Basil Rathbone, or the George S. Irving adaptation of Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, there always seemed to be a & Continued

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“Geek Rock” doesn’t exactly cover its titular subject

book cover - geek rockGeek Rock: An Exploration of Music and Subculture, the new essay collection edited by Alex DiBlasi and Victoria Willis, succeeds on only one half of its title. It explores the geeky aspects of music, but as far as being a collection of essay about a rock subculture, it fails abjectly. The blurb on the book's back cover explains geek rock as "forms of popular music that celebrate all things campy, kitschy, and quirky," but the editors then present a procession of essays wherein the musical approach is geeky or the lyrical obsession is geeky -- it seems that the essay authors, despite the desire to make geek rock a thing and name-checking in the introduction artists like Weezer, Jonathan Coulton, and Frank Black, chose instead to reframe the discussion in a way that reflects their particular interests. Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart were outsiders, and true creative geniuses, but in framing the geekiness of their art as its level of obsession, the essay authors seem to be twisting and pushing the limits of what "geek rock" is, in an effort to lionize these already-lionized subjects. It's well-known that these artists were obsessive to the most minute detail, but how that's geeky, I can't quite grasp. DiBlasi makes a very interesting and salient point in his essay on Zappa, entitled "Frank Zappa: Godfather of Geek Rock." In its first paragraph, he posits geek rock as music that "celebrates the mundane" and that it's "rife with references to comic books, science fiction, and other cultural artifacts that are also considered geeky." This is an excellent summation of geek rock, and it fails on two levels: firstly, very few essays will make references to musicians who actually perform songs in this vein. The Mountain Goats, Magnetic Fields, and Frank Zappa certainly do not. Secondly -- and, arguably, most importantly -- DiBlasi gives several examples of what this is in opposition to. He names the Who and the Rolling Stones, to which I can agree with his idea of them being hypermasculine and sexual. However, when you say that Led Zeppelin is an act to which geek rock is the opposite, I cannot believe you. Maybe on the sexuality front, but Robert Plant sang more about Tolkien-related subjects than Jimmy Page stole rigffs from old blues men. There's a reason why Dungeons and Dragons fans also frequently have ZOSO tattoos. All of this is within the first few pages of Geek Rock. It's difficult to even begin to point out the positives in the book. "Man [Seeking] Astro-Man?: Nouveau Surf Rock and Futuristic-Past Nostalgic" by Shannon Finck is my personal favorite, relating a kitsch obsession to sci-fi geekery in a wonderfully tight and on-point essau. However, even in the most straightforwardly geeky chapter of all, "'Now It's Time For a Little Braggadocio: Nerdcore Rap, Race, and the Politics of Appropriation," by Chris Russell, the topic of racial appropriation is well-addressed, but one wonders how the chapter might have fared otherwise with the addition of someone like MegaRan, an African-American nerdcore rapper, and what he brings to the table. It's all so much wasted potential -- a fucking shame, really, as these are all interesting approaches to the artists considered, but shoehorning this "geek rock" appelation on to them just makes for an awkward and frsutrating read. If you consider it as a selection about musical obsessives, you'll fare much better. geek Rock is out now from Rowman and Littlefield.

Podcast #110, “April Fools Rush In”

april foolsTomorrow is April Fools' Day, so I spent the weekend putting together a plethora of strange and interesting music for you all. For whatever reason -- be it feeling better or just the obscure nature of the tracks requiring some explanation -- I ran my mouth pretty much constantly throughout this episode. My apologies for that. You can rest assured that everything is Dr. Demento-eque, if not actually demented. I avoided using noisemakers, but certainly managed to pull together a wide swathe of weirdness, and managed to not pull from any of the good Doctor's compilations this time. Podcast #110, "April Fools Rush In" Macy Skipper, "Goofin' Off" (The Complete Stax-Volt Singles) Billy Briggs, "Chew Tobacco Rag" (Let's Have A Party!) 'Weird Al' Yankovic, "Good Enough For Now" (Polka Party!) Merle Haggard, "Harold's Super Service" (The Fightin' Side of Me) --- Bo Diddley, "Say Man" (His Best) Bull Moose Jackson, "Big Ten Inch Record" (The King Anthology of Risqué Blues) Sheldon Allman, "Radioactive Mama" (Folk Songs for the 21st Century) The Ideals, "Go Go Gorilla" (Mello Jello ... For Mello Muffins) --- Phil Phillips, "The Evil Dope" (Mello Jello ... For Groovy Ghouls) Archie Pier & The Rythm Aires, "Tamales And Rock And Roll" (The Big Itch Vol. 2) Bob Ridgley, "She Was A Mau Mau" (Lost Treasures! - Rarities From the Vault of Del-Fi) Jose Madrigal, "Swish Swish" (Poco Loco In the Coco Vol. 2) --- The Zanies, "Chicken Surfer" (Real Gone Garbage) Eileen Barton, "Poco Loco In the Coco" (If I Knew You Were Comin', I'd've Baked A Cake) Sam Space & The Cadets, "Take Me To Your Leader Cha Cha Cha" (The Purple Knif Show) Jack Marshall, "The Munsters Theme" (Alfred Hitchcock Presents / The Munsters) Devo, "We're All Devo" (Pioneers Who Got Scalped)

“Tales of the San Franciso Cacophony Society” an inspirational bit of dadaist history

book cover - cacaphonyLast Gasp's new book, Tales of the San Franciso Cacophony Society, compiled and edited by Kevin Evans, Carrie Galbraith, and John Law, ranks as one of the most dangerously inspirational books I've ever had the pleasure to clap eyes on. While much could be made of the fact that the Cacophony Society are the ones responsible for such occasions of oddball debauchery as Burning Man, SantaCon, and (arguably) zombies, this book doesn't focus on the influence of these San Francisco eccentrics on society at large. If anything, this is both a visual and oral history of how such a simple set of ideas -- such as Chaotic Principle No. II: You Will Never Be Totally In Control -- could have such an impact on individuals. Peoples' lives were changed by their participation in Cacophony events. Some were horrified, traumatized, and otherwise freaked out, but enough "creative malcontents" managed to find one another and have "eccentric adventures." The particular events are too numerous to list, but suffice it to say, they engaged the sense and the mind, and took things to a new level, while never stooping to a political agenda or puerile infantilism. cacaphony bart loungeThe games, dances, parties, races ... "happenings," for lack of a better word chronicled by Tales of the San Franciso Cacophony Society have an element of the whimsical about them, always. The emotion most palpable by reading the book is that those who were fortunate enough to be part of any of this is one of wonder. Simply having some folks in salmon costumes running against a bunch of marathoners is an excellent way to reset your perceptions and get a new view on how things happen. The possibility that "you may already be a member!" is integral to the stories that are contained within the pages of this excellent book. Collecting as it does old newsletters, fliers, magazine and newspaper articles, photos, and many first-person reminisces, it's half history project, half manual. Any number of ideas within these pages could easily be enacted by people reading them. And who's to say that you shouldn't? Whether reading the book as a collection of inspirational stories for one's own creative urges or a history of things people did, through which you can live vicariously, Tales of the San Franciso Cacophony Society will have something for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough. While the hardcover is something akin to carrying around a textbook in your satchel, it's so loaded with images, the heft is a necessary reminder of the content within. Tales of the San Franciso Cacophony Society is out June 1 from Last Gasp Publishing. You can order your copy from the Last Gasp store.

Cipro Swelling Of Hands

book-cover-philosophy-and-hitchhikers-guideThe new book Philosophy and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Cipro Swelling Of Hands, , edited by Nicholas Joll (out now from Palgrave Macmillan), might be the most invaluable text I've ever read too late. That may seem a bit confusing. To clarify: were that this book had been released fifteen years ago, as several of the essays contained within would've allowed me to possibly pass philosophy in college, rather than failing it abjectly. 750mg Cipro Swelling Of Hands, Quite specifically, Michèle Friend's essay, "'God...Promptly Vanishes in a Puff of Logic'," on the Babel fish, so perfectly outlines basic logic that anyone who's read Douglas Adams' titular installment in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will finally understand basic symbolic logic. It gets a little hinky in the middle, Cipro Swelling Of Hands japan, what with a lot of symbols, but Friend moves the reader through by explaining how it all works in a clear, concise, manner.

By way of contrast, "The Judo Principle, Philosophical Method and the Logic of Jokes," by Andrew Aberdein, came very close to breaking my brain, Cipro Swelling Of Hands. 40mg Cipro Swelling Of Hands, It's not that Aberdein does a bad job of explaining -- simply that some philosophical concepts are completely beyond me. Euclid's Common Notion Five, for example, seemed a basic notion that I couldn't grasp, no matter how many times I read it.

Joll has compiled here a selection of essays that will appeal to any Guide fan, 10mg Cipro Swelling Of Hands, touching as they do on so many aspects of the five books, and even moving into less well-known works in the canon, such as "Young Zaphod Plays It Safe," essays from the posthumous The Salmon of Doubt, Cipro Swelling Of Hands craiglist, and the various radio play scripts.

Pleasantly, those who always thought philosophy to be a big wank fest (such as myself) will discover that there are considerations to be made for contemplating ideas outside one's purview. The reader will certainly gain levels of understanding beyond the giggle-inducing jokes of Mr. Adams, and being able to appreciate one's favorite books in more than one way is always appealing.

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Dosing Of Colchicine

atom Dosing Of Colchicine, Hey, for once a decent press release found its way into my inbox. Usually, I look at the subject line, and most stuff ends up in the trash. But when the subject read "Submission: Atom and His Package tribute album," I am down like a sonofabitch, Dosing Of Colchicine craiglist.

Atom & His Package were one of those artists that popped up on a bunch of comps (when comps were still worth a damn), and I went absolutely batshit for him. Crazy Jewish dude with a synthesizer playing songs about the metric system. Helllllllllll, yes, Dosing Of Colchicine. Then I bought a bunch of his stuff, Dosing Of Colchicine usa, and wondered why one-man synth covers of Fugazi and Geto Boys songs didn't make other people flip out. Maybe it was songs about Enya. Maybe the voice. Who knows. Dosing Of Colchicine, All I know is that Atom & His Package is one of those artists that I loved and never got to see play live.

Anyhow, Atom & His Package ended, Dosing Of Colchicine japan, he did Armalite, and I haven't really heard anything about him since. I guess he had to retire because of Type 1 diabetes. Hartless Hind Records has put together a tribute record called Up End Atom (nice Simpsons reference), Dosing Of Colchicine uk, and four bucks from each disc goes to the American Diabetes Association.

The tribute features acts like Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, MC Lars, hockey-core outfit the Zambonis, and - in what has to be the most perfect cover song / artist pairing ever, mcchris doing "Punk Rock Academy."

I'm going to be watching the mail until this sucker shows, Dosing Of Colchicine paypal. Seriously, that song alone is worth the purchase.

Steinbeck "Possessions (Not the One By Danzig)"
the Emotron - "Me and My Black Metal Friends"

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700mg Flagyl Er

cover 700mg Flagyl Er, Every year, I make a comp CD to hand out to friends and family. It started back in the winter of '97, because I was a poor college student living in the dorms of KU. I designed a cover on my computer and recorded off a couple dozen comp tapes for my friends. From there, it moved to CDs. The first couple were just random compilations of songs I thought would appeal to everyone, and from there, it mutated into cover song comps, songs with "whoa-oh," an actual Christmas song compilation, 700mg Flagyl Er ebay, a ska comp, an instrumental comp, and lord knows what else.

Well, this past year, I decided to put way more effort into the comp, and made a rule: nothing that I didn't a physical copy of on vinyl, 700mg Flagyl Er. The whole thign was ripped from records down here in the laboratory that is RSJ headquarters (aka my basement). Here, for the first time, it's getting shared outside my little circle of friends. This is going to be a regular thing here. The first Monday of every month, 10mg 700mg Flagyl Er, there will be a fresh comp to download. 700mg Flagyl Er, All-vinyl, nothing pulled from my mp3 collection or CDs. If I don't own it on record, you won't find it here. It'll mean I actually have to work at this, and put some thought into it. You'll get quality over quantity, essentially.

So, here's your first treat. Originally given to friends and family as The Holiday Tiki Lounge, I have renamed it as the Rock Star Journalist All-Vinyl Lounge Party, 700mg Flagyl Er. Some tracks can be tracked down on Sin Alley comps and stuff like that, but I'd like to think this is a pretty unique offering, 700mg Flagyl Er paypal. Equally suitable for a night in sipping cocktails or getting bombed on cheap beer on a porch, I hope you enjoy.

1. Lenny Dee - Rock Me Back to Little Rock
2. 700mg Flagyl Er, Cozy Cole - Topsy Part II
3. the Periscopes - Beaver Shot
4. Billy Vaughn - C'est Ci Bon
5. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Oh Lonesome Me
6. Charlie Feathers - Cockroach
7. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Blow Ye the Trumpet In Zion
8, 700mg Flagyl Er. Sean Mencher - Jumpin' Track
9. 100mg 700mg Flagyl Er, the Frantics - Werewolf
10. Fred Blassie - Blassie, King of Men
11. the Marketts - Out of Limits
12. 700mg Flagyl Er, Xterminators - Wild Hare
13. the Motivations - The Birds
14. Freddie & Hitch Hikers - Sinners
15. Mr. Marcos' V7 - Shanty
16. Johnny Clark & the Four Playboys - Jungle Stomp
17, 700mg Flagyl Er. Ferrante & Teicher - Brazil
18. Possum - The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati
19. Ganim's Asia Minors - Daddy Lolo
20, 700mg Flagyl Er usa. Joe Bravo - Please Call Me Baby
21. 700mg Flagyl Er, Rix Ortolani - The Festival of the Bull-La Forcata
22. the Yards - Munchimoo Boogaloo (Tiki Torcher Mix)
23. Lani Laurens - Silver Sand
24. Tegu Ni Lagere Group - Kini Varita Yara Mai
25. the Bill Lucidarme Group - Kauai Surf (Torch Lighting Ceremony)

Download the Rock Star Journalist All-Vinyl Lounge Party (RS link).

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What Is Erythromycin Used For

When we last heard of Yacht Rock What Is Erythromycin Used For, , they'd quietly decided to get themselves can canceled over at Channel 101 after telling us one last story about Steely Dan, then hoisting their sails and drifting away while a satisfied crowd waved goodbye from the docks, exactly one incredible year after their historical debut. Well, What Is Erythromycin Used For overseas, What Is Erythromycin Used For paypal, surprise (although not really much of a surprise to anyone who's one of their MySpace friends). They're back, What Is Erythromycin Used For uk, What Is Erythromycin Used For coupon, this time with the story of how Kenny Loggins wrote the theme to Footloose. Enjoy.., 10mg What Is Erythromycin Used For.

Kenny Loggins - "Footloose".

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Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines

Various Artists - "Walk Hard soundtrack"
(Columbia Records)
Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines, Damn. Despite what you would have guessed from Boogie Nights, John C. Reilly can sing – and well, 150mg Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines, too. As Walk Hard's Dewey Cox, he sounds an awful lot like Chris Isaak, actually. This soundtrack covers every style of music from the mid-50s to late 70s, 40mg Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines, and you can tell what artists are getting skewered on every track.

Johnny Cash takes the brunt of it during the first half (even his duets with June Carter gets hit with “Let’s Duet,” which is one of the few outright “funny” songs on the album), with everyone from Little Richard (“(Mama) You Got To Love Your Negro Man”), Jim Croce (“Dear Mr, Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines. President”), and Bob Dylan (“Royal Jelly”, Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines craiglist, which is the absolute most spot-on, hilariously ridiculous Dylan take ever) getting it as the record goes on. The disco cover of Bowie’s “Starman” is painfully funny, as well. They managed to get folks like Marshall Crenshaw, Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines uk, Mike Viola, and Van Dyke Parks involved in this, and it’s on Columbia, Sinemet Prozac Namenda Aricept Medicines ebay, Johnny Cash’s old label. Thus, this is another Judd Apatow vehicle that’s gonna make a pantload of money.

Dewey Cox - "Walk Hard"

Dewey Cox & Darlene Madison - "Let's Duet"

Original trailer

Red band trailer


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