The Girls Rock Lawrence theme song, all-star deluxe edition

grl campers 01 Check out this all-star, deluxe edition of the Girls Rock Lawrence theme song, featuring the GRL board members, along with Kelley Hunt, Kristie Stremel, Kawehi, Nadia Imafidon from Sharp 9, STITCH81CLASSIC, Sarah Storm from Vigil and Thieves, Britt Adair from The Bad Ideas, Alex Williams from Ultra Vivid, Lizz Weiler from Vedettes / Cave Girls, and The Sugar Britches: Ashley “Ziggy” Zeigenbein, Brianne Grimmer, Kahlen Mitchell, Kimberly Simonetti, and Monica Greenwood. It was coordinated by me and engineered by Matt Pelsma at the Lawrence Public Library's Sound + Vision Studio, with funding and organizational support from Lawrence Magazine. Additional thanks can be found on the Sound + Vision Soundcloud. You can go to the Girls Rock Lawrence site to donate. Also, check out the GRL camp showcase next Saturday, June 12, at Liberty hall in Lawrence, Kansas. You can find details about that show here.

1ml Of Clomid During Pct

zine-cover-there-is-a-lightThere Is A Light is a self-published comic from 1ml Of Clomid During Pct, Geoffrey D. Wessel and John Keogh that I picked up while waiting to talk with Tom Brazelton at C2E2. These guys had the booth directly to the left of his, 150mg 1ml Of Clomid During Pct, and I chatted with them while Tom was working on a sketch for someone. They convinced me to drop the $2 the photocopied and stapled comic cost, so I bought a copy and stuck it in my bag, and promptly forgot about it, 10mg 1ml Of Clomid During Pct.

As I was cleaning up the basement this weekend, I rediscovered There Is A Light and gave it a read-through. It's the weirdest comic about a reincarnated Morrissey you'll ever read, 1ml Of Clomid During Pct. 1ml Of Clomid During Pct uk, Probably the only comic about a reincarnated Morrissey you'll ever read, but still ... weird. My copy's the second printing, 1ml Of Clomid During Pct us, meaning it's doing pretty well. Not sure how you'd go about getting a copy, 1ml Of Clomid During Pct canada, but Wessel can be found on Twitter @gdwessel, so you could probably do that. It's a fun little read, and keeping it on your coffee table will certainly get a conversation going.

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No Period After Clomid

zine-cover-wasted-opportunities No Period After Clomid, The recently released 'zine, Wasted Opportunities, is a true fan's work of love. There are two interviews in this issue, and they are epic. The interviews that Justin does - with the members of Elway, and the proprietor of Poison City Records, Andrew Hayden - span 10-12 pages apiece, 100mg No Period After Clomid, and contain every bit of dialogue from said interviews.

Now, these could be said to be a bit rambling, and they are, 250mg No Period After Clomid, but by transcribing the entire Skype conversation verbatim, these interviews read more like chats between like-minded individuals, rather than the tightly-edited back-and-forth you find in most print interviews. As 'zines are the sort of reading material you like to keep on the coffee table, in your bag, next to the toilet, 30mg No Period After Clomid, whatever, reading these interviews is almost like being there as they unfolded in real time.

Good reviews, too, No Period After Clomid craiglist, and a great piece on finding the perfect burrito in Brisbane. Hopefully, Wasted Opportunities will see further issues past this first spring edition. It's a fun read, and Justin does some nice stuff. You can read the interviews over at the Wasted Opportunities blog, No Period After Clomid australia, or hit up Justin via e-mail for a hard copy.

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Dental Tetracycline Flourescence

cover-word-and-panels Dental Tetracycline Flourescence, I'd be totally thrilled about a record label starting to put out a comic book if it hadn't been done before. I mean, granted - yeah, Silver Sprocket's put out both Turnstile Comix and the Phenomenauts' Adventures In the 3rd Dimension. 20mg Dental Tetracycline Flourescence, But - even before those recent releases - bands like Gas Huffer were including comic books with their releases. Were they always good. No. As a matter of fact, they were frequently amateurish and painful, Dental Tetracycline Flourescence.

So, one can say positively that Paper + Plastick's release of Words and Panels Vol, 50mg Dental Tetracycline Flourescence. 1 is a neat thing, and it's always pretty cool to be able to snag a webcomic in print form. Hopefully, Dental Tetracycline Flourescence paypal, these will be something to look back on fondly, like the Nothing Nice to Say collection, rather than the slightly cringe-worthy early years from the likes of Sinfest or Penny Arcade (you can thank Dark Horse for pretty much all of those - prescient work, folks!).

Anyhow, 30mg Dental Tetracycline Flourescence, Words and Panels Vol. 1 is limited to 200 copies, features the first installments of 50 States, Dental Tetracycline Flourescence australia, Exit Interview, and Kill the Wonderhawks, and will run you $5. It's available from the Paper + Plastick store, .

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Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro

filter-and-jerk-store Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro, Some new publications have made their way to the mailbox here at the Nutghouse, which behooves us at Rock Star Journalist to hip you to that which you ought to be reading. First up is the newest issue perennial RSJ fave, Jerk Store.

As the 'zine goes along, it's coming into its own and getting a little comfortable with what is has to offer. It's to the point that even though this ish is a little light on the personal stuff, that which is there pretty much blows your hair right back. The visit to Melbourne offers up a glimpse into a town most readers aren't going to get to experience. It makes you feel like you're wandering the streets with Alex and Kelly, though, so it's just as good, and without the airfare, Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro. Alex's discussion of Embrace really demonstrates what sort of impassioned writing he's capable of, as well, Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro india.

There's a lot more in the way of interviews and reviews than past issues, but the bands he's talking to have me digging the bins at the local record stores and counting my pennies to see what I can afford to order. The Autistic Youth interview features one of those wonderfully unfiltered quotes that you're only going to find in a 'zine like this. Band member Steve has this to say about music that gets jammed in the van while on tour:

"We all agree that we do not listen to the Exploding Hearts on tour, for obvious reasons."

Too Many Daves might be a new favorite, and they've got a new video that might make you a convert, as well.
Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro, As always, you can buy the issue from their store (get a t-shirt, too, and save on shipping).

The complete and total flipside of Jerk Store's DIY aesthetic is the glossy, 750mg Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro, slick look of Filter. Now, by no means is Filter some magazine that I'm gonna slag on. No, no: they do these amazing interviews that manage to be entertaining, clever, and insightful in ways that I can't even conceive of executing myself. In the current issue, Jonah Hill and Beirut's Zach Condon talk to one another, and it's stellar, Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro usa, revealing facets of both performers that I wouldn't have otherwise assumed. Track down issue #41 for their It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia cast interview, too, Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro. Even if you don't like the show, you'll gain an appreciable amount of respect for what those cats have accomplished on their own.

Now, this issue (fall '11) has as its centerpiece the tenth anniversary of George Harrison's passing. A diverse and disparate selection of musicians talk about Harrison's influence. Ranging from X's John Doe to Wu Tang's RZA, the paragraph or two each offers up just how much the quiet Beatle gave to the world. Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro, Dean Ween's piece is short, but so touchingly poignant, you'll tear up. Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro japan, Just thinking about it has me blinking them away as I type.

The magazine's format change (a 90-degree turn) allows for more white space and freedom with the layout, giving some photos that would've otherwise been squeezed in a chance to become these fantastic landscapes. The work of Craig Thompson (author/illustrator behind the excellently depressing graphic novel Blankets) flourishes, as do the photographs of St. Vincent's Annie Clark. I'm not sure why I don't subscribe to this magazine, as it's a superb mix of art, film, and music, 500mg Known Allergic Reactions To Cipro. I like every issue. Shit. Maybe I need to send them some cash.

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Buy Colchicine Online

comic-cover-make-a-friend Buy Colchicine Online, Music and comic books is a combination that ought to happen more often. My interview with S. Shawn Struble about Li'l Depressed Boy dealt primarily with how he works musicians like Kepi Ghoulie and Andrew Jackson Jihad into the pages of his comic, 750mg Buy Colchicine Online. When I spoke with MC Lars a week or so ago, 20mg Buy Colchicine Online, I wish I'd known about his comic strip, 27th Street.

While you can view pretty much everything he's done with the strip at its blog, Buy Colchicine Online us, having a collection in comic form certainly makes for a more interesting piece of merch than the usual shirts and stickers. 150mg Buy Colchicine Online, Lars has copies of Make A Friend On 27th Street with him on Warped Tour, and they're going for $5. A little pricey for a collection of black-and-white strips that are essentially done with MS Paint, Buy Colchicine Online australia, but they're fairly funny and clever - hip-hop spelling bee. - and even when they fall a little flat in the humor department, they're still weird enough to be interesting.

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Success With Clomid

book-cover-destroy-all-monsters Success With Clomid, Despite all pretense to the contrary (smarmy comments at gallery openings, friends who paint/photograph/draw/screenprint, having traded mix CDs for prints), I am not an art afficionado. However, as the saying goes, I know what I like. This collection of the complete run of the '70s Detroit 'zine, Destroy All Monsters, 150mg Success With Clomid, from Primary Information, is one of the most fascinating books to come into the Nuthouse mailbox in quite a while.

Visually, this collection is akin to an idea I once had for punishing children: you lock them in a room with nothing but a strobe light, fog machine, and a stereo playing nothing but the Butthole Surfers' "Sweat Loaf" on infinite repeat at maximum volume. It's confusing and frightening, 30mg Success With Clomid, but after a point, you give in and accept the fact you'll have to live with not knowing what the hell's going on and accept what fragments you can catch glimpse of.

This is a facsimile edition of the 'zine, meaning what you're reading is pretty much identical to what was put out in the mid-'70s, complete with different-colored paper, strange Xerox color pages, and the odd smell of mimeograph paper, Success With Clomid. All that's missing is the occasional staple. It's still an engrossing read, even at a nearly 40-year remove from its time, Success With Clomid ebay, . The advantage of having all the issues in one volume is that you can see how Cary Loren, Mike Kelley, Niagara and Jim Shaw all had their artistic vision and abilities change over the years. The first three issues are far more single-image focused than later ones.

With the fourth issue (coincidentally, the Christmas issue), Success With Clomid coupon, Destroy All Monsters began featuring much more composite, collage-style art. While it incorporared elements shared with the first three, which would run through the entire run of the magazine - such as film stills, prose and poetry, Success With Clomid paypal, and a plethora of camp imagery - the pictures and art within began layering far more deeply, and the art and words were more intertwined. The Xerox color insert in the fifth issue only takes the layering and composition to its apex, incorporating psychedelic elements that leave the mind whirling and eyes agog.

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Stages Of Retin A

zine-cover-shouting-shorelines-ii Stages Of Retin A, The more 'zines that come into the Nuthouse, the happier I am. I especially get all excited about publications like Shouting Shorelines, which offer a glimpse into a specific area - in this case, Long Island. The collective behind Shouting Shorelines has already put out one issue of the 'zine, 40mg Stages Of Retin A, which has sold right the fuck out, although you can read it online.

The second issue is nearly double the length of the debut, and features art (which suffers a bit from the photocopy process), as well as show reviews, a guide to awesome places in Long Island, 750mg Stages Of Retin A, interviews, and a really great food section, which has a selection of what look to be some seriously nom-worthy vegan recipes, as well as a guide to urban foraging. 20mg Stages Of Retin A, Shouting Shorelines is that sort of 'zine that's all over the place, but it's organized so well that you can't help but be entranced by the writing and style of everyone involved. The show reviews are less criticism and more personal reflection, letting the reader feel like they were there, Stages Of Retin A. This is an ode to home, and as you read through Shouting Shorelines, it's less like a magazine, and more like a letter, Stages Of Retin A uk, inviting you to come visit and hang out. The screened covers on reclaimed grocery shacks are pretty cool (mine evidently had a former life carrying stuff home from Trader Joe's), and the stitching on the spine makes for a 'zine that you'll want to pass around to folks, sharing with everyone you know. Stages Of Retin A usa, If this sounds strikingly like my review of We Live In A Van, it should come as no surprise that Chris Arena (author of that 'zine) is part of the collective that produces Shouting Shorelines. If you want a copy of your own, send an e-mail over to, or send $5 to their PayPal and they'll mail you one.

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Overdose From Synthroid

zine-cover-get-it-together-2The second issue of Get It Together Overdose From Synthroid, , the art and illustration 'zine done by Lauren Dinitzio, aka Lauren Measure, aka Lauren from the Worriers, is out now. You can buy it straight from her site for $4, 750mg Overdose From Synthroid, Overdose From Synthroid ebay, as well as preview a couple of pieces out of it. The artist says of it:

"This issue is inspired by interviews with self-employed and otherwise independent friends in Providence, 500mg Overdose From Synthroid, Overdose From Synthroid uk, while I was Artist in Residence at AS220."

Denitzio recently made waves for reasons other than her art when she spoke out against the veiled sexism and misogyny in the punk scene for the blog I Live Sweat.... You should go read it, Overdose From Synthroid australia. It's pretty great.

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Erythromycin Sheet

zine-cover-we-live-in-a-vanChris Arena Erythromycin Sheet, , drummer for the New York punk band Sister Kisser, recently compiled several years' worth of essays into a 'zine entitled We Live In A Van. Volume one is nine different essays. While all are connected by the theme "The road is life, life is the road," they're not neccesarily from the same tour or even the same year.

Arena's musings bring home the fact that, for touring bands, Erythromycin Sheet coupon, the show is the smallest part of the whole thing. MOst of the stories in here have mor to do with the life of a traveler, meeting new people, running into familiar faces in strange places, and the whole need to travel. As Arena puts it:

"The back alleys of my mind have been paved and are burning for some traffic, Erythromycin Sheet. Erythromycin Sheet japan, They're waiting, all fresh and smooth, for new journeys, new experiences."

It's a lyrical, thoughtful experience, and rather more poetic than I expected. The rhythm in which Arena writes is a lot like the hum of an engine going down the highway, Erythromycin Sheet canada. It's steady and relaxing, and you find yourself thinking how amazing it would be to hop in a van and head on down the road, meeting people, all of you connected by music. We Live In A Van is limited to 70 copies, 20mg Erythromycin Sheet, so if you get a copy, hand it over to a friend when you're done. Erythromycin Sheet, They deserve to read this.

To get a copy, you can either check out the Facebook page or e-mail at cmarena at gmail dot com. It's $2 for a copy + $1 for shipping in the U.S. He's also open to trades. He'll also have copies at Long Island shows, Erythromycin Sheet craiglist, so track him down out there.

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