Windian Records head Travis Jackson on the art of reissues

WINDIAN-LOGOWindian Records, based out of Washington D.C., is a fascinating label. Not only do they put out a seemingly bottomless trove of obscure (yet assuredly worth hearing) reissues, but they've been on the cutting edge of garage rock 'n' roll lately, releasing singles and LPs from everyone from Heavy Times to the Shirks. Label head Travis Jackson was fantastic enough to take time out from following a crawling infant and working to answer some questions via e-mail about the label's releases. The label puts out both new releases -- upcoming stuff from Ar-Kaics, the Hussy, and others -- and reissues of some pretty crucial Penetrators records. How do you decide what new bands you'll release? Is it just a case of what appeals to you, or do some bands seek you out at this point? It's a little bit of both. The majority of releases I either knew from touring or really dug the band and asked if we could do a single. I think the only band I've released through the demo process was the White Faces LP. I plan releases early for the whole year, and sometimes more is added. With the reissues, I've always just reached out to one of the members work from their. Getting to work with The Penetrators releasing their whole singles collection, Testors, Bizarros, and Crushed Butler has been amazing. Definitely learned a lot. I'm more than ever focused on the reissue side of the label, it's a lot more work and research, but it pays off when you put your imprint on some classic sounds. When and how did the Penetrators' connection come about? I contacted Spike a couple years ago about reissuing the "Gotta Have Her" 45 and the hopes of putting together a Fred Records retrospective LP. The single did really well and we decided to just reissue everything from the Fred catalog on 7" just as they came out initially (printed paper sleeves, promo sticker) 30 years ago. We are still working on getting to the Basement Anthology Volume 2, doing a lot of digging. windian box setSome labels choose to just say, "Hey, trust us," when it comes to singles series, but yours listed all the acts out in advance. Why do the latter, instead of the former? When I decided to start a subscription series, I wanted the restrictions that come along with most other series to be limited. One of the most important is not signing off on a series you have no idea what you're expecting. Every year you get to choose if you want the next set. So far we've had nearly an 85% turn around for #2, and I'm beyond flattered. I'm glad people were happy with the inaugural set, and I'm working really hard to make sure this years set tops last years. One thing that worked really well was the reserve. I never liked paying a large sum and waiting for it to arrive. Also, pre-selling 200 box sets and getting 200 emails every week asking "where's my records" will drive a healthy man to the brink of blowing their head off. So we decided to take reserves for $1 and when the set was ready to ship, sent an invoice. Their were some that couldn't pay right away, but we held their set for 2 months in some cases until they could. Once reserved, it's yours. What's involved in setting up a subscription series? Packaging and sound. It has to be presented very well for someone to pull the trigger on 5 singles if they are only interested in say one of the bands. The response we received from our subscribers from the art of the factory sleeves, to the booklet, the button, the stamped mailing box it was shipped in was huge. I've been cut, folding, and glueing our sleeves since we started, and I was very involved with the art book as I designed and manufactured by hand. Sound I think is vital with this series as I hired an old friend Eric Brady to do the mastering. He's done everything since for Windian as I was just blown away with his work on the series. Going back to the reissues: your next reissue is a compilation of DC "stompers" called Capitol Rock 'n' Roll Volume 1: Garage Unknowns. Where did you pull the twenty tracks from? This project has taken a lot of time and research. I've been working with Mark Opasanek who wrote a book about DC Rock and Roll a few years ago. A lot of them are from a killer comp that was released in '84 called "Signed DC". Ever since I heard that LP, I wanted to reissue it. The others I found through research or by talking to friends who had some original 45's. This first volume is mostly 60's stuff while volume 2 will focus on the 70's punk scene (not Dischord) and volume 3 going back further to the 50's focusing on early Rock and Roll and Soul. [embed][/embed] Did you have an idea of what you wanted to included going into Capitol Rock 'n' Roll? Link Wray. In my opinion, he is the most important musician to make music here in Washington DC. He performed "Rumble" for the first time live at a dance in Fredericksburg, Va., the town I grew up in. It's amazing I even have the opportunity to release anything he ever recorded. I named my kid after him! What should people know about Windian if they're not already familiar with the label? Born to lose, out to lunch.

Is Erythromycin Good For Sinus Infection

cover-deathwish-sampler-2012 Is Erythromycin Good For Sinus Infection, Nothing says "hot summer nights" quite like sweating one's ass off at a variety of house shows and poorly-ventilated clubs. Deathwish would also like to remind you that summer is also the time when labels hook you up with free music to throw in your headphones or stereo (be it home or vehicular) with their summer 2012 sampler:

Deathwish are proud to present the Punk/Hardcore soundtrack to your sun scorched vacation, "Summer 2012", our newest FREE Digital Sampler.

Bands included (in order of appearance): Narrows, Oathbreaker, Is Erythromycin Good For Sinus Infection mexico, Heiress, Whips/Chains, Rise And Fall, Give Up The Ghost (AN), Is Erythromycin Good For Sinus Infection overseas, Loma Prieta, Victims, Birds In Row, Code Orange Kids, Touche Amore, Single Mothers, 40mg Is Erythromycin Good For Sinus Infection, Living Eyes, Punch, Self Defense Family, Cursed, Is Erythromycin Good For Sinus Infection us, New Lows, Starkweather, and Deafheaven.

"Summer 2012" is an eclectic hour long trip into the Deathwish world. Download and experience the diversity and creativity within the world of aggressive music we represent. If you like what you hear, 10mg Is Erythromycin Good For Sinus Infection, please support these artists by seeing them live and by purchasing their releases and apparel in the DW Estore.

Download the Deathwish Summer 2012 Sampler (left click, Mediafire).

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Is Zithromax Erythromycin

cover-whatever-brains-7-inchRemember how much we liked that Whatever Brains LP (before Pitchfork was all up on it Is Zithromax Erythromycin, , too, I might add). Well, when you buy the LP, 10mg Is Zithromax Erythromycin, you get a download of their earlier 7-inches. Is Zithromax Erythromycin uk, Two of those - Nesting and Rapper's Delight Part II - were released by Funny/Not Funny Records, and they've got them both on sale for $4 each for all of September. Go grab 'em, 250mg Is Zithromax Erythromycin, along with whatever else grabs your fancy. Is Zithromax Erythromycin mexico, More details over at their blog, and check out the video for "The Future of Porn," off that new self-titled LP, Is Zithromax Erythromycin craiglist, below.

whatever brains - the future of porn from kyle milton on Vimeo.


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Amoxicillin Herpes

aotu-logoAlex Kerns of Art of the Underground wants to clear out some space and Amoxicillin Herpes, make some money to put out some new records. Kerns, 200mg Amoxicillin Herpes, 50mg Amoxicillin Herpes, who also plays drums for Lemuria, puts out the fucking STELLAR Art of the Underground single series, 30mg Amoxicillin Herpes, 20mg Amoxicillin Herpes, which is the best $60 I spend every year.

Anyhow, Amoxicillin Herpes mexico, the deal works thusly:

Sale 1: 5 AOTU 7"s for $5 (of the staffs random choosing)
Sale 2: 5 AOTU LP's for $10 (of the staffs random choosing)
Sale 3: 10 AOTU CD's for $10 (of the staffs random choosing)

Sale is only for US and Canada.

Nice, right. Hit the label's website and get crackin'.

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Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills

cover-electric-kissing-parties Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills, Despite dealing with a Kickstarter fundraiser that came down to the wire and a pressing plant issue (wherein one of the machines broke down, and the part required to fix it had to be ordered) that nearly derailed plans to have copies of the record at last month's reunion shows, Rocket Heart Records made it happen.

That's right: you can now own Ultimate Fakebook's Electric Kissing Parties on glorious 12-inch vinyl. It comes on either black or limited-edition red, Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills uk, and sounds fucking great. 10mg Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills, I picked up my copy directly from Taylor at Rocket Heart headquarters this past Saturday, and it's gotten blasted on the stereo quite a bit down here in the basement. It's mastered nice and full, 100mg Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills, and the sonic quality is just monster. Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills craiglist, It took a lot of time and effort to get this done, and it shows.

You should go purchase the LP directly from the Rocket Heart store for $15 (if you want red, Side Effects Of Diflucan Pills ebay, you might want to hurry - they're almost sold out). The more of these that get sold, the closer we are to a vinyl release of This Will Be Laughing Week.

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Clomid Sale

cover-stardumb-50 Clomid Sale, Fifty releases is an impressive number for any label. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Stardumb Records, out of the Netherlands (and one of the finest purveyors of pop-punk operating today), 50mg Clomid Sale, has put together this amazing double LP, 50. Clomid Sale india, It comes with a CD, and features one LP that's entirely covers and another that's all new songs from the label's roster.

You can stream the whole compilation, which features music from Kepi Ghoulie and Jerry Hormone, Clomid Sale uk, the Manges, the Apers, 20mg Clomid Sale, Accelerators, and more right here.

Order it from the Stardumb Store. I'd suggest picking up a few more things to make that international postage worthwhile, Clomid Sale paypal, like the Kepi Ghoulie / Jerry Hormone split and the Accelerators' "My Baby Is An Undertaker" single. If you place your order before December 31, you get a free totebag designed by Stefan Stardumb.

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Stieva A Erythromycin

trouble-in-mind-logoThe latest batch of singles from Chicago's fine Trouble In Mind Records Stieva A Erythromycin, showed up the other day, and after a lengthy weekend of listening to nothing else here in the basement, I feel as if I'm okay to share some opinions on what's what.

The Wrong Words' single has a sound that I can't quite put into words, other than to say that it sounds exactly like something you'd hear on mid-'80s college radio. "What Went Wrong?" is somewhat surfy, whereas "Clock Keep Ticking" is total jangly power-pop, but both complement one another with catchy bits to spare. The a-side is more immediate, but it's the b-side to which I keep returning time and time again. 750mg Stieva A Erythromycin, There's something about the timeless nature of the song that makes me want to listen to it over and over.

The Wounded Lion release is the only one of the bunch that I might consider advising against getting, Stieva A Erythromycin. The a-side, "Pointed Stick" is all right -- the distortion level is such that I thought my speakers might be dying, but it's a fun, thudding rocker. The flipside, "Muppet Babies," is like "Pointed Stick" in that it's a fairly repetitive piece of fluff, but "Muppet Babies" is so very Raffi and irritating that it makes me want to suggest gouging up the b-side so as to never accidentally play it, 30mg Stieva A Erythromycin.

cover-personal-tim-singlePersonal & the Pizzas are pretty much a definitive singles band. Their collection, Raw Pie, is handy-dandy in that it collects all the disparate releases the trio's put out, but after 33 straight minutes, their shtick gets a little old. Stieva A Erythromycin, On this single, Personal & the Pizzas change things up a little, thankfully. The a-side, 250mg Stieva A Erythromycin, "I Want You," is a little more polished, with the mid-tempo ballad featuring a little more production value. It also leans more towards the Television end of New York punk, unlike the b-side, "(Don't Trust No) Party Boy," which returns the band squarely to Ramones territory. The "hidden" track, "(I Don't Want To) Think About It" is also a hidden gem in the Pizzas' repertoire, 10mg Stieva A Erythromycin, featuring as it does a wonderful water effect on the guitar, and the very Phil Spector fade out at the end.

The last single in the batch comes from Italy's Vermillion Sands, and is nothing short of wonderful country pysch rock that comes barreling like a freight train off your turntable. "20 Hours" had me rocking so hard, I nearly tipped my chair over while re-listening to it for this review, Stieva A Erythromycin. Both tracks sound like Nancy Sinatra fronting the Sadies. The b-side, "The Last Day, Stieva A Erythromycin craiglist, " is less go-for-broke than "20 Hours," but no less intense. I cannot suggest this single enough.

You can preview a track from each of these releases at Trouble In Mind's catalog page, as well as purchase anything you end up liking.

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Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline

single_rocket_logolargeRocket Heart Records co-founder Colby Blanton Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline, was cool enough to speak with me via e-mail the other day. Blanton's been part of the local music scene since his days on the Lazer's Local Music Show as an intern, despite having moved to Seattle almost five years ago. Rocket Heart's already put out the Dead Girls' Out of Earshot, and recently announced a Kickstarter project to fund a vinyl release of Ultimate Fakebook's Electric Kissing Parties. Here's what he had to say:

What made you guys decide to go with an all-vinyl label. Did you take cues from anyone else (Paper + Plastick)?
The vinyl label kind of fell into our lap, but that’s a whole different story. For us, Vinyl Collective/Suburban Home Records really grabbed our attention, Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline. They were putting out older and newer vinyl in so many color variations, it really made it fun collecting. Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline uk, We also looked at our own music buying habits. For example, I have only bought one CD this year (The Get Up Kids' Simple Science). I also bought that same album 5 other times on different vinyl variations. Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline, It just seemed right; there is a market for it. Plus we’d get to have bands we love on a format we love.

Any national acts you've talked with?
There have been a few: Gasoline Heart, The Ataris, Tumbledown, but nothing set in stone.

Obviously, there's something about the whole Podstar / UFB connection that got you guys going, 10mg Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline, since the Dead Girls was your first release. What attracted you to those guys?
The Dead Girls and UFB have been great to us. They have really stepped up to let us get our bearings as a label, Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline. We have always been a huge fan of the music scene in Lawrence/Kansas City. Taylor had become pretty good friends with The Dead Girls guys since the Podstar days. With all the recent activity with UFB, it just became logical to start with their catalog next. The timing was just right and they were super stoked to put something out on vinyl. Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline, There is a bunch of old Lawrence/Kansas City bands that I’d like to see re-pressed on vinyl. I actually joked with Jeff Peterson the other day that I was stealing his record label after I stole his local music show on The Lazer.

How'd you go about getting the rights to Electric Kissing Parties, 150mg Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline, since that'd been re-released on CD by ReIgnition?
Assuming -- much like the contract we have with UFB for this release -- ReIgnition had exclusive rights for a predetermined amount of time. Plus, we are releasing the Noisome version (minus ReIgnition bonus tracks) and with Noisome's cover art. As far as we know, we are in the clear to release this version of the album.

Are you guys looking to release other former Noisome stuff, then, Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline. Ruskabank, Creature Comforts, Primetime Heroes, Bubble Boys. Maybe that unreleased Bubble Boys album. Or are there other bands you're looking towards - newer ones?
We really would like to release Laughing Week, Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline mexico, but someone had to go sell those rights to a major label (haha). We have made some headway with Epic Records, but still nothing is 100% solid. Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline, As for the rest of Noisome, if fans would like to see it pressed, we might try it. I wouldn't mind seeing some Creature Comforts on vinyl. I -- personally -- would really like to see The Belles' Omerta pressed. That record has been on repeat for me since it came out. The first two New Amsterdams album are high up on my list, too.

I moved to Seattle about four and half years ago and have lost track of a lot of the newer bands in Lawrence, Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline. Thankfully, Infrared Spectra Of Tetracycline us, [label co-founder] Taylor Thompson has kept his roots in Lawrence and has kept me updated in music. However, I did pick up the Suzannah Johannes 7" when it came out. An LP with her could be fun. Right now we are a young label -- who knows whats next.

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Zithromax Floxin Levaquin Avelox

traffic-street-recordsThis week's podcast is devoted entirely to Traffic Street Records Zithromax Floxin Levaquin Avelox, . The tiny pop-punk label is ran out of Sam North's apartment in Washington, D.C., and is probably one of my favorite go-to places for music these days. If you've not heard anything from Traffic Street, 50mg Zithromax Floxin Levaquin Avelox, then you've not been listening to the podcast, but here's your chance to play catch-up.

We've got songs got songs from a few of the label's releases, 250mg Zithromax Floxin Levaquin Avelox, as well as an in-depth interview with label honcho North. He talks about the label's history, the future, and what it's like to DIY it. Sit back, Zithromax Floxin Levaquin Avelox uk, listen, and enjoy.

Podcast #17, Zithromax Floxin Levaquin Avelox japan, "Out In the Street"

Apocalypse Meow, "Where Would Jesus Work?" (Pug Life)
Rational Anthem, "717 Orange Ave." (split with Apocalypse Meow)
New Creases, "Drive Away" (About Last Night...)
Rumspringer, "Encouragement" (Rumspringer)
Sleep Like a Log, Zithromax Floxin Levaquin Avelox paypal, "Broken Scale" (split with Rumspringer)
The Measure [SA], "How to Thrash a Million" (Dangerous Intersections II)
Like Bats, "Sleepwalker" (Dangerous Intersections IV).

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Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide

aprsaydotmSam from Traffic Street Records Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, has a whole slew of records now available for pre-order. They'll ship out either in the last two weeks of April or the first week of May (depending on which records you have in your order) but you can find all the specific dates over at the website or myspace. All the pressing info is also over there (well, on the website - not the MySpace).

Here's what he gots a-comin'...

Andrew Jackson Jihad / Apocalypse Meow - Pug Life split 7"
Rumspringer - 10" EP
Turkish Techno / Troublemake - Split 7"
Dangerous Intersections III 7" (feat. The Closet Fairies, Apocalypse Meow, The Dopamines, and Todd Congelliere)
Rumspringer / Sleep Like a Log - Split 7"
Dangerous Intersections IV 7" (feat, Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide. Strait A's, Like Bats, Rumspringer, and Barrakuda McMurder)

You can pre-order 'em individually or get 'em in a package deal where you get all of them plus a Rumspringer t-shirt and a whole mess of release-specific posters, 50mg Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, stickers, and buttons - and it's only $35.

Five 7-inches, a 10-inch, a t-shirt, and a bunch of other crap for $35. what a steal. ;) I know for a fact that includes a couple patches and stuff, as well as seven chances to win a test press of one of these records; AND all of your records will come on the most limited color variant available at the time your order is placed. Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, Nice, yes.

Sam also says:

"oh, and i know some of these band names probably aren't registering, 750mg Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, but chances are you know people involved with just about all of 'em. i won't ruin the surprise and say who's in what, but collectively, these bands feature members of The Steinways, Toys That Kill, Off With Their Heads, Atmosphere, Witches With Dicks, The God Damn Doo Wop Band, Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide craiglist, Rational Anthem, and Streetside Prophet!

Seriously - this is the best label you've never heard of, putting out great, under-the-radar punk stuff. You'll have more obscure shit than the kid who orders everything from 1-2-3-4 Go! or Don Giovanni, and it'll be damn good. Seriously, the Dangerous Intersection four-way splits are just about the best way to find out a bunch of new bands in a hurry, and also seriously cheap: under four bucks. That's as good as iTunes, and you get a record, Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide. It'll come with a download code, too, 250mg Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide, so it's better than iTunes, son.

The following mp3 isn't from the AJJ / Apocalypse Meow split entitled Pug Life, but in fact is from Andrew Jackson Jihad's forthcoming second full-length on Asian Man, which will be entitled Candy Cigarettes, Cap Guns, Issue Problems. and Such. They rule, Prozac Wellbutrin Suicide japan, and, as such, you should download this auditory slice of goodness.


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