Jimmy Webb gets metaphysical ahead of Wednesday’s Liberty Hall appearance

Jimmy Webb gets metaphysical ahead of Wednesday's Liberty Hall appearance

JImmy WebbRockstars and BabiesSongwriter Jimmy Webb has written many, many songs you know: half a dozen of Glen Campbell's greatest hits, Art Garfunkel's �...

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Peter Frampton talks about his (screen) legacy ahead of his Tuesday show at Starlight

Peter Frampton talks about his (screen) legacy ahead of his Tuesday show at Starlight

Peter FramptonJohn LillGuitar god and '70s rock icon Peter Frampton has been making music for decades, so there's no end to the stories the man could tell...

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Shirley Manson trash-talks ageism ahead of Garbage’s tour with Debbie Harry; show Tuesday at the Kauffman Center

Shirley Manson trash-talks ageism ahead of Garbage's tour with Debbie Harry; show Tuesday at the Kauffman Center

Shirley Manson has logged two decades as the singer for Garbage, but that’s only further rarefied her status. Women musicians, she’ll tell you, have lo...

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Interview with Creep Records’ Will Angelos at Modern Vinyl

creep-records-logo-copy With a myriad of options for vinyl subscriptions, there’s no end to who can curate new listening experiences for you. Still, there’s nothing quite like the hand-picked, personal touch that comes with a recommendation from a local record shop. One such record shop is combining those two worlds. Philadelphia’s Creep Records, along with a physical store in the Northern Liberties section of the city, has been a record label for over 20 years, releasing albums by the likes of Plow United and more. Here, each subscriber has legit record store employees making picks for them each month. We reached out to Creep’s manager, Will Angelos, via e-mail and asked him some questions about this new spin on an old idea. Read the full interview at Modern Vinyl. Published 1/17/17

Interview with The Naked & Famous’ David Beadle in the Pitch

You’ve heard New Zealand indie dance-pop quintet the Naked and Famous, even if you don’t know the group by name. Its first single, “Young Blood,” has turned up in absolutely everything since its arrival in 2010 — movies, TV shows, video games, commercials. And even after all this time, it generates not weariness but an “Oh, it’s that song!” kind of reaction.
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Interview with mc chris in the Pitch

MC Chris has blown past the nerdcore label to become one of the most interesting minds in music. Sure, he could rock the mic for the comics-convention set indefinitely, but he clearly has a broader audience in mind. His latest, MC Chris Is Dreaming, concludes a kind of trilogy with an ambitious set centered on dreams and A Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s one of the rare hip-hop records on which the skits generate real excitement.
Read the full interview at the Pitch. Published 11/9/16

Interview with Longriver’s David Longoria in the Pitch

Austin musician David Longoria’s recordings under the name Longriver are more than just standard singer-songwriter fare. The Longriver album features instrumentals, found sounds and poetry, all flowing together like its aqueous namesake. Longoria’s voice and guitar playing are clear and clean, yet the record is by no means antiseptic. The music is instead warm and inviting. I spoke with Longoria by phone about recording the album, and about his love of nature.
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Black Friday Record Store Day roundups

KC's record shops were a busy delight Friday morning and afternoon. The Black Friday installment of Record Store Day might not inspire the sort of fervent capitalistic enthusiasm of its better-known April counterpart, but this particular cold gray morning seemed to keep people at home drinking coffee a little longer than usual.
Read a round-up of the goings-on at various KC record shops at the Pitch. Published 11/28/16 Music_GrislyHandCREDITPaulAndrews2016.583481b20a62e
With Black Friday just around the corner, we know you’ll find yourself beginning to seek out cool and interesting gifts for friends and family. Rather than buying another iTunes gift card for that stocking stuffer, we suggest you head out to one of the many excellent local record shops to buy an actual physical release from a local act. Whether it’s a benefit album, pop, metal, or lo-fi punk, there should be something for all tastes in this roundup of the latest local releases.
Read a round-up of the best local releases to snag on Black Friday, also at the Pitch. Published 11/22/16