Interview with mc chris in the Pitch

MC Chris has blown past the nerdcore label to become one of the most interesting minds in music. Sure, he could rock the mic for the comics-convention set indefinitely, but he clearly has a broader audience in mind. His latest, MC Chris Is Dreaming, concludes a kind of trilogy with an ambitious set centered on dreams and A Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s one of the rare hip-hop records on which the skits generate real excitement.
Read the full interview at the Pitch. Published 11/9/16

Review of Beck’s ‘Odelay’ at Modern Vinyl

Revisiting this record after decades of alt-rock radio play, it’s refreshing to know that everything still stands up. The singles have been ran into the ground, and lord knows I never need to hear “Devil’s Haircut” again, but “Jack-Ass” is like a revelation. That swimming, relaxed mood provides a glimpse into what Beck would do on his follow-up, Mutations, and the switch-up from what is — at its heart — a blues record still feels as fresh as it did 20 years ago. Start to finish, this is a record which stands the test of time. Much like Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, or RZA as Bobby Digital, this is the sort of music to which most musicians have yet to catch up to.
Read the full review at Modern Vinyl. Published 10/27/16

Phil Canty Q&A in the Pitch


The name Phil Canty might ring a bell, but if you’ve heard of Canty, it’s probably because of the production work he has done under the name P. Morris. In this guise, he has worked with Kelela, Feist, Chilly Gonzales and Fat Tony. Canty lived in Lawrence for quite a while but is now in Los Angeles. This past July, Canty, with singer, songwriter and director Maal A Goomba, released the excellent album Good Morning, I Love You, via the Bear Club Music Group collective. Canty and Goomba started that label together, and it has released the majority of both of their work.

I spoke with Canty by Skype about the minimalist, genre-hopping Good Morning, and about the history of Bear Club.

Read the full Q&A at the Pitch. Published 10/11/16

Local Album Reviews & Interviews at the Pitch

[caption id="attachment_18942" align="aligncenter" width="540"]The Uncouth / photo by Samantha Levi The Uncouth / photo by Samantha Levi[/caption]
The past few months have yielded some especially strong local releases. The psychedelic rock of Lawrence Psychic Heat, AY-MusiK’s positive hip-hop, the Uncouth’s throwback oi — there’s something new for just about any taste. And five of the acts behind the best such recordings are playing in the area over the next week. Here’s what they have to say.
Read all the reviews and interviews at the Pitch. Published 8/30/16

The Fat Boys’ “Are You Ready For Freddy” video at Cinepunx

are you ready cover
If you’ve not read Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree, you can be faulted for thinking that the Fat Boys were just another novelty group, the likes of which littered the ’80s. However, for thems what know, the Fat Boys actually started out as the Disco 3, winning a talent competition sponsored by Swatch in the early ’80s, and gaining popularity through a series of MTV commercials.
Read the From the Stereo to Your Screen column on The Fat Boys & A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master at Cinepunx. Published 7/6/16

Public Enemy concert review in the Pitch

"Last night’s show in downtown Lawrence might have drawn the most patient crowd I've ever seen. For real: I can't even conceive of the tolerance required to stand on hot concrete and cram in with 7,500-some of your fellow sweaty Lawrencians and not lose your goddamn mind. After a series of equipment issues and a weird freestyle thing featuring members of the opening acts, Public Enemy didn't take the stage until about 10:30."
Read "Public Enemy brought the noise but not the party to Lawrence last night" at the Pitch. Published 6/26/16

Diflucan Side Effect Hyponatremia

cover-mc-chris-apple-lung Diflucan Side Effect Hyponatremia, At some point, my excitement over the new mc chris mixtape, Apple Lung, just becomes a litany of the songs he uses to remix his tracks: "Ohmyfuckinggod -- he takes 'Hoodie Ninja' and uses Sleigh Bells' 'Infinity Guitars' and Devo's 'Whip It' and 'Hijack' gets mixed with The Little Shop of Horrors theme and David Bowie!"

Bonus points for mc doing his second-ever cover. The first was Atom & His Package's "Punk Rock Academy," and now it's "The Time Warp." Those are a couple of serious, nerd-cred choices, 1000mg Diflucan Side Effect Hyponatremia.

Honestly, having it drop the morning of Labor Day is perfect timing. Diflucan Side Effect Hyponatremia overseas, There's going to be people grilling, drinking, and partying all day today, and this is as good a soundtrack as any, Diflucan Side Effect Hyponatremia india. Frankly, I'm rocking my ass off six ways from Sunday down here in the basement, Diflucan Side Effect Hyponatremia canada, wishing I had a reason to blast this sucker outside. That being said, it goes just as well with coffee and PJs as I imagine it does with cheap beer and cut-offs. Party time, 30mg Diflucan Side Effect Hyponatremia, bitches.

Download Apple Lung from mc chris' site.

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Ibuprofen Amoxicillin

book-cover-creative-licenseIf the name Kembrew McLeod Ibuprofen Amoxicillin, means anything to you, it means you've seen the 2010 documentary he co-produced, Copyright Criminals. This book he's co-written with Peter DiCola, Creative License, might as well be a companion piece to that film, covering as it does the same territory - namely, the book's subtitle, "The Law and Culture of Digital Sampling."

The "law" portion of the subtitle factors into Creative License more than the culture does, although the culture is where the law becomes difficult to understand. 20mg Ibuprofen Amoxicillin, However, the first two chapters are all about the "golden age" of sampling. These two chapters are lyrical descriptions of a historical era wherein the turntable went from an object that reproduced music to one that made it. After that, we hit the third chapter, which is when everything gets quite legal. "The Competing Interests In Sample Licensing" is complicated, confusing, and dense, Ibuprofen Amoxicillin. Considering that this is probably the most simplified version of copyright law I've yet to read, that says more about the legalese itself than it does about DiCola and McLeod's writing style.

As a matter of fact, 500mg Ibuprofen Amoxicillin, the authors' writing style is very easy to read, and they make copyright law seem like a legal thriller. Perspectives from both sides are presented, although the musicians are perfhaps over-represented. Granted, their perspective is what allows the narrative to flow, rather than simply being a litany of legal case summations.

Reading the whole of Creative License Ibuprofen Amoxicillin, brings up several points. Ibuprofen Amoxicillin paypal, Firstly, and most importantly: when you take into account the way sampling law works, it becomes quickly apparent that it's completely FUBAR'd. The fact that a sample is harder to clear and more expensive than covering a song seems ridiculous, as well as the fact that if you sample a song whereing other songs are sampled (as does Jay-Z with KRS-One's "Sound of Da Police" on his "Takeover"), you have to clear all those samples over again, and payout accordingly. Essentially, the whole of sampling's legal ramifications can be summed up thusly: there's no logical way to legally do this, Ibuprofen Amoxicillin coupon. Compulsory licensing is impractical, and flat-rate licensing assumes all samples are equal.

DiCola and McLeod have on their hands a very in-depth book that goes deeper than Copyright Criminals did, and deals with the far-ranging consequences of what this may reap, Ibuprofen Amoxicillin. Granted, I would have liked a few less facile arguments. Saying of hip-hop acts learning to play instruments that "hip-hop probably would have evolved in this way without legal restrications" and not backing it up with any examples is a waste of an intriguing premise. Still, as an argument in favor of legal reform, Ibuprofen Amoxicillin canada, it's stellar, even if no definitive solution is presented.


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