The Texas Gentlemen’s Daniel Creamer on the band’s debut album, ahead of Saturday’s Record Bar show

The Texas Gentlemen's Daniel Creamer on the band's debut album, ahead of Saturday's Record Bar show

The Texas Gentlemen's Daniel Creamer on the band's debut album, ahead of Saturday's Record Bar show

The Texas Gentlemen.Joseph LlanesThe Texas Gentlemen's debut album, TX Jelly, is straight out of the 1970s, incorporating elements of country, funk, singer...


Review of Wells Fargo’s “Watch Out!” at Modern Vinyl

wells fargo cover
"Wells Fargo’s Watch Out! is the reason one joins a record subscription service like Vinyl Me, Please. It’s an excellent album, but so far outside the mainstream, one might easily overlook it. And the music within is so fascinating that having it delivered to your door, without having to give the effort attached to discovery, seems like a reward for having recently done something right."
Read the complete review at Modern Vinyl. Published 6/22/16

Earth Wind and Fire frontman Bailey’s “Shining Star” a shining example of ghostwriting gone awry

book cover - shining starBeing familiar with pop culture memoirs, I understand the purpose of the the "with" which comes after the ostensible author's name. The celebrity, musician, actor, whomever -- it's their story. They sit down with a computer, knock out some stories, do an interview with their collaborator, and then that person shapes everything into a narrative. Some are better than others, allowing the voice of the subject to come through, while authors are basically cranking out something. Word to the wise: if an "autobiography" has not one, but two "with" credits on it ... it will suck. Terribly. Oh my god. Philip Bailey's Shining Star: Braving the Elements of Earth, Wind & Fire was written with Keith and Kent Zimmerman, and I just don't know what happened. It's written in such a way that the historical context often takes over the story, because while Bailey's story is the constant, every other page features some sort of historical digression. You'll go from a fine piece of malapropism like "her nice round booty ass" to a stentorian explanation of Juneteent which might as well have been taken directly from a textbook: "an American holiday celebrated by African Americans in more than forty states, commemorating the abolition of slavery in Texas in 1865. Bailey's voice never has a chance to "shine" through -- a pun made even more awful by the fact that the phrase "shining star" is shoehorned in at every possible opportunity. "Our studio output would spiral to gigantic proportions" is not a sentence than anyone would ever speak -- and there's your issue, really. An autobiography should, at its core, be the life story of an individual, in their own words. If you read it aloud, Shining Star should, in theory, sound like Bailey speaking. Obviously, it does not, which is sad, because that's pretty much a basic tenet of any freshman composition class. It's rare that I just flat-out dislike a book, but Shining Star is worth a read, if only as an example how a memoir shouldn't be done. It's out today from Viking. More details can be found on <b their website.

Not A Planet, “The Few, The Proud, The Strange”

cover - not a planet the few the proudKansas City trio Not A Planet have the potential to be that next band to step to the next level. Much like the ACBs or Cowboy Indian Bear, the group has mastered the art of taking familiar sounds and recontexualizing them into something fresh and exciting. Unfortunately, Not A Planet has yet to direct their sound into something consistent. While, yes, a band needs to diversify and do more than perform the same song repeatedly over the course of 10-12 tracks, some sort of thematic or tonal through-line helps. While the gentleman of Not A Planet are indisputably talented musicians, one gets hesitant applying the same compliment to the band as a whole. To whit: while the first four songs are bouncy, buoyant, danceably-funky (yet not outright funk-rock) rock 'n' roll, The Few, The Proud, The Strange undergoes a transition from undeniable pop hooks to something that's uncertain as to what it is. "Black Dress," the album's fifth cut, is taken from another piece of cloth than the preceding four tracks. It's as if those were an EP, and then the band just started adding in songs as they were recorded, regardless of thematic or sonic cohesion. "Black Dress" carries a bit of that lightweight (yet undeniably catchy) Maroon 5 vibe of the first four songs and pairs it with the stomp and crunch of the White Stripes. It works, but coming as it does after those tracks, and then continuing on down that blues rock path, The Few, The Proud, The Strange goes from being a tightly-bound collection of songs into an unfocused, ambling listen. As the album went on, I kept checking some of the looser numbers on my music player to see how much longer some of the songs had left. That's a terrible sign for any album. My notes for "Invisible Man" simply read "TIGHTEN THESE SUCKERS UP, PLEASE." The repeated refrain of "All around/ The ground is in the air" for the last minute of the song just drags on too long. The most notable demonstration of Not A Planet's inability to pick a consistent tone comes on the last two tracks. If the first four songs on The Few, The Proud, The Strange are a perfectly-sequenced EP, the last two seem like a promo cassingle -- neither song has anything in common with that which it's paired, and by being put together, each suffers in comparison to the other. You don't title your second-to-last song as "The End," and then pair that introspective come-down / chill-out track with an additional cut like "I've Got A Secret." A falsetto funk number, with orchestral stabs right out of a James Bond theme? After that? No. Add in the indie rock take on pop-country that is "My Train Is Coming," and the album's just two-thirds confusing mess. Maybe had the songs been better-sequenced, with the danceable rock gradually switching to the bluesier stompers or vice versa, rather than scattered willy-nilly, you'd end up with a better album. As it is, The Few, The Proud, The Strange is a good collection of songs, but an unfortunate album. Not A Planet plays Lawrence on Tuesday, May 21, opening for Panda Circus' farewell show at the Bottleneck. You can find out more about the band and stream the album at their website.

Swamp Dogg reissues out today from Alive Naturalsound; download two free tracks

52h4_SwampDoggTotalDestruction52h4_SwampDoggRatOn Legendary psychedelic soul bluesman Swamp Dogg's first two albums, Total Destruction to Your Mind and Rat On! see reissue today via Alive Naturalsound. I've had a chance to listen to both, and they sound amazing. They've still got that swamp funk to them, but the remastering job is just absolutely stellar. For those used to vinyl rips and bootleg CDs, these brand-new LP reissues (and first-time official CD releases) will blow your mind. Hopefully, this will lead to a new generation of folks getting into this somewhat lost musician. While Swamp Dogg's songs have been covered by the likes of Galactic, it don't mean shit to be known if folks can't get your music. Now that's the case. Both LPs are available from the Bomp! store. Check out two tracks from the reissues below. MP3: Swamp Dogg, "Creeping Away" (from Rat On!) MP3: Swamp Dogg, "If I Die Tomorrow" (from Total Destruction to Your Mind)

Flagyl 500mg

cover-mixtapes-hope-is-for-people Flagyl 500mg, Perennial favorites down here in the Nuthouse basement, Mixtapes, have yet another 7-inch on its way. Due out May, it's entitled Hope is For People, Flagyl 500mg us, and will be out on Animal Style Records. You can, of course, pre-order that sucker via the label's store, Flagyl 500mg japan.

The pressing is limited to 500, with 200 each on pink and blue, 1000mg Flagyl 500mg, and 100 on white. Preview the whole thing via the embedded Bandcamp widget below.

IKEBE702Also up for pre-order and preview, this next 7-inch (actually, a 45) comes from Ubiquity Records, Flagyl 500mg. Funk and soul heads already know that anything Ubiquity puts out is worth your money (just go buy everything they've done with Shawn Lee or Clutchy Hopkins and thank me later), and this new release comes from the Brooklyn act, Flagyl 500mg paypal, Ikebe Shakedown.

Playing what can best be described as funk African boogaloo, Flagyl 500mg ebay, their single "Tujunga" (also limited to 500 copies) comes out a week after the new Mixtapes, on May 10. Pre-order it from Ubiquity and stream the a-side below. If you like it enough, you can get a full-length on June 7.

Ikebe Shakedown - "Tujunga" by Ubiquity Records

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