Ray Creature, “Ray Creature” LP

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cover - ray creatureRay Creature, the new project from Leg’s John Booth, has an interesting record out now on Sister Cylinder. While I’m not really into the whole post-punk aesthetic, I’ve gotten a little further into the synthwave / darkwave / et cetera sets of bands because of my growing obsession with ’80s horror flicks.

However, while I really dig the synths on this record, the vocals turn me off. The whole demon Elvis croon pretty much peaked with Glenn Danzig, and everyone else is aping him. Find your own voice, folks. “Threat” and “Burning Alive” (especially the latter) are the only really egregious examples extant on Ray Creature’s LP, but they’re particularly glaring.
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Espectrostatic releases “Phantominom VGS” as benefit

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Good news: Hex Dispensers‘ Alex Cuervo has finally followed up his debut Espectrostatic LP on Trouble in Mind!

Bad news: it’s to benefit the medical expenses of the Hex Dispensers’ Rebecca Whitley. She had to have a 23-pound ovarian cyst removed from her. You can see the VERY uncomfortable images of that here (not recommended if you’re planning on eating anything involving tomatoes for the next few days).
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AL_X, “Shunt” CD

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booklet [Converted]I really want to look at AL_X‘sShunt as a solid work, akin to an imaginary film score or concept album. Enough of the tracks work well together — “Takk (En Sens)” followed by “Into the Trees” followed by “Shunt (Part I),” especially — but the vocal tracks, working in standard song structures, just lose me.

It may be that I’m not particularly a fan of the Antony and the Johnsons school of falsetto, but frankly, the tracks that follow this pattern (“Too Late, Too Far,” “Faux,” et al) work like those really awful tracks that run over the end credits after the main title reprise or whatever has run, while they’re listing the second unit key grips and catering providers.
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Potpourri of Pearls, “We Went to Heaven”

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cover - potpourri of pearls we went to heavenPotpourri of PearlsWe Went to Heaven has been playing down here in the basement, in the living room, at work, and various places over the past week. I’ve been trying to figure out if my initial impressions of it being amazing and weird have held up to repeated listens.

Honestly, the first time I listened to We Went to Heaven, the whole ’80s worship thing was a fun angle — especially the fact they were lifting Erasure, making this a refreshing switch from bands who’ve been swiping New Order’s sound for the better part of two decades.
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Disparition’s Jon Bernstein on Welcome to Night Vale, his influences, and future plans

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jon bernsteinThe name Jon Bernstein might not mean much to you, but his nom de musique, Disparition, is surely familiar to anyone who listens to the wildly-successful Welcome to Night Vale podcast. His compositions bookend each and every episode of the program, and his music can be found throughout, as well. However, many may not know that much of his music is composed independently of the program, and that he’s been working for years making ambient soundscapes. Bernstein was kind enough to answer some questions in advance of Night Vale‘s next episode, which releases tomorrow.
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Stream Slack Armada’s self-titled EP

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slack armada
Sitting in my inbox this morning was this lovely gem of an EP from Chiacgo’s Slack Armada. This project from James Hrabak shows a lot of potential. It manages to cover a lot of cinematic-inspired territory in its four songs — it flows from quiet introspection to stunningly loud — but does so naturally and fluidly. That said, dial your volume down when “Looper” pops up, because that guitar will damn near blow your head off. If you like what you hear, it’s a name-your-price download on Bandcamp. Personally, I like the first two cuts, which stick more towards the Boards of Canada / Four Tet side of things, as opposed to the latter two, which veer toward Nine Inch Nails / My Bloddy Valentine. but there’s really something for all instrumental electronic tastes.

The Hex Dispensers’ Alex Cuervo on his electronic project, Espectrostatic

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alex cuervoAlex Cuervo is best known as the frontman and guitarist for Austin’s fine purveyors of garage rock ‘n’ roll, the Hex Dispensers. However, his new project might throw you for a loop. Espectrostatic‘s self-titled LP, out today through Trouble in Mind, is 13 tracks of Carpenter-inspired electronic creepiness. I enjoyed the preview on Bloody Disgusting so much that I bought all three of Trouble in Mind’s newest releases to get the limited color version of Cuervo’s album.

Cuervo (legal name: Alex Sargent) spoke with us via e-mail about the difference between Espectrostatic and the Hex Dispensers, and why it’s not as much of a change as you might think.
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Giallo Disco’s label heads talk horror, their influences, and upcoming plans

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logo - giallo disco
The scads of reissue labels which have appeared over the last few years all seem to have their focus — Death Waltz has a John Carpenter / Fabio Frizzi thing going on, focusing on grimy, creepy things; One Way Static is tackling Wes Craven’s exploitation years; and Waxwork appears to have the ’80s splatter genre tied up. Giallo Disco might be the only label putting out music that fits that soundtrack niche, yet it differs in one notable aspect — these albums aren’t soundtracking anything other than a great dance party.

Situated out of Berlin and Vienna, and respectively ran by Anton Maiof and Gianni Vercetti Balopitas (aka Vercetti Technicolor), Giallo Disco rocks your socks with creepy, yet totally danceable tracks that hearken back to late ’70s and early ’80s analog synth soundtracks. There’s heaps of Moroder here, but everything is still unique. Maiof and Balopitas were both kind enough to answer questions via e-mail about the label and its future plans.
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Chrome Sparks’ Jeremy Malvin on translating a bedroom project to a live band

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Chrome Sparks is the project of Jeremy Malvin, a Brooklyn musician trained in classical percussion. The act originally started out as a bedroom recording, but Malvin has put together a live band when he takes it on the road. As a matter of fact, Chrome Sparks is currently opening for Anamanaguchi, with a tour that ends Tuesday, June 11, at the Echoplex in Los Angeles.
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Preview a track from Irish postpunk underground comp “Strange Passion”

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cover-strange-passionFor those whose only exposure to Irish music comes in the form of the Pogues, Stiff Little Fingers, or the Cranberries, there’s a wide-open field of music to choose from. Finders Keepers has compiled “rare, unheralded and unreleased music that emerged in Ireland following the first wave of punk and new wave bands.” The collection is Strange Passion, and is due out on CD, LP, and download on July 17 via Finders Keepers imprint Cache Cache.

If the rest of the comp is even 10% as good as the sample track they’ve put out there — Major Thinkers’ “Avenue B” — this is going to be a fantastic selection of music. I’ve not had a song so entrance me since hearing Chrome’s “Electric Chair” for the first time several years ago. There’s just something about sinuous nature of the guitar work and the way it wraps itself around the pleasure center of your brain.

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