Vinyl Review: Detto Mariano & Dallaglio — La Principessa Nuda OST

Vinyl Review: Detto Mariano & Dallaglio -- La Principessa Nuda OST

Forty years after its debut, Stella Edizioni Musicali — one of the many sub-labels of Berlin’s Private Records — has unearthed another gem of a score by Italian composer Detto Mariano. This one’s for the soft-core international intrigue film, La Principessa Nuda, aka Black Magic.  The score features music by both Mariano and Dallaglio — also known as Gianni Dall’Aglio — who played together in the early half of the ‘70s as part of the Rebels, an Italian beat combo, with Mariano on keys and Dallaglio on drums.






Vinyl Review: Recht Herzlich — Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lüsten

Vinyl Review: Recht Herzlich -- Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lüsten

Hab Mut Zu Deinen Lüsten is an album of which I’d never heard before Jay at Private Records announced it, but after five minutes poking around on YouTube, I was chomping at the bit for it to arrive in the mail. This is definitely a product of the early ‘80s — fans of the Human League, et al, will find a lot to like in Recht Herzlich’s synth work.


Review of the Lagrange Point soundtrack at Starburst Magazine

cover - lagrange
Upon dropping the needle on Ship to Shore's release of the Largrange Point soundtrack, one wonders just how the music to an 8-bit game for the Nintendo Famicom can sound so amazingly full. Honestly, the music on Lagrange Point rivals the likes of such 16-bit scores like Outrun, and it's all due to a chip inside the cartridge -- Konami's VRC7 sound generator integrated circuit.
Read the full review at Starburst Magazine. Published 1/7/17

Review of Bryce Miller’s “City Depths” at Starburst Magazine

From the cover art, featuring a silhouetted man in a carpark, to the purple-tinged cassette, to the liner notes, Bryce Miller’s imaginary soundtrack, City Depths, is absolutely gorgeous in the way in conveys discomfort. As Miller states in the liner notes, the experience he’s hoping to communicate with this music is ‘a sense of uneasy stillness as the moon casts everything in darkness and shadow.’
Read the full review at Starburst Magazine. Published 12/2/16

Review of Glass Animals’ ‘How to Be A Human Being’ at Modern Vinyl

While I’ve listened to Glass Animals’ How To Be A Human Being nearly a dozen times — I’m literally listening to it as I write this review — I can’t remember a single thing about it. It’s made absolutely no impression on me in any of those spins, despite trying headphones, sitting in front of the turntable, throwing a digital copy on my iPod and listening to it at work; it’s just mental vapor.
Read the full review at Modern Vinyl. Published 10/3/16

Review of Bryce Miller’s ‘WASP’ at Starburst Magazine

Bryce Miller's put together an interesting musical experiment with his release of WASP. He composed all of the music while reading his way through Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy (also known as “The Girl Who ...” books). It's pretty basic ambient music, for the most part, and while it really creates an atmosphere, which accurately reflects the cold world in which the Millennium Trilogy takes place, it’s not anything that really stands out, as one begins listening.
Read the full review at Starburst Magazine. Published 9/21/16

Review of Repeated Viewing’s ‘Frozen Existence’ at Starburst Magazine

After several years of being a Bandcamp-only release, Repeated Viewing's Frozen Existencefinds its way to physical release via Lunaris Records. Given that this was one of Alan Sinclair’s first releases as Repeated Viewing, it’s a lot more derivative than his more recent work, but as the score for a Lucio Fulci-esque supernatural gorefest, it certainly works well. Most of Frozen Existence is pretty much atmospherics which really didn’t grab this reviewer too much, but the opening and closing cuts are full on Fabio Frizzi Italo bangers.
Read the full review at Starburst Magazine. Published on 9/20/16

The Perfect John Carpenter LP at Modern Vinyl

Perfect LP is a feature in which the Modern Vinyl writers take on the tall task of summarizing an artist or band’s career in an LP sized selection of tracks. Bypassing what was the single, what was the “hit” and what fans call for throughout shows, it’s time to decide what makes up the Perfect LP.

The Rules

The selections will total no more than 50 minutes. The selections are arranged in logical fashion, as in how you’d like to hear them in a real tracklisting.

The Subject

John Carpenter, horror and sci-fi director, is known for iconic films such as Halloween, Escape From New York, and The Thing, but deserves as much credit as a composer and performer, primarily accompanying his visual work. After a lengthy hiatus in both films and music, he returned in 2015 with the release of full length Lost Themes on Sacred Bones. It was a collection of original music, ostensibly composed music for various things, but never used. It was followed up with the release of Lost Themes II earlier this year, as well as a sold-out international concert tour.
Listen to the LP and read my comments at Modern Vinyl. Published 9/19/16