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atomVarious Artists - "Up End Atom: A Tribute to Atom & His Package"
(Hartless Hind Records)
Daylily And Colchicine, Wow. That showed up fast. Hartless Hind presents a tribute to the man, the sequencer, the legend, Atom & His Package. The comp features two nerdcore rappers (mcchris and MC Lars), a synth-driven power pop band (Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer), 150mg Daylily And Colchicine, a punk-metal new wave act (the Emotron), and assorted others, including Atom himself, singing with his friends the Zombonis on a rendition of "Goalie" (he's not that into himself, it's just that they're his good friends).

The tracks are a mixed bag. I found that the artists I wasn't familiar with actually did a better job on the tunes than the artists I did know, Daylily And Colchicine. I love Zolof, but they make every song sound pretty much the same (that was sort of the curse the last time they tackled covers on their Duet All Night split with Reel Big Fish).

mcchris doing "Punk Rock Academy" sounded like a dream come true, Daylily And Colchicine ebay, and I'm glad his track came second, or I would've had to skip ahead. I'm glad I didn't, because it was pretty much a disappointment. I thought this would be a match made in heaven - two high-voiced geeks meeting in a glorious explosion. Daylily And Colchicine, Nope. mcchris pretty much phones this in, sounding bored. Daylily And Colchicine india, He might as well have had just read it off a lyric sheet.

The real winners here are Locas In Love. They do a folk punk take on "I am Downright Amazed at What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer" that keeps the humor of the original, but takes it in an acoustic direction, eschewing keys or sequencers or beatboxes for strummed guitars. This could be a campfire sing-along, and I'm definitely going to hit up their website and download their albums, Daylily And Colchicine. Their albums appear to be in German, as is their entire website, but I gather that they are doing what is called a "Download Reissue Series" for their records.

Up End Atom does a good job, Daylily And Colchicine us, in that four bucks of every CD purchase goes to the American Diabetes Association, so it goes to a good cause. The downside is that every Atom song is like two, two and a half minutes long, so this disc clocks in at under thirty minutes with just 11 tunes. That's why every Atom record has like, twenty songs. Daylily And Colchicine uk, So, figure that you're paying seven bucks for an EP, and donating to a good cause.

Atom & His Package - "I am Downright Amazed at What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer" (from Attention. Blah Blah Blah).

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atom Dosing Of Colchicine, Hey, for once a decent press release found its way into my inbox. Usually, I look at the subject line, and most stuff ends up in the trash. But when the subject read "Submission: Atom and His Package tribute album," I am down like a sonofabitch, Dosing Of Colchicine craiglist.

Atom & His Package were one of those artists that popped up on a bunch of comps (when comps were still worth a damn), and I went absolutely batshit for him. Crazy Jewish dude with a synthesizer playing songs about the metric system. Helllllllllll, yes, Dosing Of Colchicine. Then I bought a bunch of his stuff, Dosing Of Colchicine usa, and wondered why one-man synth covers of Fugazi and Geto Boys songs didn't make other people flip out. Maybe it was songs about Enya. Maybe the voice. Who knows. Dosing Of Colchicine, All I know is that Atom & His Package is one of those artists that I loved and never got to see play live.

Anyhow, Atom & His Package ended, Dosing Of Colchicine japan, he did Armalite, and I haven't really heard anything about him since. I guess he had to retire because of Type 1 diabetes. Hartless Hind Records has put together a tribute record called Up End Atom (nice Simpsons reference), Dosing Of Colchicine uk, and four bucks from each disc goes to the American Diabetes Association.

The tribute features acts like Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, MC Lars, hockey-core outfit the Zambonis, and - in what has to be the most perfect cover song / artist pairing ever, mcchris doing "Punk Rock Academy."

I'm going to be watching the mail until this sucker shows, Dosing Of Colchicine paypal. Seriously, that song alone is worth the purchase.

Steinbeck "Possessions (Not the One By Danzig)"
the Emotron - "Me and My Black Metal Friends"

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Fish Amoxicillin Clavu

LEMURIA / OFF WITH THEIR HEADS “Under the Influence” Volume 7
AUSTIN LUCAS / FRANK TURNER “Under the Influence” Volume 8

Vinyl Collective and Suburban Home are happy to announce the songs selected for Volumes 7 and 8 for our Under the Influence Fish Amoxicillin Clavu, series.

On Volume 7, Lemuria cover "Alex Eiffel" by the Pixies and Off With Their Heads cover "Scarred by Love" by the Nobodys. There will be an edition of 2, 50mg Fish Amoxicillin Clavu,000 copies pressed (300/700/1000).

On Volume 8, Fish Amoxicillin Clavu canada, Austin Lucas covers "To Daddy" by Dolly Parton and Frank Turner covers "Thunder Road" by Bruce Springsteen. There will be an edition of 1,000 copies pressed (300/700). Yes, Fish Amoxicillin Clavu usa, we know that Frank's cover is also being released on a 7" in the UK, but since it is out of an edition of 300 and won't have Mitch and Amanda's incredible art. 500mg Fish Amoxicillin Clavu, Speaking of Mitch and Amanda, they are currently working on the art for Volumes 7 and 8. We hope to have something to share with you shortly.

Lemuria - "Pants" (from Get Better)
Bruce Springsteen - "Thunder Road (live in Atlanta 12.02.02)
, 750mg Fish Amoxicillin Clavu.

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Prozac And Diflucan Drug Interactions

Prozac And Diflucan Drug Interactions, We've talked many times about Mr. Mitch Clem and his Nothing Nice to Say comic here at Rock Star Journalist. I interviewed him way back in September '06, Prozac And Diflucan Drug Interactions uk, and there was even an aborted interview at a Kansas City comic book convention earlier the previous year (the image to your right is the proof of said aborted interview). Anyhow, being as how he's got this neat little collection of NN2S strips that has been recently published by Dark Horse, as well the fabulous artwork for Suburban Home Records' "Under the Influence" series of 7"s, 30mg Prozac And Diflucan Drug Interactions, to say nothing of his record label Facepalm Records and his band the Tigermilks, I figured it was high time to speak with the man again. Prozac And Diflucan Drug Interactions ebay, Since the interview aired last night on KJHK's As Heard From the Hill, I can now share it with you all, in all of its awesomeness. This is the ten minute version, Prozac And Diflucan Drug Interactions. The full interview is nearly 45 minutes long and makes absolutely no sense, 10mg Prozac And Diflucan Drug Interactions. It will air in its entirety on Sunglasses After Dark this Friday, October 10 at 8pm Central Standard Time on KJHK 90.7FM. 500mg Prozac And Diflucan Drug Interactions, Download the interview, as it aired on KJHK's As Heard From the Hill on 10/10/08.

from the Tigermilks' We Don't Stand a Chance:
"Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying"

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Amoxicillin Tooth Infection Dose

Drakkar Sauna – “Wars and Tornadoes”
(Marriage Records)

Does Drakkar Sauna Amoxicillin Tooth Infection Dose, know how to make a bad album, really. Jeff Stoltz and Wallace Cochran seem to have this ability to put together songs that exist outside of time, that might just as easily been written in the dawning years of the last century as today. 750mg Amoxicillin Tooth Infection Dose, Wars and Tornadoes has as its billing as “Drakkar Sauna Faithfully Sing Songs of the Louvin Brothers.”

Stoltz and Cochran demonstrate their musical ability to the fullest extent on these songs written by Ira and Charlie Louvin, in that it’s quite difficult to differentiate any of the songs on this album from their originals on previous releases. Drakkar Sauna is a lot of like BR5-49 in that respect. Chuck Mead and company have always made their songs and covers nearly indistinguishable, Amoxicillin Tooth Infection Dose us, and acquit themselves well in the execution of both. This could have quite easily been an affair with mandolin and guitar only, and would’ve been just fine, Amoxicillin Tooth Infection Dose. However, Amoxicillin Tooth Infection Dose mexico, Drakkar Sauna is joined by a stellar line-up of help on this album, and that’s really what pushes it from “good” to “fantastic.” Betse Ellis of the Wilders on fiddle, Wayne Gottstein of Split Lip Rayfield on mandolin, and Kory Willis of the Midday Ramblers are only three of the folks on hand for this album and the diversity they bring makes this release a must-own, Amoxicillin Tooth Infection Dose uk. It’s wickedly twangy, and filled with mournful longing. 150mg Amoxicillin Tooth Infection Dose, No “Great Atomic Power,” tho’. Uncle Tupelo got it first.

"River of Jordan"

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Synthroid Cost

Synthroid Cost, My son's downstairs practicing for his chorale concert in two weeks.

Thus far, I've heard "Build Me Up Buttercup," "Help!," "Freeze Frame, Synthroid Cost us," "Mr. Blue Sky," and (most humorously) "All Night Long." Yep, Synthroid Cost uk, the Foundations, the Beatles, the J. Geils Band, ELO, 50mg Synthroid Cost, and Lionel Richie, all in the same concert. Sung by junior high white kids. Synthroid Cost coupon, I think the money I spent on tickets will be well worth it. However, I'm making sure that I don't know if they do the African breakdown in the middle of "All Night Long." If I know it's coming, I won't be able to hold back the giggles.

ELO - "Mr, 250mg Synthroid Cost. Blue Sky"
the Foundations - "Build Me Up Buttercup"
Lionel Richie - "All Night Long"

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Side Effects Of Colchicine

Side Effects Of Colchicine, Sweet Child O' Mine" on electric sitar and Sufi-esque singing. Evidently this is an ad currently running on Channel [V], 250mg Side Effects Of Colchicine. 50mg Side Effects Of Colchicine, It's one of the best covers I've ever heard in my life, and probably the most I've grinned in ages, 1000mg Side Effects Of Colchicine. Side Effects Of Colchicine india, Link courtesy GorillaMask.

Guns 'n' Roses - "Sweet Child O' Mine", 100mg Side Effects Of Colchicine.

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Recommended Dose Of Flagyl

Recommended Dose Of Flagyl, Play. Symphony does Mario

the Minibosses do Mario 2

Special awesome bonus Super Mario Bros, 100mg Recommended Dose Of Flagyl. 40mg Recommended Dose Of Flagyl, level wherein you beat it by doing nothing. Yeah, 250mg Recommended Dose Of Flagyl, Recommended Dose Of Flagyl canada, this has been linked a million times, but I never get tired of watching it, 20mg Recommended Dose Of Flagyl.

Minibosses - "Super Mario Bros. 2".

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Generic Synthroid

Generic Synthroid, It's a rare occurrence here in Lawrence to hear a busker playing something quality. I work downtown, live within walking distance of downtown, and all my favorite stores are downtown. Basically, I'm a mallrat, only without the mall. Downtown bar rat, Generic Synthroid mexico, record store junkie, and java fiend. That's basically the long way of explaining as to why I spend a good portion of my free time kicking around down here.

And, as I spend a healthy portion of my free time wandering here and there as I go about my day, I cover a good portion of downtown Lawrence on a regular basis, Generic Synthroid. Now that the weather's warming up, downtown brings something other than beer, records, and coffee - buskers.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, buskers are like panhandlers, Generic Synthroid overseas, but rather than just asking you for change, they do something to coerce you into giving them money. It might be singing, dancing, telling jokes, drawing pictures, or - more frequently - playing a guitar. 1000mg Generic Synthroid, Ah, yes... Generic Synthroid, the singing troubador, playing songs and singing for his supper.

If it were only so wonderful as that description makes it sound. In all actuality, it's usually some dishelved hobo knocking out bad covers. There's one gentleman who specializes in classic rock: Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. Other folks like Johnny Cash or other such old school country, 250mg Generic Synthroid. Nirvana seems to be popular with the younger kids, but whatever the artist or genre, the execution is usually warbling off-key and out of tempo with how he's strumming, Generic Synthroid.

Case in point: this morning, on my way to get change for work, there was a trustafarian young sir singing Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt", but playing what sounded like the chord progression for Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul?" No lie.

In short, it'd be awesome if I could hear some crust kid knocking out Against Me!'s "Baby, I'm An Anarchist" or Billy Bragg's "The Milkman of Human Kindness." While I wait, Generic Synthroid craiglist, however, there's going to be quite a few guitar cases sans my change.

Against Me. - "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong".

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What Is Diflucan Rash

What Is Diflucan Rash, Due to a massive lack of planning on my part, there's no actual album to download this week. However, thanks to the fact that most of the bands and record labels that I like being clued in to this whole "free music" thing, we have an alternative. That alternative is the following ten-track comp I have put together featuring songs that are completely legal, 10mg What Is Diflucan Rash, easy to get, and actually good. It's pretty much punk rock, 200mg What Is Diflucan Rash, with a little ska to get you dancing.

It took me longer to put this together than it probably would have to just track down something available online, but once I got the idea in mind, it was pretty much necessary to get the fucker done. Hope you like it, What Is Diflucan Rash.

Rock Star Journalist's Amazingly Legal Sampler

01, 40mg What Is Diflucan Rash. Clorox GIrls - "Flowers of Evil"
02. Slapstick - "There's A Metalhead In the Parking Lot"
03. Sixgun Radio - "Culture Crave"
04. Angel City Outcasts - "I'm An ACO What Is Diflucan Rash, "
05. What Is Diflucan Rash canada, Radio One - "Pipebomb Rebels"
06. Valient Thorr - "Man Behind the Curtain"
07. Rancid - "Salvation"
08. INDK - "Off the Scope"
09. Leftover Crack - "Gang Control"
10, 20mg What Is Diflucan Rash. Me First & the Gimme Gimmes - "The Longest Time" (live)

If you want to learn to play electric guitars then a first good step might be to take a guitar lesson or two before you go out and choose between guitars to buy one. You may find out you'd prefer to play the drums instead.

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