G.L.O.S.S.’ “Trans Day of Revenge” recommended at Modern Vinyl

cover - gloss trans day
Over Labor Day weekend last year, I saw Olympia hardcore act G.L.O.S.S. play at a bar and grill in Kansas City. They played at the end of a five or six band bill, pushing the limits of when the show needed to be over. And at the time, all they had released was their five-song demo, but even with just those few songs, the place was packed. They pushed the guys to the back before the last song, and brought all the ladies to the front. G.L.O.S.S. doesn’t have patience for your hurt cis male feelings, guys – they’ve got bigger problems with which to deal.
Read all of the MV Recommends piece on G.L.O.S.S.' Trans Day of Revenge at Modern Vinyl. Published 8/1/16

The Grindhouse Sounds of Isaac Williams at Cinepunx

Nearly every afternoon last week, my wife came home to me blasting music out of my laptop while I read on the living room couch. Despite a stack of half a dozen vinyl LPs awaiting review, I couldn’t stop listening to Isaac Williams’ Soundcloud mixtapes. Going back four years, Williams’ mixes all cull their sounds from cult and exploitation film scores and trailers, but the shapes they sonically take are astonishingly diverse.
Listen to all of Williams' best tracks at Cinepunx. Published 8/1/16

PUP’s self-titled LP out today from SideOne Dummy; BUY IT

pup teeth Toronto's PUP have the stateside release of their self-titled debut out today via SideOne Dummy. I've been listening to it pretty regularly since I was turned onto them by Wade from Black on Black, because it's a monster stereo record -- it's the sort of thing you put on, and just steadily crank the volume until things are rattling on shelves and your ears are ringing. It's exuberant and raucous and holyfuckingshit have you heard "Reservoir"? [embed]https://soundcloud.com/puptheband/reservoir[/embed] If that doesn't make you want to go driving extraordinarily fast and pump your fist, you're dead inside. This might be my favorite song in years. It comes on, and I find myself ignoring the rest of the album to just repeat it over and over and over and over ... which is both a joy and a shame, because the song is just that fucking good, but the rest of the album is also excellent. You can buy it on either black or white vinyl, along with CD and a bunch of packages, from the SideOne Dummy store. PUP's headed out on tour with Lemuria, Cayetana, and the Menzingers soon -- go see them, because the tour's not hitting Lawrence or Kansas City, so I fucking can't.

Deafheaven’s George Clarke on their new album, “Sunbather”

[caption id="attachment_16834" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Deafheaven / photo by Randi Sumner Deafheaven / photo by Randi Sumner[/caption] Deafheaven's newest album, Sunbather, comes out tomorrow via Deathwish. It's a record that Stereogum describes as "expansive, melodic, blinding, textured, dynamic, and moving." For those who've followed the band since their arrival in 2010, the new album will come as no surprise, but for people discovering Deafheaven's music for the first time, it will seem like a revelation, mixing as it does shoegaze, doom, and black metal for a hypnotic listen. We were lucky enough to be able to ask vocalist George Clarke a few questions via e-mail about Sunbather. The opening track to your new album, "Dream House," was referred to by NPR's Lars Gotrich as having "the distant echoes of "Where the Streets Have No Name." Do you feel the U2 comparison an apt one or not? In a sense, yes. We are definite fans of the band and draw many influences from that era. Is it a direct, conscious influence? I'm not entirely sure. But I would definitely agree that the comparison is warranted, especially in the context that Lars was using. [embed]https://soundcloud.com/deathwishinc/deafheaven-sunbather[/embed] Sunbather starts with that nine-minute track. Where do you go after that? Most of our songs are on the longer side only because that's how long we feel they need to be before they feel completed. Sunbather, as a whole, is an enormous piece of ebb and flow so the length of a single song doesn't particularly mean anything to us. The word "epic" gets tossed around a lot in regards to Deafheaven. Do you find this appropriate, or is their another way you'd describe the band's sound? It's a word that writers generally use to describe us as having a large, emotional sound. In that sense, I don't mind it. It's obvious that sort of approach is vital to our sound. The tone of your more recent material -- especially your cover of Mogwai's "Punk Rock / Cody" -- denotes a step away from the double-kick roll on Roads to Judah to a more melodic bent. How does a band meld the melodic instrumentation with your blistering vocals? This band has always had a focus on juxtaposition and while we have ventured into more melodic territories with parts of this album, the key is matching that against the vocal intensity. I find that it is the two opposing directions clashing together that helps make us interesting. The feedback / noise on "Please Remember" almost serves as a point of delineation for Sunbather. Is it a way to divide the album, even if someone's listening to it on CD or digitally? Not necessarily, but with the sequencing, it tends to feel that way. The song itself is made to create a suffocating feeling that falls into a noisy dirge, then releases its tension and melts away. I think it's fitting for the middle of the record. Where did the found audio of the preacher, bus ride, and otherwise in "Windows" come from? It seems almost cinematic, and different from that which comes towards the end of "The Pecan Tree." The song was made to align the notions of a physical 'Hell' against one's personal Hell. The preacher was a field recording taken in downtown San Francisco and it is placed against a drug deal that our guitar player Kerry was involved with. poster - deafheaven tourLastly, what's your tour regimen like? Playing songs like "Vertigo" have to be the musical equivalent of running a marathon, and I wouldn't imagine you go into something like that hungover and tired. Truthfully, if we're hungover, we'll get drunk again to play. A song like Vertigo is hard to place in a set because it's so lengthily and we do usually have a strict set length. We haven't begun to play that song live, but hopefully we will soon. As for the rest of them, they're manageable. Find tour dates and downloads for Deafheaven on their Deathwish page.

Flagyl And Food

cover-pist-n-broke Flagyl And Food, If someone wants to make your friendly neighborhood record reviewer a happy person, you'll figure out a way to get this into my hands. Seems that Pist 'n' Broke has a new picture disc LP available from Germany's Randale Records. The long-dormant group reunited a couple years ago, 200mg Flagyl And Food, but this is the first sign of any recordings from them in over a decade.

Entitled 20 Years Strong, it's essentially a revamped version of the quite out-of-print compilation The Last Call 1992 To 1996, which came out on Vulture Rock in the late '90s, Flagyl And Food overseas. Additionally, it contains four unreleased songs, 20mg Flagyl And Food, making this the first picture disc I actually want. Seriously -- I usually hate these things, but this is the sort of record that seems to pop up, sell right the fuck out, and then you spend five years tracking down a copy, Flagyl And Food.

Limited to 500 copies, the oi/ska group ought to have copies at the 2000 Tons of TNT festival in Hartford over Labor Day weekend. It's not yet in the Randale shop, 40mg Flagyl And Food, but keep your eyes glued. If you ever loved the Skoidats or Inspecter 7, Flagyl And Food coupon, this is for you.

Tracklisting is after the jump.

Side A:
Pist 'n' Broke
Skinheads For Life
Dortmunder Union Boys
No Hope in Hell
Friday's Children
Twenty to One
Side B:
Punch the clock
I've Been
Radio News
Stay True

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Flagyl And Breast Feeding

cover-new-brusies-chock Flagyl And Breast Feeding, Originally due out June 5, Chock Full of Misery -- New Bruises' first album since their 2006 debut, Transmit. Transmit! -- has finally seen release on Kiss of Death and No Idea. One could argue that the delay was due to some of the fantastic stuff band member Byron Lippincott has been releasing, since he's one of the folks behind Kiss of Death, 1000mg Flagyl And Breast Feeding.

Still, the emotive punk rockers have a new album out, 30mg Flagyl And Breast Feeding, and you will love it, because you've heard their shit on any number of splits the past five years, and a waterfall of new sounds totally beats the drips and drabs of split singles. You can manage an extra month after six years, Flagyl And Breast Feeding usa.

Go buy it from the Kiss of Death store. Almost black and ocean blue are sold out, Flagyl And Breast Feeding paypal, but you still have a shot at oddball, dark turquoise, ocean blue, black, Flagyl And Breast Feeding craiglist, mint, and pink/grey mix.


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Retin A Micro How Supplied

cover-fag-cop-whimpers-vol-2Fag Cop's releasing Whimpers From the Pantheon Volume II Retin A Micro How Supplied, sometime later this summer. It's essentially the U.S. release of Whimpers From the Pantheon, 40mg Retin A Micro How Supplied, which came out earlier this year on Rank Toy.

Based on the track listing, it looks like it has tracks from the Rank Toy release, as well as tracks from I'm Fucking Dead, 20mg Retin A Micro How Supplied, Complete Shit Vol. 1, 500mg Retin A Micro How Supplied, and The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 4, Retin A Micro How Supplied. Even though I have most of their discography, I will still fucking buy it, because it is the dirtiest, Retin A Micro How Supplied japan, scuzziest rock 'n' roll being purveyed right now. They share very little -- tour dates, Retin A Micro How Supplied coupon, release dates, et al are all the sort of things for which you have to dig and dig and dig. The fact they have a Bandcamp page is frankly surprising. Take a listen to Whimpers after the jump, and check out the track listing for Volume II.


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Beginning Dose For Prozac

cover-human-toiletNew York's Human Toilet Beginning Dose For Prozac, are a dirty-sounding, slightly scuzzy band, as befits their name. Their self-titled debut LP is currently rocking my speakers, sounding very much like the trio's harnessed the energy of early New York proto-punk acts like the Dolls and combined it with the low end pulse of post hardcore acts like the Jesus Lizard and Helmet, Beginning Dose For Prozac canada. This is rock 'n' roll that understands it needs to hit you smack-dab in the middle of the chest to get you to listen. Beginning Dose For Prozac ebay, Tracks like "The Flirt" even come close to the likes of Urge Overkill's sneeringly tuneful lyrics, then immediately revert to smartly declamatory hardcore of "Low Life."

Human Toilet is available on black vinyl LP (limited pressing of 500), download, 200mg Beginning Dose For Prozac, or as super-duty audiophile 24 bit/96 kHz WAV and FLAC files on DVD. 250mg Beginning Dose For Prozac, The album recorded direct to analog tape, meaning this is one of the rare DIY punk releases that will actually sound better on vinyl (analog to analog, you see), Beginning Dose For Prozac us. There's a release show for the album in NYC this Friday, and you can get details at the Human Toilet Facebook page.


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Buy Cipro Online

cover-new-rochellesNew York's the New Rochelles recently released It's New! on Bright and Barrow Buy Cipro Online, . The self-described "Ramones-core" trio were cool enough to send a link to check out the release, which is kind of interesting, as the album is a full-length, but the physical release is just half the songs. Buy Cipro Online canada, So, we here at Rock Star Journalist reached out to bassist Rookie Rochelle, who talked with us about the new record (which, by the way, is fucking stellar pop-punk that you Teenage Bottlerocket fans will cream your jeans over).

How long have the New Rochelles been together?

Rookie: Well the band actually started around 2001, 200mg Buy Cipro Online. I wasn’t in the band back then, it was just Ronnie, Ricky and Reject. Reject didn’t last long and Ronnie and Ricky were in a different band at the time so that took precedent and The New Rochelles became inactive, Buy Cipro Online. In the beginning of 2010 we got the wheels moving again and we haven’t looked back. Buy Cipro Online overseas, Why the full-length download and 7" physical?

Rookie: Every punk band needs to have a vinyl release. I am a big record nerd so it was important to me to have the 7inch made. However, it seems like the music industry is moving more and more towards digital every year so I am glad that we are providing the best of both worlds.

You guys have "Watch Out For the Skunkape." Do you have any ideas as to why so many pop-punk bands like the supernatural/horror/b-movies?

Rookie: Buy Cipro Online, I am not quite sure why this is, but some of the bands that we all grew up listening to such as The Lillingtons really perfected those song concepts.

Could you explain skunkapes, for the benefit of my readers who are too lazy to use Wikipedia?

Rookie: The skunkape is the big foot of Florida, 750mg Buy Cipro Online. It looks like an ape, walks like a man and smells like a skunk. It is a regional thing. Ronnie Rochelle grew up in Florida. Every place has their myths or legends.., Buy Cipro Online. 150mg Buy Cipro Online, the skunkape might be neither.

What inspired "Jargon Mania". The litany of out-of-date slang is hilarious.

Rookie: "Jargon Mania" is a song made up of different names or terms we use to describe different people. There are different types of people in this world and we wanted to make sure we covered them all.


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Gout Prescription Colchicine

cover-movie-star-junkies-poison-tree Gout Prescription Colchicine, Surprisingly, I've never paired music with literature before, but having recently discovered author Jesse Bullington's excellent debut novel from 2009, The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart, I felt the need to suggest the perfect musical accompaniment. If ever there were a band to soundtrack the terrible, violent - and vilely, terribly violent - tale of the graverobbing brothers from Germany, it would be Italy's Movie Star Junkies. Their debut, Melville, is obviously literary in its inspiration, Gout Prescription Colchicine coupon, and the appropriateness of the pairing only grows from there.

The band sounds like a ramshackle, broken-down bunch of musicians, living off a cask of some liquor in the basement of a falling-down old castle. Their music, which on Melville had a slightly whimsical bent, Gout Prescription Colchicine overseas, has only taken a turn to the darker with last year's sophomore release, A Poison Tree. Songs talk about death and dying, and what more could one want for a novel that, in its first chapters, features the brothers Grossbart hogtying a man, and then burning his baby daughters alive, Gout Prescription Colchicine. And these are your protagonists, no less.

book-cover-the-sad-tale-of-the-brothers-grossbartMovie Star Junkies are the sort of band who might play at Tom Waits' wake. Their sound is akin to a funeral dirge, yet the elements of early Black Lips' flower-power psychedelic garage temper everything with a sense of uncertainty. There is the possibility that everything will work out in the end, 50mg Gout Prescription Colchicine. Gout Prescription Colchicine, This is a necessary bit of hope to maintain, considering the brothers, over the course of Bullington's novel, repeatedly come to the brink of death or destruction. Battles with demons, witches, rogues, pirates, the Church, and more, Gout Prescription Colchicine ebay, all stand in the way of the two making it to Gyptland, where they hope to make their fortune.

Hit up Voodoo Rhythm to get both of the Movie Star Junkies' full-lengths, and throw them on while you dip into plague-ridden 14th-century Europe and cross its length with a pair of murdering, stealing, drunken, and yet strangely pious brothers. A word to the wise: the back of the book features the warning "Contains strong language and scenes of graphic violence." This is quite true, 1000mg Gout Prescription Colchicine. Be forewarned if you have a sensitive constitution or are easily offended.

Bullington released his second novel, The Enterprise of Death, earlier this year.

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