Carbon/Silicon – “The Last Post” review

Carbon/Silicon – “The Last Post”
(Caroline Records)

Mick Jones of the Clash and Big Audio Dynamite, along with Tony James of Generation X, has put together an interesting group here. Carbon/Silicon was founded by Jones and James in the interesting of spreading music, not making a profit. All of the band’s recordings up to this point have been strictly through download via C/S’s website, completely free of charge.

Novel in concept, but I guess they’ve switched up their views regarding file sharing, in that there’s a “UNAUTHORIZED COPYING IS PUNISHABLE UNDER FEDERAL LAW” warning across the front of the cd and the back of the case. That’d be a little more impressive if the music was worth pirating. It’s not bad, but it’s bordering on old-fogey reggae influenced punk. It’s like Big Audio Dynamite, even to the point of featuring former BAD bassist Leo “Eazykill” Williams, but just a little less sample-heavy.

The lyrics are a tad heavy-handed – “The Magic Suitcase,” about a suitcase bomb is about as subtle as its subject matter, as is “War on Culture,” whose title pretty much sums it up. The best track is “What the Fuck,” but that has more to do with its “Clash City Rockers” lifted guitar riff than any sort of actual lyrical content – which is, for the most part, various problems alternated with “what the fuck?!”

What the Fuck