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The Decemberists – “The Crane Wife” (EMI)
There are those who say that this is a step back for the Decemberists Microdermabrasion Retin A, . There are those who say this is simply a continuation of Picaresque. I’m inclined to view it as a combination of both, which to me implies a step forward. Combining the best of the past with what worked from the new ought to be a slam dunk. Unfortunately, Colin Meloy and company seem to have abandoned their R.E.M. fetish and moved on to emulate another band. Maybe it’s just me, but in the intros to certain songs, I hear a Phil CollinsM-era Genesis influence that bothers me, Microdermabrasion Retin A. It bothers me greatly, as a matter of fact, 500mg Microdermabrasion Retin A. That’s the musical end of things- the lyrics are frankly, creepy and evil, and they make me shiver in a delightful “ooh!” sort of way. Songs about killers, death... the usual. Microdermabrasion Retin A, The last two tracks are the best, and probably only “Sons and Daughters” will ever get college radio play because “The Crane Wife 1 & 2” is eleven and a half minutes long.
Download "Summersong."

The Sadies – “Tales of the Rat Fink” soundtrack (Yep Roc)
This is not the Sadies you know. 40mg Microdermabrasion Retin A, Well, yes, it’s the same band that’s backed Neko Case and recorded several quite wonderful albums on Bloodshot Records. However, rather than playing their particular brand of lonesome alt.country, this is in more of an instrumental surf vein. It’s also faster and more energetic than most of the Sadies’ solo stuff, but thanks to playing with Ms. Case and Andre Williams, the band knows how to play a wide-ranging set of styles, and they do surfin’ trucker music just fine, Microdermabrasion Retin A. The album is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, Microdermabrasion Retin A mexico, which is about kustom kulture icon Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

Los Straightjackets – “Twist Party” (Yep Roc)
Oh, seriously, how can you hate this cd. Every track has its own dance. EVERY TRACK. Microdermabrasion Retin A, Sadly, the dance instructions are included on the DVD that comes with the cd, and I didn’t get that in the promo. Bastards. 30mg Microdermabrasion Retin A, Anyhow, the album is full of great, short songs. The musicians are Kaiser George on vocals, the greatest masked luchador surf band in the world Los Straightjackets on the instruments, and the addition of Mr. Deke Dickerson (of Deke Dickerson & the Ecco-Fonics) on baritone sax. Frickin’ awesome twisty surfy goodness that ought to have you workin’ out your mojo something fierce. Much love for the cover of "Peppermint Twist, Microdermabrasion Retin A australia," as well... closing the disc with a classic ends everything on a very classy note.
Watch the video for "Gorilla Twist.".

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