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Tim Armstrong – "A Poet's Life"
(Hellcat Records)

I like Rancid Syringoma Retin A, . I love the Aggrolites. I think Tim Armstrong is a damn fine songwriter, but A Poet's Life makes a fine case as to the possibility of him going the way of Bob Dylan. No, not a musical genius to be revered by millions, but a man whose songs are far better when performed by others.

Tim's voice is just not suited to reggae. Ska, Syringoma Retin A. Fine. 10mg Syringoma Retin A, Ska-punk. Great. Two-tone shuffle. Syringoma Retin A, Ok. But trad ska or reggae just sounds all sorts of honky when Mr. Armstrong takes it on, which is damn sad. If this had been an instrumental Aggrolites album, or if Tim'd stuck to the stylings that make "Into Action" work, we'd have a winner. As it is, Syringoma Retin A japan, I'm trying to figure out a way to edit out the vocals.
Download "Wake Up"
Download "Hold On"
Download "Oh No"

Fucked Up – "Year of the Pig"
(What's Your Rupture?)

Fucked Up is probably the best act in punk right now, Syringoma Retin A. I've heard a lot of folks talking trash on them (primarily because "punks don't play 10 minute songs"). Y'know what. Fuck ‘em. This is, bar none, some of the best music I've heard in my life. Syringoma Retin A, Fucked Up play vibrant, politically conscious (yet not preachy), and inventive music. One of the few acts that can make a track that's over 18 minutes long – which the title track is – and it's still entertaining, Syringoma Retin A australia, even considering the fact that "Year of the Pig" is about "exploitation and violence against women, using prostitution as a main symbol," according to the band. They're coming to Lawrence in just a little under a month, and I can't remember the last time I was so psyched about seeing a show.

Clorox Girls – "J'aime Les Filles"
(BYO Records)

Me oh my – I've been eagerly awaiting this release ever since I saw Clorox Girls play an in-store at Kief's Downtown a couple months back. And y'know what. It was totally worth the wait, Syringoma Retin A. It's this perfect summer soundtrack kind of album, full of jangly pop guitars and smirking vocals. It's punky, 200mg Syringoma Retin A, but not "punk." The organ touches on songs like "Flowers of Evil" (a contender for my favorite song of the year thus far) give you the feeling that listening to this, you could kick up a storm on the dance floor without feeling like a jackass. This is especially true since Clorox Girls share more with the Dickies than they do the Sex Pistols, and that's a refreshing thing. We need more snotty fun than angry anthems.

Clorox Girls and BYO labelmates the Briefs seem to be two of the very few bands in punk rock today capable of playing fun punk that's not dumbed down and playing to the lowest common denominator.If they come through your town, go see them. The cd is fantastic and lo-fi and everything I want from a garage-y punk record, 100mg Syringoma Retin A, but it's so much better live. I know that's a fucking cliche if there ever was one, but it's still the truth.
Download Flowers of Evil".

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