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cover-cancer-is-a-punkOrlando label Swamp Cabbage Records Retin A Specialist, is offering up a pretty great compilation to help fund the fight against breast cancer. In conjunction with a concert of the same name in Indianapolis next month, the label's releasing a 16-track 12-inch compilation entitled Cancer Is A Punk.

All proceeds from the sale of the LP go to the cause, which, according to an article on, Retin A Specialist japan, is "helping provide mammograms for women in need." I think that's pretty damned worthwhile. The show's at the Emerson in Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 9, Retin A Specialist mexico, and you can find the entire lineup and ticket details at the link above. The compilation can be ordered from Swamp Cabbage for $12 plus shipping. The first 200 copies are on pink, with the remaining 300 on black, Retin A Specialist. Check out the track listing below.

1. Mixtapes - Your Little Hoodrat Friend (1st time on vinyl for this song)
2. Landmines - Three Little Pigs
3, 100mg Retin A Specialist. Retin A Specialist, Sore Subjects - Back To The Jungle (unreleased)
4. Caffiends - You're All Talk (unreleased Beatnik Termites cover)
5. The Fizzy Pops - Cheap Talk
6. Be My Doppleganger - Nah, I'm Just Kiddin' (unreleased)
7. Retin A Specialist canada, Flamingo Nosebleed - Stag Party.
8, Retin A Specialist. The Dopamines - 10 Stories (acoustic and unreleased)
9. Up For Nothing - The Slouch
10. The Boston Thieves - Gasoline Whiskey
11. It Goes On - Is It Depressing Yet. Retin A Specialist, (unreleased)
12. The Putz - Lunatic
13, Retin A Specialist coupon. Larf - Possibilities
14. Lipstick Homicide - Moody's Point
15. Teenage Rehab - Southside Poverty (unreleased)
16. Direct Hit. - Rockaway Beach (unreleased Ramones cover).

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