“Cancer Is A Punk” offers up pop-punk to benefit the fight against breast cancer

cover-cancer-is-a-punkOrlando label Swamp Cabbage Records is offering up a pretty great compilation to help fund the fight against breast cancer. In conjunction with a concert of the same name in Indianapolis next month, the label’s releasing a 16-track 12-inch compilation entitled Cancer Is A Punk.

All proceeds from the sale of the LP go to the cause, which, according to an article on IndyConcerts.com, is “helping provide mammograms for women in need.” I think that’s pretty damned worthwhile. The show’s at the Emerson in Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 9, and you can find the entire lineup and ticket details at the link above. The compilation can be ordered from Swamp Cabbage for $12 plus shipping. The first 200 copies are on pink, with the remaining 300 on black. Check out the track listing below.

1. Mixtapes – Your Little Hoodrat Friend (1st time on vinyl for this song)
2. Landmines – Three Little Pigs
3. Sore Subjects – Back To The Jungle (unreleased)
4. Caffiends – You’re All Talk (unreleased Beatnik Termites cover)
5. The Fizzy Pops – Cheap Talk
6. Be My Doppleganger – Nah, I’m Just Kiddin’ (unreleased)
7. Flamingo Nosebleed – Stag Party!
8. The Dopamines – 10 Stories (acoustic and unreleased)
9. Up For Nothing – The Slouch
10. The Boston Thieves – Gasoline Whiskey
11. It Goes On – Is It Depressing Yet? (unreleased)
12. The Putz – Lunatic
13. Larf – Possibilities
14. Lipstick Homicide – Moody’s Point
15. Teenage Rehab – Southside Poverty (unreleased)
16. Direct Hit! – Rockaway Beach (unreleased Ramones cover)