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Just read the following on Lawrence producer and knob-tweaker extraordinaire Ed Rose's website:

Tetracycline Manufacture, "i mixed motion city soundtrack's version of 'pop song' by r.e.m. a couple of weeks ago. they did a great job with the recording and it practically mixed itself, Tetracycline Manufacture mexico. i'm not really sure when or where it'll turn up, Tetracycline Manufacture us, so check out the mcs site for details."

Damn, that's cool. "Pop Song 89" was on R.E.M.'s Green album, Tetracycline Manufacture uk, and is catchy as hell. Tetracycline Manufacture japan, It's really well-suited to the keyboard pop-punk that Motion City Soundtrack does so well. Hopefully, it'll pop up on a comp or something in the near future, Tetracycline Manufacture usa, and I can hear what it sounds like.

In the meantime, you can listen to "The Future Freaks Me Out" from MCS's I Am the Movie.

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