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Sometimes bands are so awful that you feel the need to just get away Flagyl Canine, . Such was the case with the opening act at last night's Bottleneck show. The wife and I were so annoyed by Oakley Hall that we left to go get ice cream. Is it sticking it to the man with a buy one get one free coupon if it's at a place where you wouldn't even go otherwise. 'Cause it's not like we got any extras, but it's still $4.50 Cold Stone Creamery was able to eek out of our (my) pockets. Good stuff, but man.., Flagyl Canine. 30mg Flagyl Canine, that wait fucking sucks. No ice cream is worth ten minutes in line, especially for the prices they charge. However, it was so tasty, I was able to completely forget that Oakley Hall had been such a horrible opening act with their mid-'90s poorly harmonized country vocal alt-rock.

Calexico live, Flagyl Canine india, however. Flagyl Canine, Fucking awesome. They opened with "All the Pretty Horses", and busted out material from pretty much every album. "Across the Wire" and their amazing cover of "Alone Again Or" were particularly brilliant. A packed club singing along to every word of Love's beautiful, 1000mg Flagyl Canine, beautiful song made for the highlight of the evening.

What was a bit of a downer about the show was that with the exception of "Alone Again Or" or the more mariachi-inspired tracks, the band was pretty sedate. They're so fucking talented that the tracks - while warmer than the studio stuff - are just as tight live as they are on disc, Flagyl Canine. Burns, Convertino, and company don't really put on much of a "show." It sounds great, but there's not a lot to watch, 150mg Flagyl Canine. Joey Burns switched guitars just about every other song, and pretty much every member of the band was switching off instruments except John Convertino., but other than that- nothing really to watch onstage.

As a matter of fact, the wife and I spent most of the show watching the crowd and trying to figure out when the fashion trends started changing for the worst. 100mg Flagyl Canine, The manner of dress for most of the young twenty-something women in attendance seemed to be that of a five year-old putting on her mother's clothing. Mismatched and awful...

Calexico - "Black Heart".

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