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c2e2-day-02-012 How Does Cialis, Less time on the floor for Saturday, the second day of C2E2. Firstly, we hiked the two miles up to the Loop to record dig for a while at Reckless, as no trip to Chicago is complete without looking for punk singles in at least one of their locations. Once back to the hotel, we knocked back a pint of Three Floyds' Zombie Dust, and thus fortified, hit the con. The wife and I split up, with me doing interviews with the likes of Theater Hopper's Tom Brazelton and the founder of new company Black Action Tees. Those interviews will run tomorrow evening or Monday morning.

After a very crammed and overly-stimulating hour and a half of bouncing around the showroom, trying to get things purchased and people spoken with, we sat ourselves down to catch a screening of the board game documentary Going Cardboard, How Does Cialis. How Does Cialis uk,

My full review will go up on Scene-Stealers, but suffice it to say -- this documentary is heartfelt, and enthusiastically adorable. If you sit down for the little over an hour it runs, you'll find yourself itching to go grab a few friends and sit down for a round of ... well, anything. Highly recommended, despite the slightly homespun feel of the film.

marvel-tv-logoThe Marvel Television preview was packed How Does Cialis, , despite the fact that everyone entering was being asked to demonstrate hat their cell phones were turned off before being allowed to enter. This was a hardcore bit of security, but this was some hardcore first-look stuff at what Marvel's got going with Disney XD. As Jeph Loeb stated, How Does Cialis ebay, the shows that are on Disney XD are "straight from the tap" -- Marvel guys doing Marvel characters.

There was a lengthy compilation of Marvel Mash-Up material, giving a long look at stuff that most people miss when they head to the bathroom -- "never fast-forward the commercials," indeed. After hearing of the Mash-Up's genesis on the SModcast Extra interview with Joe Casey, it was interesting to see how the Marvel TV folks have gone crazy with the concept.

Following that was the in-development animation test for the Paul Dini show, Hulk & the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., How Does Cialis. Being as how Hulk is posed to be "the hero of the summer" after next month's The Avengers film, the time is right to get the big green guy out in front of his own show, even if the program's not slated to debut until 2013.

The show closed out with two full-length episodes -- a month-early preview of a Bendis-penned episode of The Ultimate Spider-Man, 750mg How Does Cialis, featuring appearances by Wolverine and Sabertooth (which is side-splittingly hilarious, and features a plot element that really allows for some great gags), and tomorrow's episode of The AVengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The two shows are so different, it's hard to believe they're from the same studio. One's ultra-modern, and the other's a throwback to the likes of GI Joe in termds of exposition and plot details.

stephen-rannazzisi How Does Cialis, After a lengthy break for dinner (Opart Thai House, which is slow as shit to get your order, but speedy and delicious afterward), we ran to Jewel Osco for rum. Why rum. Well, paying $5 a beer for domestic is for suckers when you can walk an extra fifteen minutes and get an ass pocket for $6.35 plus tax. Thank you, Bacardi, How Does Cialis canada. We took our mixture of Goose Island and Bacardi -- the tastiest dark and stormy ever to be put in a coffee- to-go cup -- into the IGN Theater for the comedy show featuring The League's Stephen Rannazzisi and 30 Rock's Kevin Brown, better known as Dot Com.

I could attempt to sum up their acts, but that's nowhere near funny, How Does Cialis. Suffice it to say, the highlights were thus: Brown's got a part of his act where he asks for euphemisms for the female genitalia. One wit said, "Sarlacc Pit," provoking a "you're some fucking nerds in here" from Brown. As if to assure him, he was then corrected by half a dozen people when he mispronounced it as "Starlacc."

Rannazzisi told jokes about kids to an audience of 20-something single dorks (and one 11 year-old whose parents will have a lot of questions to answer on the ride home) and had them rolling. His story about ordering pizza while high and the ensuing hilarity was topped only by his closing joke involving an asshole at a red light. 30mg How Does Cialis, Seriously, I couldn't ask for a better end to the con for the wife and I, except maybe to have planned better and taken an evening flight Sunday, which would allow us to stay an extra day. Oops. Next year.

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