C V L T S / UMBERTO split 7-inch on the way next month

cvlts-umberto-splitOn February 22, Collective Crowd Records releases a split 7-inch from Lawrence/Kansas City ambient psychedelic act C V L T S and Kansas City soundtrack psychedelic band Umberto.

Considering both group’s predilection for creepy atmospherics and headphone-worthy mindfucks, this is sure to be a trip and a half. A shorter trip than usual for both acts, granted — one side of a 7-inch runs about five minutes, and both acts have been known to sprawl out for almost twice that.

Of course, pretty much everything C V L T S has released to date has sold out, so I would suggest jumping on this as soon as possible. For more art from the record, including the track listing, head over to Christian “Megazord” Oldham’s website. Check out C V L T S’ LVST at their Bandcamp, as well.