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New pictures up over at Rock Star Photography from last night's Broken Teeth show at the Replay Lounge Free Cialis, . Broken Teeth sounded great, but the turnout wasn't that spectacular. Free Cialis coupon, You'd figure with a nice, cool evening and the semester winding down, people'd be out. I guess even something like that isn't enough to drag people out for a Tuesday rock show in Lawrence, Free Cialis canada.

Not that I'm one to talk. I stuck around until my camera died, and I was home and in bed by 12:30, Free Cialis. Still, 40mg Free Cialis, I managed to make it out for a bit, and hung inside for most of KTP's set. They got added on at the last minute, and I'm always happy to see those guys, 1000mg Free Cialis. They've gotten so much better in the past year, it's like they're a totally different band. Free Cialis uk, Their new album Rockers comes out very soon on Zero Youth, and you'd be a fool not to grab it.

Expect even more punk rock photos after their cd release show May 25 at the Bottleneck.

Broken Teeth - "El Diablo"
Broken Teeth - "Stick It In"
Broken Teeth - "She's Gonna Blow"
Broken Teeth - "Pull the Plug"
Broken Teeth - "Undertaker"
Broken Teeth - "Crashlanding Affair"

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