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Seroma Sclerosing Agents Tetracycline, This past Saturday, the [adult swim] presents tour came through KU's Kansas Union Ballroom. Being as I'm all hooked up and such, I got to interview Metalocalypse / Home Movies creator and Dethklok frontman Brendon Small for KJHK's news program, As Heard From the Hill. It was amazing. Seroma Sclerosing Agents Tetracycline paypal, Amazingly short, too - I only had half an hour to do the thing, and that included getting him from the Union to the station with a football stadium full of people in between them.

However, I think it turned out damn well, and my producer, 20mg Seroma Sclerosing Agents Tetracycline, Annie, made it sound like it ought to be on NPR. Take a listen and see what you think, Seroma Sclerosing Agents Tetracycline.

It certainly sounded better than the concert itself. It was the band performing, 50mg Seroma Sclerosing Agents Tetracycline, dimly lit, in front of a screen showing all sorts of Metalocalypse clips, and while a thrill and a fucking half to experience, it could have been better. The vocals were almost lost in the mix, the guitars were far too loud, Seroma Sclerosing Agents Tetracycline craiglist, and the bass was heart-stoppingly painful. It was also in a ballroom, so sound was bouncing around the less than acoustically perfect room. Fun as hell, Seroma Sclerosing Agents Tetracycline usa, and the crowd was 100% into it, but not the best sounding performance I've ever been to.

Brendon Small interview.

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