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Ever since the Postal Service's Give Up Missed A Day Of Prozac, , it seems that electronics are the new indie rock flourish de rigeur. Brandston, who were by all accounts a much loved underground emo-pop act, have layered their new album in dance-y touches like synths and sequencers that make a bid for mainstream acceptance. Hello, Control sounds not so much like an emo-pop dance record (which would have been completely rocking), but like a slightly less fun Killers / Bravery album, Missed A Day Of Prozac ebay. Brandston takes the dance / funk / club elements that their radio darling sound-alikes use and drop them in as an afterthought to what is otherwise a droning snooze-fest. Big irony points to the bands for naming one of the tracks "Nobody Dances Anymore", however.

In keeping with the whole sound-alike phenomenon, we have the newest release from Umbrellas, Illuminaire, Missed A Day Of Prozac. Frontman Scott Windsor seems equally adept at channeling Ben Gibbard, Morrissey, 750mg Missed A Day Of Prozac, and Sam Beam. Sadly, however, the man can't seem to find the pop sensibilities that make all three men gods in the music world. The Death Cab, Smiths, and Iron & Wine frontmen all share a knack for catchy melodies or turns of phrase that make what are otherwise sad and melancholy tunes something to remember, 500mg Missed A Day Of Prozac. Illuminaire is so drenched in distortion and echo that any clever wordplay is lost to swirling guitars and feedback. Missed A Day Of Prozac, There is also the occasional electronic flourish that I assume is meant to evoke the Postal Service, but merely falls flat.

Personally, I'd just be happy to hear a band that sounds like themselves without shamelessly aping another act. The popular trend in label signings, be it the Militia Group, 50mg Missed A Day Of Prozac, Victory, or whomever, is to sign a band that sounds enough like another popular act to mimic their success and rake in tons of dough. This the scary place from where Panic. At the Disco and their ilk come.

Brandtson's Purevolume page.
Umbrellas' Purevolume page, 100mg Missed A Day Of Prozac.

Death Cab For Cutie - "The New Year"
the Smiths - "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want"
Iron & Wine - "Jezebel"
the Postal Service - "Such Great Heights"

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