Brain F≠, “So Dim” single

cover-brain-fBrain F≠
“So Dim” single
(Grave Mistake)

Alex at Grave Mistake describes Brain F≠‘s new single, “So Dim,” as well as their “Restraining Order” debut as “mandatory buys for the beginning of the year.” I agree, even if I’ve only heard this one, “So Dim.” It’s disorienting, to say the least. Both tracks clock in at around the two-minute mark, and are blasts of fuzzed-out garage punk.

The a-side, “So Dim,” and the b-side, “Symptom Set,” are just dense. Everything is packed so tightly that you almost can’t breathe as you’re listening to the songs. The layers – guitars, bass, and vocals – are fitted together in such a way that the title track doesn’t have any empty space. It’s like a typewritten page that’s been single-spaced and written in all capitals: you can understand what’s being presented, but it feels a little tense and claustrophobic. You’re left with the sense that someone’s very high-strung.

This is the perfect musical accompaniment to several well-sugared cups of espresso and a pack of unfiltered cigarettes.

MP3: Brain F≠, “So Dim”