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cover-boom_chick_shake_can_well_single No Presciption Amoxicillin, This weekend, we made the trek to Kansas City for a show. Actually, we made the trek to KC for a set. Laura Stevenson and the Cans had put out a call for help on Twitter a couple weeks ago, looking for a show to fill a whole in their schedule, and thanks to a TBA on the Record Bar's schedule, Steve Tulipana was cool enough to throw them on the bill for Saturday night. After the wife got back from a baby shower thing, No Presciption Amoxicillin overseas, we hopped in the car and hauled ass down I-70.

We pulled into the Record Bar parking lot with about ten minutes before the Cans were supposed to go on, but things were running a little behind. This let us catch the opening act, Boom Chick, No Presciption Amoxicillin. Maybe I'm being a little reductive, but the duo pretty much instantly reminded me of the White Stripes. Guy on guitar, 500mg No Presciption Amoxicillin, woman on drums, playing bluesy garage rock. I don't think I'm being unfair in that aspect, but honestly, Boom Chick goes further than than the icky thump of the Detroit pair.

First of all, drummer Moselle Spiller is far more talented than Meg White ever was, producing an array of fills that were almost jazzy, No Presciption Amoxicillin ebay. No Presciption Amoxicillin, Not as busy as a Buddy Rich solo, but the way she'd constantly rise and fall from her stool gave what could've been a static performance an electric edge. Guitarist Frank Hoier's lines get a little more rocking than most drum and guitar duos. I mean, I enjoy the ever-loving fuck out of the Black Keys, but it's nice to see a band that manages to augment their sound and goes bigger, rather than trying to be reductive. In about four songs, 750mg No Presciption Amoxicillin, the band managed to grab me as a fan, and it was a goddamned shame that the majority of the people there for the show completely ignored Boom Chick's set.

They've got a brand-new 7-inch out, called Shake Can Well. You can buy it from the duo on tour for $7, and it comesd with a free download of both tracks, as well as an instrumental bonus cut called "Sharkbite." Listen to the whole thing below via Bandcamp, where you can also check out the band's LP, 10mg No Presciption Amoxicillin, Show Pony. More info about show dates and such at Boom Chick's website.


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