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cover-mindeaterBonnie 'Prince' Billy and The Phantom Family Halo
(Sophomore Lounge)

Is it possible for Will Oldham - better known as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Key Bestellen Acomplia Kaufen, to produce music that doesn't make me want to slit my wrists. I mean, the man's voice is beautiful, and the songs he writes are probably the most haunting things since Elliott Smith, but ... fuck, Key Bestellen Acomplia Kaufen ebay, it's some sad stuff. On this release, he's teamed up with Phantom Family Halo, a psychedelic country outfit from Louisville.

On this four-song EP, you have an interesting array of tracks in a short period of time. The first two - the title track and "Roki For Now" - are fairly straightforward, acoustic numbers that utilize harmonies and down-tempo melodies to lead perfectly into a nearly eight-minute drone of a song entitled "I Wonder If I Care As Much." The electric instrumentation whirls and pulses as it builds to the latter half, which is a swirling pulse that loops into and around itself, Key Bestellen Acomplia Kaufen. It bored me to tears on the first listen, 150mg Key Bestellen Acomplia Kaufen, but I've been cranking it through headphones and speakers as I examine it for nuances, finding new details to intrigue me upon each further listen.

The last track, "Suddenly the Darkness," is a strangely upbeat number in terms of tempo and pacing. Key Bestellen Acomplia Kaufen paypal, It's almost jaunty, yet the lyrics walk a fine line between fearing the darkness and trying to stay away from it into the light. It's a head-scratcher, but coming as it does at the end of a rather morose set of songs, it can be read as jubilant, given the context.

The release is due out today, Key Bestellen Acomplia Kaufen uk, and I'd suggest snatching it up while you can. It's a vinyl-only release, and just 1,000 copies of the 10-inch will be pressed: 700 on opaque blue and 300 on special "haze" coloring. That's not exactly scarce, Key Bestellen Acomplia Kaufen india, but given Oldham's fanbase and popularity, it's likely to be sold out by the end of the month, if not the week. Of course, if you miss out, you'll be able to get it on CD or digitally from Partisan Records later this summer.

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