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wringer-promoWringer Retin A For Eyes, hails from the unlikely location of Bloomington, Indiana. That's kind of an odd location for a band that blends the gruffly-shouted choruses of orgcore bands like Hot Water Music with the hook-ready ear candy of any number of poppy punk acts. It's a strange brew, to be sure, but it results in music that's both familiar and novel all at once. 100mg Retin A For Eyes, Wringer is a band that you'll hear and instantly take notice of. We spoke with the band - Jared, Anthony, and Jake - via e-mail about their new EP, Cool Story.

How long has the band been together?

Wringer has been together since the Summer of 2011, Retin A For Eyes.

Wringer's sound occupies this odd middle ground, Retin A For Eyes mexico. It's really difficult to describe. How would you explain it to someone who's never heard you?

Well, we are a punk band and we are a pop band. Both genres are very important in the songs that we write. Retin A For Eyes, We emphasize both the importance of poppy hooks and punk energy in our songs. 30mg Retin A For Eyes, cover-wringer-cool-storyThere's lots of drum fills and little riffs snapped off before the music goes into this huge roar., giving the music a certain amount of tension. Where does that nervous edge in your music come from?

We aren't trying too hard to sound like this or sound like that, we're just writing songs that we would want to hear. We are all big music nerds and kind of get bored with simple pop punk formulas and rhythms, so we like to play around with different elements including tension building and release, 250mg Retin A For Eyes. We also don't think a song needs to be super complicated to be enjoyable so there is a meeting in between for Wringer songs. The end result tends to be a layered pop punk song, Retin A For Eyes.

You mentioned that you've "big plans in the future". Care to give a peek at some of them?

We're hard at work writing songs for a full length, everyone in the band is really excited about the songs. Retin A For Eyes us, In addition we'll continue to be touring around the Midwest regionally the next few months, and then in March we are planning an East Coast tour.

Where can folks get the EP?

Folks can come get the EP in a hard copy live at one of our shows or shoot us a message at and we can ship it to you, or download it for pay what you want at Bandcamp (check it out below).


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