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Just got the new Against All Authority cd, The Restoration of Chaos and Order Cialis Soft Tab, this morning. I hadn't gotten two tracks in when my youngest, Dom, who's six, Cialis Soft Tab paypal, wandered into our combination laundry room / office.

No sooner had he heard a few notes than he started throwing arms gorilla-style like an old-school pit veteran. Cialis Soft Tab usa, I think letting him watch Sick of It All's "Step Down" video a year ago might have made more of an impression on him than I thought.

Great compliment as to the cd, tho'. If a six year-old thinks it's punk, 10mg Cialis Soft Tab, then it's pretty damn obviously punk rock. There's some great breakdowns to which you can dance, Cialis Soft Tab us, that's for damn sure. It could use a little more horn, but it gets broken out and AAA gets back to their Destroy What Destroys You roots here and there.

Against All Authority - "The Restoration Of Chaos & Order" (streaming)

Sick Of It All - "Step Down" (video), 500mg Cialis Soft Tab.

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