Clomid Fertility Drug

Clomid Fertility Drug, Here's the deal... my buddy Zach Trover is putting together a one-shot magazine called Bottlerocket for the San Diego Comic-Con in July. I'm doing a bunch of interviews and stuff for publication in this thing.

The thing is.., 10mg Clomid Fertility Drug. while I can scrape together money to get into the con, and probably use my connections with the Lawrencian for a press pass, Clomid Fertility Drug mexico, and I can crash on Zach's hotel room floor... I can't afford a fucking plane ticket, 'cause the wife and I have all our money tied up in house stuff, Clomid Fertility Drug.

So, I'm begging you all for money. See that "Make A Donation" button to the right, 1000mg Clomid Fertility Drug. Click on it, and donate whatever you feel like you wanna give me. Clomid Fertility Drug us, The bonus is that if I can go, I'll be able to update here with exclusive content straight from the con, and give you all sorts of cool breaking info. Clomid Fertility Drug, And as an incentive, for every twenty bucks I get, I'll upload some rare 7" that I have. If you donate more than twenty bucks as an individual, 100mg Clomid Fertility Drug, I'll burn a disc of all the 7"s and send it to you.

Sound cool. I hope so...

the Network - "Money Money 2020".

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