Because we’re broke

Here’s the deal: my wife, Tanya is one of the new recruits for the Astrokitty Comics kickball team this year and she has tried so very hard this season and has been sidelined, now, because of an injury she sustained at their last game (which was the first one they’ve won so far this season, thanks to all of our team which includes her for sure).

She was trying to slide into a base and, headfirst, hit the baseman’s knee with her face. She was knocked senseless and is still in a great deal of pain. After several hours in the ER, she found out she has a triple fracture to some of her facial bones. She will likely have to have one of them rebroken so it can be set properly. It’s all very painful, but the burden of paying for medical bills while uninsured (which is new for us… we were insured prior to this, but it’s just really bad timing) is more painful still.

We are planning a show or two to help pay for her care so she can be back on her feet and not under a mountain of crippling debt. Aside from the shows though, you can help by donating any amount, earmarked for Tanya’s Kickball Injury, via my PayPal account. Use the following button to deposit donations via…

Thanks for all of your help! Please keep the good thoughts, prayers, and vibes flowing so Tanya can get back in action ASAP and, of course, not have to deal with an impossible pile of hospital bills to boot. For more information, please drop me a line at skajester at yahoo dot com or contact Joel at astrokittycomicsmore at yahoo dot com.

Here’s the bonus for those who donate big (by big, I mean $20+): for every donation of twenty bucks or more, I will post some rare / amazingly hard to find / only exists here at my house album for download. As an evidence of my good faith, here is the amazingly hard to find Amazing Royal Crowns “Fireball Stomp” single from 1996. It features a version of “Fireball Stomp” amazingly different from the self-titled album version, as well as “Jalapeno”, only available on this seven-inch, and an early version of the Royal track “Hat Size.”

the Amazing Royal Crowns – “Fireball Stomp” single