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The Frames Erythromycin Base Stearate Difference, Saturday night were, to sum up, the greatest experience I've ever had at a concert. Seriously. I've seen Johnny Cash, James Brown, the Pixies, Elvis Costello, the Skatalites, Erythromycin Base Stearate Difference ebay, and innumerable local bands, to say nothing of the scads of punk and ska acts over the years. However, nothing can possibly compare with the Frames last night at the Granada.

They were PERFECT. The audience was there with them the entire show, and not once were there any issues of rudeness or obnoxious behavior, Erythromycin Base Stearate Difference. 250mg Erythromycin Base Stearate Difference, It would have seemed obscene, I think. I'd spent the hours prior to their set checking out the Red Balloon To-Do and drinking at the Replay, and by the time I walked down to stand near the stage, I was nervous. I'd been building this show up in my head for the past three months, and it being anything less than spectacular would have crushed me, 10mg Erythromycin Base Stearate Difference.

The Frames played every song I wanted to hear. Erythromycin Base Stearate Difference, They did a vibrantly energetic version of "God Bless Mom". "Lay Me Down" was introduced by informing the audience that the idea of buying a girlfriend a burial plot might not be the best of ideas. The between-song banter served as a humorous counterpoint to the serious nature of all the songs. It let you laugh and come down a little bit, so that you didn't get completely overwhelmed by the songs' beauty. Erythromycin Base Stearate Difference overseas, By the end of the show, the Frames had done everything I wanted or could have hope for in a show, save one thing- they had yet to play "Star, Star." Happily, that was their final number, and it was even replete with their segue into "World of Imagination" from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. I was two seconds away from weeping the entire song, 150mg Erythromycin Base Stearate Difference. I'm pretty sure a tear or two did make it down my cheek, but it was happiness.

from Burn the Maps
"Dream Awake"

from Set List
"Lay Me Down"
"Star, Star"

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