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cover-batmanBatman and Robin Flagyl Rash, are this two-piece garage rock combo that sing songs about being superheroes. Their first single was entitled "Who the Fuck Is Superman?!" to give you an idea of where they're coming from, 750mg Flagyl Rash. 250mg Flagyl Rash, Bachelor Records has now released the first-ever Batman solo release.

To make it a little novel, 100mg Flagyl Rash, Flagyl Rash paypal, all the songs are in German, and it comes with an autograph card, Flagyl Rash ebay. It's limited to 360 copies and the four-track 7-inch (including the song streaming below) is available right now from the Bachelor Records store.

BATMAN - Cucciolone Classico by gimp-o-rama

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