Banner Pilot – “Pass the Poison” free download

Long, long ago, when this blog was updated more regularly (which, as you’ll notice, is happening again), I expressed my enjoyment of Banner Pilot‘s debut EP, Pass the Poison. It was a great little debut, and I loved listening to that CD. They’ve since come quite far, with their album Resignation Day making a couple best-of lists over at Punknews this past year, as well as mine.

Well, several moves later, I don’t have my copy of Pass the Poison anymore. Nor can you buy. On the bright side, they’ve got it hosted over at If You Make It. You can also find a bunch of stuff from Dead Broke Rekerds. I’d highly recommend grabbing the Shang-A-Lang / Jonesin’ split. It’s damn good dirty garage.

Download Pass the Poison.

Once again, I apologize for the repeated coverage of certain subjects. I’m a little rusty on coverage right now, and I’m going to the well that’s easiest to draw from.