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Plant Colchicine, Even though this news is way old, I figured I'd wait until nearer South By Southwest to post the news, as it makes it more relevant and timely. See how I'm like that. Anyhow, Kansas City's the Ramalamas have broken up. Fear not, for The Last of The V8's are back together, Plant Colchicine usa.

Why'd the Ramalamas break up and the V8s reform. The official announcement was that "due to commitment issues singer Damon Jeffers has left The Ramalamas and surviving members decide to retire all material, Plant Colchicine. Drummer Kriss Ward and lead guitarist Jay Zastoupil move on to persue full time their now reunited former band The Last of the V8s."

According to Ward, "Damon's commitment to the band has always been in question since he joined and with an extensive touring schedule in our future, his obligations at home were more important. 40mg Plant Colchicine, When The V8s played the reunion show at Mike's last October, it sparked interest with Dead City Records [the label had been in the process of signing the Ramalamas -ed.]. Our label rep also agrees that The Ramalamas tunes are a bit catchier than V8s but what a lot of people don't know is that I write all that stuff, arranging, words and melodies and I had to reassure the label that the same will continue.

Ramalamas' music was a continuation of what I thought the V8s would evolve to, Plant Colchicine craiglist. Plant Colchicine, Some of it was written when the V8s were still together. Some Ramalamas music may end up in the V8s set list. We'll see what happens."

The new Last of the V8s album is slated for July. John Westley of Black Diamond Heavies will be featured on the upcoming album, as well. 250mg Plant Colchicine, No title has been announced yet. You can, however, hear some of this new material when the V8s play the Dead City SXSW showcase in Austin on March 17 at Headhunters. One of their new songs, "Sable Starr", Plant Colchicine mexico, is also available on their MySpace page.

"In Cahoots With the Devil".

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