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book-cover-are-we-still-rollingLong-time recording engineer Phill Brown After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli, 's memoir of his life behind the mixing desk, Are We Still Rolling. Studios, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll - One Man's Journey Recording Classic Albums, is a very conversational - albeit very British - bit of detail-laden history. In addition to humorous and poignant stories of massive drug use, artists behaving oddly, and everything one would expect from someone who worked in the music industry in the '70s, Are We Still Rolling? contains a wealth of technical details. Brown includes plots of positions, dense lists of microphones used, and the various positive aspects of certain mixing consoles and speakers versus others.

However, 10mg After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli, if you are not the sort of person who is technically obsessed (like myself), you can easily gloss right over these rather self-contained paragraphs with any loss of narrative thread.

Unfortunately, a reader cannot do the same with some of the stories included therein, After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli. What's frustrating about Brown's book is that what's memorable to him as a storyteller isn't necessarily interesting as a reader. Some of the artists covered are specific to Britain, which makes reading the book a bit confusing, as it's difficult to tell whether or not they're a band of whom I should be aware, or if their story just means something to Brown personally. Essentially, Are We Still Rolling? has quite a few artists with whom Phill Brown felt an affinity - Robert Palmer, Talk Talk - as well as the big ones like Bob Marley and the Wailers, After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli ebay, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones.

The stories are interesting at the beginning, where Brown is getting his feet wet, thus allowing him to sit in on scads of sessions, although not really participating on them. After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli, Tantalizingly, he teases that he was there for the recording of the Who's "Substitute," yet spends far more time talking about the recording of a Traffic album. That is, really, the difficult part of reading any sort of memoir of this type. As I said before, many of the artists with whom Brown worked are not internationally known, or, 30mg After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli, more frustratingly, have long since left their critical heyday. Little Feat is an excellent example. At one time, working with them was an experience wherein the engineer would be so excited to do so that he'd be nervous. Those days have long since passed, After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli.

Are We Still Rolling? works well when you're familiar with the artist being discussed, but bogs down and plods along when you're reading about an artist about whom you have no knowledge or concept. It's exacerbated in the book's second half by the fact that the drug use of Brown and the surrounding cast of characters becomes repetitive. It's nothing but a non-stop litany of cocaine and pot, occasionally enlivened by the introduction of LSD or opium. After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli usa, Once Brown cleans up his act, however, things stay in that repetitive vein. After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli, The only exceptions are his experiences on the two Talk Talk albums on which he worked, which are a mind-bending series of stories that really bring home the potential for life-altering encounters when devoted entirely to one thing for such an epic length of time. Additionally, while the final chapter on his work with Dido seems like a tacked-on coda, it does provide a fascinating glimpse of what the modern industry is like.

In essence, reading Are We Still Rolling? is an exercise in perspective. If, when reading, you can immerse yourself in Phill Brown's world and appreciate the information which he's sharing as valuable experiences, you'll share in Brown's hard-earned knowledge, 150mg After Synthroid Then Eat Brocolli. If you're looking for a book that entertains and dishes the "inside scoop" on what it's really like to have been in the studio during the '70s, it's a mixed bag of entertainment and terminal boredom - which, if you consider it, is probably much as it was for Brown.

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