Asian Man Records’ Mike Park on music for kids

mike park
Starting Thursday, January 10, children’s show Yo Gabba Gabba will head out on the road with a new live show, entitled “Get the Sillies Out!” As if a show created by members of the Aquabats and featuring Biz Markie wasn’t amazing enough, Asian Man Records label honcho and all-around cool guy Mike Park will be the Super Music Friend for the entirety of the tour. Mr. Park was cool enough to take time out of his rather busy schedule to talk to us.

You’re getting ready to go out on the road with Yo Gabba Gabba for two months. I assume your connection to the show is from your acquaintance with the Aquabats?

Yes, I first met the Aquabats many moons ago when my old band Skankin’ Pickle played with them a handful of times down in Southern California.

You’ve got kids of your own. Is this the first big tour you’ve done since they’ve come along? It seems like you’ve made a lot of quick jaunts, but never quite to this extent.

I’ve actually done a handful of tours since the kids came into the picture, but nothing this long. I was gone for a little bit less than a month and I remember missing them oh so very much. I’m hoping with Skype, I can fulfill some of the father time through technology.

What does being the “Super Music Friend” for the show entail?

Playing one song, mimicking the TV show verbatim. Pretty easy gig. Getting to travel and have fun in a nice comfortable setting. These venues are way more fancy than I’m used to.

fun fun logoIs this a way to road-test all of the songs for your next children’s album in front of the intended audience?

Not at all. I’ll be doing the exact same song on the entire tour. It’s a pre-recorded track that I will be singing over. Yes, monotonous. But that’s show biz.

How does one make the transition from regular music to music for kids — or, considering the fact that you’ve always had fun times with your music with stuff like “Gerry Is Strong” or “I’m In Love With A Girl Named Spike,” is there no transition at all?

Not much, like you said. I think SKA translates well to young kids. It makes you want to get up and dance.

What’s been the response to your children’s music label, Fun Fun Records, so far?

so far so good, but we’re just so small on the big picture. hopefully we can grow into something more substantial and gain a following as a really reputable place to buy quality family friendly music.

Is it too early in the game for parents to have used your music and the label’s music as a gateway to their favorite artists?

Heck, no… 🙂

You can get tickets and show information about the Yo Gabba Gabba “”Get the Sillies Out!” tour (which hits Kansas City at the Midland by AMC on Saturday, February 23) at the Yo Gabba Gabba Live site.